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[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group] For blunt Nostrils, is it possible to improve it by surgery?

Question My nose isn’t low, but it’s very blunt. I want to know how to fix blunt nose. Its very annoying me at the moment ~ My job relates meeting lot of people, therefore it is really getting into my concern at the moment. Im planning to get the surgery done this holiday, I want to ask about the surgical method, and post op care as well, Please let me know ~ Answer Hi ^^ this is Wonjin Beauty Medical Group If your nostrils are too wide, even if your nose bridge isn’t too low, it makes your appearance of your nose and face very countrified. Therefore you can improve your appearance by nostril reduction surgery. This surgical method will reduce the size of your nostrils so you don’t have blunt nose anymore. The core of having nostril reduction is to reduce it but keeping the balance as well. It is important to be triangle shape from the low view. The operation time for nostril reduction is 1hour 30mins ~ 2 hours, you can be discharged on that day. You take out the stitches 1 week after …

Not all the double eyelid surgery method are the same! each surgery method is totally different

Double eyelid surgery isn’t just the method of pinching. After creating the double eyelid with the W line method, this is a new method of fixating stronger. With Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s W method, we make your eyes brighter. This is the before and after photo of double eyelid surgery. For Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s W method, we made the knots stronger so we could prevent it from releasing. We can make clear and brighter eyes by making the double eyelid line more strongly. In case of the existing non incision method, there is higher possibility that the stitches become untied because it only pinches the the line with thread stitch

However, W Lock non incision method compensates the defect of the previous non incision method by collaborating natural double eyelid principle and W Lock knots.
By adhering fascia to skin, it prevent stitches from being untied. W Lock method is the most commonly performed surgical method for double eyelid surgery, which make continuous W line knots on…

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Proposes Plastic Surgery Clinic Emergency Medical Equipment Establishment Standard

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Proposes Plastic Surgery Clinic Emergency Medical Equipment Establishment Standard

[Plastic Surgery Newspaper = Media Team] According to the parliamentary inspection, 76.9% of 1091 plastic surgery clinics across the nation do not have emergency medical equipment and only 1.2% in Gangnam, the so called “mecca of plastic surgery” do.
Especially since surgeries that require high skill, such as two-jaw surgery and facial contouring, which involves cutting the bone, are becoming popular, plastic surgery clinics must have emergency medical equipment.
Let’s find out what kind of medical equipment is necessary at a plastic surgery clinic, and the precautions for patients to avoid any accidents, with Dr. Wonjin Park (Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic), a member of the Global Healthcare Association.

Q. Why don’t many plastic surgery clinics have emergency medical equipment?

A. The biggest reason is the cost.

It is not a simple matter of having emergency medical equipment or…

The skill of getting the surgery done intelligently! When should I get the surgery done?

The skill of getting the surgery done intelligently! When should I get the surgery done? Core of the plastic surgery is to choose the hospital intelligently Having plastic surgery can be the major thing in your life, therefore there will be lot of things to think about. But out of all the worries, I think the safety and choosing the hospital that can give you a satisfying result. I think these are the most important things that you should think about. Know how in Plastic surgery! The next important thing is to know how long the surgery is going to take, and how long do I need to recover. You can check out the real stories of patients who already had the plastic surgery in Wonjin, so you can be more comfortable choosing the time for your surgery When you are thinking about having a plastic surgery, it is also very important to not collapse all your important dates like your wedding, exam or trip plan etc. It will be also great to procure the time of your enough recovering time as well a…

Very first teardrop breast implant maker "Polytech" for breast surgery

What Polytech, the very first tear drop implant maker, chose Wonjin?
Tear drop implant maker, Polytech chooses only one clinic where operation can be performed safely and effectively.

Of course, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is well known for breast augmentation! 
Dual Chamber tear drop breast augmentation surgery creates more natural breast shape and better adhesion, which is a breast augmentation surgery by using advanced tear drop breast implant. 1.If you want more tight teardrop line 2.Who wants to maintain the teardrop line for longer period 3.If you want more upgraded implant 4.If you have small thorax, that you need more stronger attachment Even when you have strong volume, it does not spread, but maintains the pretty line. It does not sag even after the time goes by.

face contouring?, why do they want Shiny complex face contouring surgery?

You can definitely have the effect by Shiny complex face contouring surgery, because this improves the face line at once. This can solve the overall face contouring problem at once; solves protruding cheekbones, square jaw in safe way. It is good that you can have the smooth face line without worrying about sagging skin after the surgery. Shiny complex face contouring surgery, Is for people who want to have small slim face. But this isn’t just making your face small, but it revives complex equilibrium beauty naturally from the hair line to the end of the chin. Cheekbone, hairline,Square Jaw, Jaw line all at once! OK!  We would like to recommend Shiny Complex face contouring surgery for the people
who want a smooth line from hairline to the end of jaw line as shown in the after photo.
 The patient above shows a nice face line without having eye and nose plastic surgeries.  The patient's above had hairline hair transplant, square jaw reduction, face contouring, eye, and nose plastic…

Which part of our face do we do fat grafting?

The reason why we do Fat grafting is to have more volume skin right? Then why do we have to make the sunken skin more volume?

For women’s face, there should be no curves on their overall face. But if there is shadow on the sunken area, it can make the person’s appearance very dark, weak, and strong. Normally there are many people with sunken forehead.

The fat grafting is possible on the lip area as well.

If you think the dark circles are too severe for you, I want to suggest you doing fat grafting on the sunken area.

And! If there is a wrinkle showing on the upper eyelid area, you can also do fat grafting on that part as well.

To give the jaw line look slimmer, we can also do fat grafting there as well.

And for more volumised hips too ^^