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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Clinic that performs Two Jaw surgery well?, This is Real Diary of Patient who had Two Jaw Surgery, How much did she change?

The Clinic which performs
Two Jaw surgery well?,
This is Real Diary of Patient who had
Two Jaw Surgery,
How much did she change?
You are curious about where they do Two Jaw surgery the best?
You might feel a bit heavy because Two Jaw surgery is a big surgery.
However, today I brought a story about a Two Jaw surgery case.
I personally think that the result of the Two Jaw surgery is successful for her.
This is a model cut photo.. The side profile looks great
Two Jaw surgeries fix the two jaws on our face to fix the pronunciation, and eating problem for them.
When having a Two Jaw surgery, because it is a surgery, they take care of the aesthetic side as well.
They become beautiful, but it also helps the eating habits. Therefore it also helps patient’s health as well. I think it will good to think about this surgery if anyone is going through hard time with malocclusion.
Before Two Jaw surgery
The angle that shows the jaw line accurately before Two Jaw surgery
This patient had Two Jaw, orthodontic and forehead as well.
The sunglasses looks good on her ^^
14 Days after the Two Jaw surgery and most of the bruises and swellings are gone ^^, she must have taken care of them very well.
Wow~1 month after photo looks amazing!!

You might have been searching so many time already. 
So you also might be able to notice her easily because she is famous for an good example of plastic surgery.^^
Even after 3 month photo shoot, she looks so natural and the surgery seems to go well~~
She is an make up artist so she deals with so many people every day.
Now after two jaw surgery, she is more confident in herself when she deals with people~

Moreover, she expanded her personal relations so it is easier for her to work as an make up artist.^^

Through her selfies of after surgery, it is noticeable that two jaw surgeries went well~~

If someone can have a great result of two jaw surgery like this lady, definitely we would like to recommend two jaw surgery!!!
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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