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Wonjin Beauty Medical Group- My Plastic Surgery Story

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group- My Plastic Surgery Story for Nose, Face Contouring, and Two Jaw
Waiting for dinner Before surgery I went to an art museum and took some pictures. I am embarrassed about my side view… As you can see my face is long and my lips stick out ㅠ.ㅠ I have a textbook square jaw. Having a long jaw and flat cheeks makes me look much older. I am anxious about my changed appearance after surgery. It’s as if I was eagerly waiting for dinner.

3 days after Since this surgery involves cutting the bone I was prepared for a lot of pain, but it wasn’t so bad. The hardest part was…breathing… Having my nose get stuffed, I finally realized how precious the ability to breathe nasally was. Looking at myself, I look great! hah hah I am not as swollen as I anticipated. Ah.. I want today to hurry and pass.

7 days after It’s exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, and it’s back to school T.T I was nervous going back to school because my cheeks looked puffy but when I arrived my frien…

Wonjin’s Bodyline & Liposuction

Wonjin’s Bodyline & Liposuction

Wonjin creates beautiful and well balanced bodyline!At Wonjin, we perform from mini liposuction to large volume liposuction.

01.Does skin gets uneven and saggy after liposuction?

Many people are concerned about uneven and saggy skin, which is considered as a side effect; occurs when excessive fat is extracted and the muscle membrane and skin is swollen. At Wonjin, we perform customized procedure for the individual in order to avoid the side effect.

02.Causes yo-yo syndrome after liposuction?

In order to prevent yo-yo syndrome, the number of fat cell needs to be decrease sufficiently.It is different from minimizing the size of fat cell by exercising and dieting. At Wonjin, we decrease the number of fat cell so that there is no gaining of fat.

03.Weight loss after liposuction?

Wonjin Lifting Center - in what age are you living in now?

Wonjin Lifting Center -  in what age are you living in now? Regain youth for Women at Wonjin Lifting Center

Can V line be achieved by just pulling the skin? Lifting is waking up the dead cells inside the skin and fills up the elastin. V line can be achieved easily if saggy muscle, fat and skin are improved.

Image 1 Wonjin’s actual case model, Choi ______ : Tightening Lifting, V Lifting Can ages in 20 get lifting done? Yes, of course. Lifting is not only for middle aged people, but also for ages in 20s to 30s to maintain the young skin and help for anti-aging. In other word, it is better to keep the elastic skin more tightened for longer lasting effect before aging.

Image 2 Wonjin’s actual case model, Jo ______ : Thread Lifting

Does lifting have to be done annually? No. it depends on the skin conditions, but lasting period of the lifting

Plastic surgery in korea before and afterMy plastic surgery story

My name is Dal~~ I have recently decided to get plastic surgery at Wonjin beauty medical group. My wide and plump nose and face have been giving me much stress. The people around me tell me I give off a strong and cold impression. I don’t think I’m a cold person and hearing this makes me so sad..I don't like when people misunderstand me due to my apperance. That is why I made the big decision to get plastic surgery.

3 days after The nurses tell me that my swelling is not that severe compared to other people’s condition. After 3 days in the clinic, I would have to agree because I saw some people with extremely swollen areas. Time goes by so slow when I am bedridden and just getting treatment~

7 days after It’s been a week and I went to the clinic to get some treatment. My swelling has reduced a lot and I finally saw my new nose~ although my nose still appears swollen. My breathing has become comfortable and the tingling in my face has all disappeared!

2 weeks after My swellin…

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness Get your breast surgery done and be confident in your bikini this summer! 1. Breast Surgery “Less pain!” At Wonjin, there is breast care specialized center program for faster recovery and higher satisfaction. Usually, it’s possible to leave the hospital after breast surgery, but when the patient is in a lot of pain, we recommend staying hospitalized for 1-2 days and received pain care treatment. Most of case, the pain will be less after 3-4 days after but there will be discomfort for about 2 weeks.Especially, rising up the upper body or bending forward may cause severe pain, so it must be avoided. 2. Breast Surgery “Less scar!” “Capsulitis” for beautiful breast without side effects “Dermabond” for safe suture and less scar “Keller Funnel 2” for safe and less painful Wonjin’s implant insertion 3. Breast Surgery “Natural shape” Every woman's breasts are asymmetrical, so at Wonjin, we do not just insert the implant and control ab…

Breast Surgery in Korea Real Before and After Photo's

Breast surgery in korea wonjin beauty medical group. Check out the real stories of real girls who had breast augmentation in Korea! After having the breast augmentation surgery, they have gained the volume they’ve been dreaming of.

Because of small breasts... I received so much stress because of my small boobs. An A cup wouldn’t even fit because they were so small, and I could never go out without pads! Even when I chose bikinis, I would have to look at the volume rather than the design Maybe because of my narrow waist, people think I have a nice figure when I wear a padded bra. Sometimes I feel guilty, and when I have a boyfriend, I’m afraid he will find out T^T I was a skinny kid when I was young, and I guess that’s why my breasts didn’t grow. My mom said when she was young she had large breasts, but when she was breast feeding me and my sibling, they shrank. She said my breasts will grow, but when? What I want to do after surgery:
1. Wear sleeveless shirts in summer!
2. We…

Keep my skin healthy by taking shower every day!

Keep my skin healthy by taking shower every day! We take shower at night to relieve the stress and tiredness of the day for a good sleep. But what if this shower is damaging your skin health? US Media, Huffington Post pointed out the improper shower habits and introduced proper shower methods. -Applying hair conditioner on scalp When hair treatment such as conditioner is applied directly on scalp, it is not good for hair. Dead skin cells may occur on hair root with hair oil. Therefore, when applying conditioner, try to avoid applying on the hair root.
-Take long shower with hot water Exposing skin to hot water for a long time can be harmful to skin health. This habit of hot water shower makes skin dry and creates redness. Severe cases can cause itching. Hot water shower is suitable for 5 to 10 minutes.