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Monday, January 26, 2015

Humpy nose plasty?, We will introduce the place where they do humpy nose plasty the best !

The nose that is curved from top to bottom is called the “Humpy Nose”.
We call that when the nose bridge is curved, not straight.
The nose the witch has from the snow white, makes person’s appearance
very strong and aggressive.
This patient also had been through very hard time, because of the witch humpy nose that made her look very strong.
Because of her humpy nose, her appearance was very strong, that it seemed like nothing could could make her bleed.
her hobby was to take pictures.
Her age is 22, and she always had to cover her jaw line, and her humpy
nose when taking the photo as well.
To improve her humpy nose, lateral osteotomy and hump plasty was done for her at the same time.
Ideal degree for woman’s nose is 135 degrees ~ 140 degrees, for men it is about 146 degrees which will be the most natural nose. Please reference this
This is the surgery process for hump nose correction.
She had jaw surgery to correct the protruding chin which makes her look like a witch.
This is a before and after photo of hump nose surgery. It is surely improved.
This hump nose correction even makes her look younger than before.
Overall, her jaw surgery also went well~
 The patient above had ptosis correction, hump correction, two jaw surgery, face contouring surgery at the same time. Therefore, her jaw line became very smooth v-line which can not be compared to her face before. With hump correction surgery which gives volume to her face, she became so beautiful. 
The patient above had hump correction surgery and two jaw surgery.
She became a complete different person. 
Like this, hump correction surgery makes a person image very gentle and classy.
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