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Korean Two jaw surgery reivew

Korean Two jaw surgery reivew

Korean Two Jaw Surgery Review


The two jaw surgery of my dreams~ In two days, I will finally get the two jaw surgery that I have been dreaming of ~
Through the ‘Look at me’ program, I have been able to receive both two jaw and facial contouring surgeries at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. While looking at the mirror, I imagined how I would look after surgery, and I ate plenty of foods that I won’t be able to eat for a period of time after surgery ~As you can see I have a serious case of both a square jaw and lantern jawㅠㅠ they always made me stressed out.I even got teased a lot.People called me ‘long jaw,’ ‘square jaw’ and asked if I was ever going to get two jaw surgeryㅠㅠIf someone even mentions the word ‘jaw’ I would feel like they were talking about me...ㅠㅠ
I want to be able to smile wide without covering my mouth with my hands.. I want to hurry and get surgery and take so many self-portraits!~~ Maybe it’s because I don’t have any fears but..most people get really anxious and nervous before surgery.

However, I feel fine and just want to hurry and get surgery over with ~ The reason is I want to hurry and get rid of my appearance complex!Through this chance, I want to improve my confidence and hope to gain a turning point in my life ~~!!

Korean Two jaw surgery reivew
3 days after

After spending a day hospitalized, time is going so slow. At least I get discharged tomorrow! ㅠㅠ I can deal with the pain, but the most uncomfortable thing is having difficulty breathing due to swelling in my nose, stuffy nose, and my mouth being full of phlegm (with no way for me to spit it out).. The pain was pretty severe on the first day, but now that it’s been 3 days I am used to it… but breathing is still difficult.. They even tied up my teeth and I blood keeps coming out of my nose and mouth ㅠㅠMy face swelling gradually got more and more swollen. I heard swelling would be the most on the 3rd day..However, I was told my swelling was better compared to others, and I thought that was a relief. I want time to hurry up and go by~

7 days after I visited the clinic today~Although I still look like a dried fish. I have much swelling and my nose got fat!! I wonder how it will look when the swelling goes away...I hope my swelling reduces quickly!At the clinic, I got a swelling care massage, and they applied more rubber bands so now I can’t even open my mouth.. ㅠㅠHowever, the thought of becoming prettier keeps me going!! Also, due to my sensitive skin and the tape around my jaw, I even got contact dermatitis rash..ㅠㅠThat’s why I didn’t get a swelling reduction injection today, and I will get it 3 days later. I still can’t eat solid foods and so I am sticking to juice, soups, and sports drinks. I feel so hungry ㅠㅠ I weighed myself for the first time in a while and now my weight is 41 kilos! I haven’t been this weight since middle school, I hope my weight stays the same~~ I can't wait to be beautiful >_<
Korean Two jaw surgery reivew

2 weeks after
The rubber bands in my mouth keep me from being able to talk. My diet consists of liquids, soups, porridge and I always feel so hungry. I went to the mart today… my stomach made growling sounds making me even hungrier. However, my weight has gone down a lot. I used to be 44 kilos but now I’m 40. My pants have become too large now. Maybe it’s because I got a swelling reduction shot last week, but it has reduced a lot. My dermatitis rash has improved too! It’s become much fainter compared to last week. The saying that time is medicine definitely applied to two jaw surgery. I want time to just fly that my swelling will go away, my rash will heal, and I can eat whatever I want! ~~

1 Month's After My swelling has slightly reduced compared to last week but my cheeks still look plump ㅠㅠ These days I eat yogurt, chocolate ice cream, and porridge the most.Anyways, to help reduce my swelling I take walks every day, and yesterday I started hot pack massages. My swollen nose has improved a lot in a week! hoho~ The rash on my chin is almost completely gone as well. I still have slight swelling remaining, but now I can go out without a mask on ^^~ Also, my bottom teeth are a little recessed and that makes my lower lip go in as well. During my pre surgery consultation, the doctor and consultant were worried about my bottom teeth and told me that before getting braces my lips could appear awkward. I want to hurry and get my wafer off and start braces already!! Time is definitely medicine for two jaw surgery!

Korean Two jaw surgery reivew

3 Month's After It’s already been almost 3 months I always thought to myself it would be great if time quickly went by ~ and now it’s already been almost 3 months. Now my swelling is hardly noticeable. I bought some medicine to help reduce swelling a few days ago, and maybe that’s why my swelling is almost gone I think my nose job looks good and natural too!
When I first got my splint removed I was like what the..!!?? but I guess time is definitely the healer for all plastic surgeries!! Swelling in my nose has gone down a lot and it looks really natural. My outer corner eye surgery also looked a bit awkward at first, but after 3 weeks the result of my eyes became very natural. ^^
Nevertheless, I wish all my swelling would just fly away ~~

Two jaw surgery reivew before and After Photo
Two jaw surgery reivew before and After Photo Hump After Nose Job

Two jaw surgery reivew before and After Photo
Korean Two jaw surgery reivew 
Beforea and After Photo
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Korean Two jaw surgery reivew before and After Photo
Two jaw surgery reivew before and After Photo
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