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Real Story of Two Jaw Surgery from Wonjin!

Real Story of Two Jaw Surgery from Wonjin!

The night before my two jaw surgery..
I have been diagnosed with having a long and asymmetric face … So don’t judge me for getting two jaw surgery just for the ‘aesthetic improvements.’ I need to also improve my jaw functions as well ^^.
Because of my long and crooked face I was teased a lot since I was a kid..They called me names like horse, old woman, and worse T.T Maybe it was due to my jaws being unbalanced but I would sometimes hear clicking sounds as well;;;.
While researching famous clinics for two jaw surgeries, I came across Wonjin Plastic Surgery and I got a consultation. The nurses and consultants were so pretty and informative~ The scale of the clinic was huge and top notch too! So.. I decided to get a surgery reservation hehe.
I’m quite nervous..I see some celebrities getting two jaw surgery and becoming beautiful, and I hope I can be more beautiful too! I just can’t wait ~~~
3 days after
I got discharged and I got to go home. My take home kit was full of goodies, including some medicine to help reduce swelling! Maybe cuz I was at home, but I was able to get some much needed rest hehe. Just like I was told, my 3rd day I swelled up like a balloon… I’m going to have to start taking walks soon T.T

5 days after
I’ve started my recovery in earnest! It was difficult to take my medicines, but now I am used to the taste and I take it diligently. I started taking walks today because I heard it’s helpful in reducing swelling~ I’m embarrassed with how I look currently, and so I always put on a mask when I go out hehe.

2 weeks after
It’s exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, and it’s back to school T.T I was nervous going back to school because my cheeks looked puffy but when I arrived my friends reactions were great! They all gave me compliments, told me I look younger and more pretty hehe!



1 month later


It’s one month after my surgery ? I still have to put on my wafer but I can still eat pizza and fried seasoned pork haha. As long as I have my trusty scissors and cut them into bite size portions hehe! Here’s a selfie I took while waiting for my friend. Before when I took selfies I was so concerned with my long jaw, and I had to edit my photos but now I can upload all my photos immediately! This selfie is one I will send to my boyfriend. We haven’t seen each other much lately, but I wanted to show him my new cuter side in advance ^^

3 months later





The weather’s getting warmer ~~^0^
My results look better day by day, and if I don’t tell anyone no one can guess that I had surgery. I remember I was devastated right after surgery because of my puffy and swollen face..but now I realize it was just a stepping stone in my process of becoming beautiful.

I am grateful for my functional improvements in my jaw, but the aesthetic improvements are a nice bonue hehe! I think my features are very well defined now. I feel so happy!

I no longer avoid taking pictures, and am confident in my appearance now. I got surgery to correct my asymmetric face and get my jaw aligned, but getting prettier is just ‘two birds with one stone!’~!!


Thank you and feel free to comment and share!

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Phone: +82.70.4700.7281 
Mobile: +82 10 4918 3309


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