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The ten ways of wrong taking shower habits which we don't know

Have you ever known facts that wrong habits of taking a shower ruins your skin and scalp health?

1. You don't wash your foot.
When we are taking a shower, we are usually washing it head to toe, and thoroughly, sometimes we forget to clean our foot. We may think that soap will go down our body to wash off anyway that's why we forget to wash our foot. However, since germs live in our foot so to prevent propagating from mold or germs, while we are taking a shower, we have to wash our foot even between the toes meticulously.

2. Washing hair every day.
Those people, particularly those with long and thin hair have a tendency of washing it every day, it will be better if they are washing 2~3 times in one week. The oil dripping naturally from the scalp helps with the balancing of their scalp.

3. Taking a shower using with warm water for a long time.
Hot water could remove the moisture and oil from your skin and make it dry; this causes several skin diseases. When you are taking a s…

Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen for all four seasons!

Have you heard that you need to wear sunscreen for all four seasons? If you go to dermatology or watch TV program for beauty, then they recommend you to wear sun block for four seasons. Sun block is to prevent aging and skin diseases from ultraviolet. Therefore we would look up the true and false about sun block that we need to wear for four seasons.

Q. Why should you wear sunscreen on cloudy days? (You also need to sunscreen in winter?)
On a cloudy day or winter, you are still getting sun’s harsh effects. Therefore it is necessary to wear sunscreens to protect your skin. Also, Ultraviolet A can penetrate the glass and can damage the skin, so it is better to wear sunscreen for indoors activity as well.

It still has an effect with small amount of sunscreen?
Usually, it can cause the problem if you apply cosmetics too much. However, it is recommended to apply sunscreen generously. It is also recommended to use an amount for about knuckle to prevent UV rays. Also, you need to apply …

Top 10 foods selected as super food

Nutrition expert “Rob Hobson” from England has selected and announced “10 super foods” through the latest article from Daily Express. These below are the reasons why 10foods are selected as Super food.

More than half of the population in the world eats eggs or food including eggs every day. Eggs are one of the most complete foods that contain almost all kinds of vitamins including minerals that are essential to health. It also helps to control weight. In particular, some studies show that eating eggs in the morning reduces the overall amount of food per day. This is because the high quality protein in the eggs keeps feel full and satisfied for long time. Contrary to popular belief, eggs have a negligible impact on blood cholesterol levels. There is no limit to the amount of egg you can eat a week.

② Oily fish
Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, herring and mackerel are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are non-manufacturing fatty acids in the body, re…

The daily habits that makes cervical herniated nucleus.

1. Using too high pillow.
Some people use high pillows when they go to the bed. In this case, the neck and shoulders become stiff, and these could cause forward head posture and cervical herniated nucleus.
The C-shaped neck bone is deformed into a straight shape, and the bones, muscles and ligaments are put strained, also snoring and dyspnea can be occurred.
Apart from using high pillows, the habits of sleep upon the abdomen can also cause neck and spinal diseases.

2. Choosing wrong shoes sizes.
The habits of wearing wrong size of shoes, and sleeper, sandal which are likely to easy to take off can also cause cervical herniated nucleus.
When you wear these kinds of shoes, your posture will be unstable, because knees and back cannot be straightened.
This posture pushes the neck forward, puts strain on the muscles, and causes symptoms such as shoulder stiffness.

3. Necklace card holder and Staff cards.
There many people who wear necklace card holders and staff card. They may…

Sweet Potatoes: Health Benefits, Risks, and nutrition facts

Do you like sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and contain many nutrients that make your body healthy. Let’s take a closer look at the potency of sweet potatoes one by one.

1. Good for constipation If you have a bad case of constipation, it affects bad influence on diet and skin care. As I mentioned above, sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. Especially, both insoluble and water-soluble dietary fiber is abundant, so it will help your bowel movement.

2. Good for inhibited aging
Sweet potatoes contain a lot of ingredients which have anti-aging benefits. Especially, the component called polyphenols destroys free radicals that cause aging.

3. Good for skin care
Did you know that sweet potatoes are good for skin? Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C which encourages healthy, glowing skin and collagen growth. If you compare to the apple, it contains 7 times to 10 times more vitamin C. In addition, the unusual thing is even cooked or steamed; still vitamin C is…