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FAQ on Anti-aging, consult at WONJIN

1. What is Anti-aging?
Literally, Anti-aging is prevention of aging.
There are various causes of aging, and it sometimes occurs due to inappropriate life style and the lack of care.

2. What kind of Anti-aging treatments those are available?
There are varieties of Anti-aging treatments those are available according to individual’s age, and there are simple cosmetic products with Anti-aging components, or petite surgeries such as botox, filler, laser lift, or stem cell surgery, and even surgeries like non-incision or incision lifting surgeries.

The easiest way is to use cosmetic products with wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity, or lifting components, however they have to be used continuously for their effect and their result is not instant which is their weakness.
There are injections like botox which improves on wrinkles andfillers which fills up on sunken area, and both of them have to be done regularly while they have the simplest procedure and instant result.

There are multiple laser lift…

Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body!

‘Drinking water’ is a tiny habit that is most important for us. Most of people will be aware that our body is formed with more than 70% of water because we hear that often. That is the evidence that let us know how important water is for our body.
You are already aware that water helps on losing weight and waste excretion, right? Today, I will introduce water drinking habit that helps on losing weight!

‘Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body! 1. Water drinking habit’

It’s ideal for you to drink water frequently when ‘you just woke up’, ‘you are hungry’, ‘before you get thirsty’, ‘is hot’. It’s better to drink small amount of water frequently than drinking a lot of water at once to increase in water consumption. Also, drinking water before meal is helpful on losing weight rather than drinking water right after your meal.

‘Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body! 2. The amount of water that we have to drink’
It’s good to drink at least 2L of water per day. If you a…

Dry skin at the change of seasons; let’s protect our skin with moisturizing treatments!

Are you aware that the atmosphere surrounding our skin becomes drier when cool fall comes after the humid summer leaves?

Especially, if you are women who wear makeup, you probably have experienced the annoying moment of makeup being patch due to flakes occur at the change of seasons. Skin care at the change of seasons is very important as dry skin doesn’t only effect on our makeup, but also able to lead our skin to skin ailments such as xeroderma, atopic dermatitics, psoriasis and so on.

When there is too much flakes, of course it is good to use peeling products that is made with natural AHA components extracted from fruits or milk after great researches to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, combination skin, and oily skin. 
However it is important to prevent dryness and moisturize our skin continuously as we cannot use peeling products every day.
So today, I will introduce a great tip to enjoy short-short fall 120 percent, with moisturized and flawless skin!
1. Mainta…

The amazing change that occurs after regular ice massage

There is news on the cold “ICE” that we cannot even put on our skin for few seconds, is actually beneficial on our skin.
If you are concerned about tanned skin from UV rays, redness or wrinkles get your ices out of your fridge and massage your face right now.
I would explain the change that occurs after ice massage below.

1. Anti-aging

If you are worried about your skin getting saggy every day, try to do ice massage every morning.
Ice massage prevents wrinkle formation and aging by improving on the blood circulation.

2. Dark circle improvement

Have you ever felt bad about other people thinking that you look unwell because of your dark circles even when you are totally fine?
Then use the ‘ice’ that brightens dark circles and calms your skin that became sensitive.

3. Heat rash appeasement

Here’s great news for people who suffers from heat rash during hot summer. You could have the effect of heat rash treatment by cooling down your body temperature when you gently rub ice that is packed in soft cl…

Facial asymmetry-Is your face asymmetric? WONJIN will help you.

Sometimes, there are people who have insecurities on their asymmetric face due to the significant difference in the length of their left and right side of face. That is right and left asymmetry symptoms.
All human beings and animal’s right and left symmetry cannot be exactly the same like it’s adjusted by computer. However there is a case which has extreme asymmetry.
For example, it could be called facial asymmetry when the lip is crooked, center of front teeth is not aligned, chin is tilted to one side, size of mouth is different or when your nose and eyes are tilted to one side.
You could check yourself out in the mirror by yourself if you want.

However, why there’s a facial asymmetry symptom?
The cause of asymmetric face is known to be various, including genetically asymmetric face or facial bone damage on jowl area due to ineluctable accident.
Also if you have a habit of chewing foods too much for a long period of time or the imbalanced growth of lower jaw could lead to facial asymmetry…

Jeju island, Korea – Lotus flower festival from July 1st to September 30th

Have you ever heard about ‘Jeju Island’? It is a volcanic island that is eligible to be one of the purest locations on earth.

Jeju Island has several jaw-droppingnatural wonders which should rank it higher in UNESCO world heritage listing. Also the freshly made delicious local foods make the place stand out even more. You can taste Jeju Island’s traditional dishes here too. There are varieties of traditional dishes in Jeju Island. ‘Hal-la-bong’ which is Jeju Island’s special kind of tangerine, can only grow in the very south of country. They are extremely sweet and delicious.

Jeju Island’s abalone, found feeding on seaweed in only the cleanest waters of the ocean, forms a vital part of Jeju cuisine and holds an elevated position as the ‘Emperor of Shellfish’ not only in Korea, but the world over. The calorie in Abalone per 1 item peeled is 100 calories. Abalone is calculated to be 100 Cal of mostly protein, 8g of carbohydrates, 0.4g of fat in 100g while being rich in vitamins and minera…