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Gift from our patient!

Thank you for these wonderful presents!

Our patient from Canada came to our hospital again for treatment, and brought smoked salmon as a souvenir! Thank you so much!

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Medical Asia 2014 Award

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was awarded with a prize, 'Medical Asia 2014' Award, while honored for being awarded for four years in a row. 
Medical Asia is an award established for the purpose of providing right information of medical services and development and improvement of health care industry. Wonjin was honored for being selected in the plastic surgery field for four consecutive years. Each year, the growth of the medical tourism industry is increasing, not just limited to China, but requiring a variety of services to reach out globally.Wonjin is operating a website in English, Chinese, and has now added 9 other languages: Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian.
Wonjin will continue to participating in attracting foreign patients to activate the medical tourism in plastic surgery.  We will strive to provide the highest quality of medical service to achieve recognition of Korea’s plastic surgery technology. Furthermore, we will try our best to provi…

HKYIC Visits Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

HKYIC (HongKong Young Industrialists Council) visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group recently.
The HKYIC was established in 1989 and has won the Young Industrialist Award from the Hong Kong government and the members of the council are selected through strict evaluation.
The purpose of their visit was to understand Korea’s advanced industrial policy, brand building, design, and technology, and to collaborate with Korea by sharing the plastic surgery industry in Korea, thus visiting Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.
A total of 28 members, including the president of HKYIC, Mr. Chan Wai Man, had a brief tour of the hospital and had a session to share information regarding the marketing and foreign patients attraction of Wonjin. The council was amazed by the hospital’s size and facility, and had numerous inquiries about the hospital’s success. The tour, in which Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was able to show the size and facility of the plastic surgery clinic in Korea, was very meaningful.

After th…

Korean Heart Throb Visits Wonjin

A couple weeks ago, Korean teen actor Lee Hyun Woo visited our hospital! 
He has made appearances in various Korean dramas such as "Master of Study" and movies such as "Secretly, Greatly" and "A Dirty Carnival." 

Good luck with everything Hyun Woo. Our hospital staff will always be happy to see you back here and also on the screen :)

For treatment times, reservations, and inquiries come check out our website

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Just Did My Eyes

Real Story: Double Eyelid Surgery & Epi
I guess since so many people receive double eyelid surgeries, I've felt that my sharp looking eyes were attractive and never really felt the need to get my eyes done. I'm also very scared when it comes to hospitals so I would've never considered surgery! 

So what changed my mind? After I quit my job, I had some time to chill and also take a careful look at myself. I thought maybe I could get a consultation secretly and then make myself prettier very naturally so that no one would notice (I had no information about this clinic at the time). 

It didn't feel too pressuring, so I went ahead and visited them (I was really nervous and even thought I might get depression if the surgery didn't go well haha) but after the consultation, I decided to pick a date for my double eyelid surgery. I told the consultant that I needed natural looking eyes and honestly I was just thinking of getting epicanthoplasty before I visited. 

Reaction fr…