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Real Story in Wonin?,Face contouring surgery in Korea?,Wonjin Beauty Medical Group♥

Real Story in Wonin?,
Face contouring surgery in Korea?,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group♥

Face contouring surgery in Wonjin
▲ Before the surgery
Real Diary:
I decided to get facial contouring because of my cheek bones that stick out. It wasn’t that serious, but when I take pictures, my cheek bones would look large. I had to cover my face with my hair and take pictures sideways because my face was rugged.

I expect to have a more feminine looking face after the surgery. Even though the cheek bones won’t go away completely, I just wish they could become smaller. There’s only 3 days before the surgery and I feel anxious more than feeling scaredworried. I really hope everything goes well ^^
▲ Right after the surgery
Real Diary:
It’s finally surgery day and I am so nervous. The surgery time was late afternoon, so I had an early breakfast and then fasted. I wanted to drink water very badly but I had to fast for 8 hours for the surgery.  I got to the hospital 2 hours early and the manager at the hospital checked everything and explained the precautions. The surgery floors are from floors 13 to 16, but I had mine at the facial contouring center which is on the 13th floor.  While waiting for the surgeon, my manager held my hand and started talking to me. After seeing the doctor, I went into the operation room and
my heart started to beat really fast. The anesthesiologist checked that I fasted again, and proceeded to put me under anesthesia.  I don’t remember anything from the surgery, when I got to the recovery room, I realized I was wearing a mask. I don’t really remember then too, but my throat was all dry and I had a blood bag attached.

When I became conscious again, I looked for the mirror. I couldn’t talk properly but the nurse understood and brought a mirror. I laughed out loud because my face was all big from the swelling. They tied my hair sideways at the recovery room, and I was moved to another room after 1 hour.
It was a one person room, and it was so clean! I could press a bell if I needed anything. The first day went by without too much pain probably because I was getting injection to kill the pain.
▲ 1 Week After the surgery
Real Diary:
It’s 6 days after the surgery, and I started wearing a compression band. I couldn’t sleep properly because my jaw was hurting so I had to take painkillers in the middle of the night. In the morning, my face turned yellow and it was not very pretty to look at.  But the swelling started going down from the 5th day, and on the 7th, the shape of my lips and jawline were visible! It’s pretty cool to see that my chin is sharper.

I couldn’t wash properly for the past few days so my face was dry and rough. In the evening, I got my hair shampooed at the hair salon and put on a facial mask that was given to me by Wonjin. My face is cleaner and softer now ^^

After my face mask, I met my coworkers in the evening and they said I looked cute all swollen up. They told me my face was slimmer and much smaller. I was worried since I had to go back to work but I guess I’m relieved. ^^
▲ 1 Month after the surgery
Real Diary:
It’s been a whole month. I was really looking forward to my first month after the surgery and it’s way more than what I had expected. My face is so pretty and I feel so much more confident. I take selfies all the time now.

I can open my mouth wider now and talk more naturally. I can eat almost everything, and people tell me that my face is tiny. Now that it’s been  one month, I feel that my face was born for the camera and it makes me feel so warm inside to see my changing self.
▲ 3 Months After the surgery
Real Diary:
I feel like it’s been a while since I had the surgery but it’s only been 3 months. I’ve been looking at the mirror every day since the surgery, so I couldn’t really tell, but looking back at my past pictures, I look really different.

I asked my consultant about the swelling, and she told me that 70% of it is gone now. Guess my face will become smaller? Hehehe

It still feels like there is something in my mouth and foot bits get stuck inside. But I look better in my pictures as the swelling goes down so it’s so fun taking pics hehe I also cut my hair recently and it suits me very well puahaha
▲ 5 Months after the surgery
Real Diary:
It’s been 5 months since the surgery, and I sometimes forget that I got surgery haha I’m so used to my new face now so when I look at my old pictures before the surgery, it feels weird.

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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