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5 minutes fat burning exercise at home

Hello~ I will introduce some simple fat burning exercise that you can do at home.

Firstly, it is push-up position that you will already know.
It is possible for you to get abs on your belly if you can hold on to this position for about 30 seconds referring to the photo below.

Push the mat with your elbow and fix your fingers onto the mat by spreading them apart.
The most important thing is to put your heel on the ground.

Secondly, it is superman position.
This exercise is really good for mid and lower back and furthermore, it strengthens gluteus on your hip.
Get down on the mat with your face facing down and stretch your arms above your head. Reach your palm towards the mat like the photo below.
If you can hold on to this position for 30 seconds, you will be able to have beautiful hip. You might not be sure where to put more strength, but try to make the best posture that you can by looking into mirror.

Thirdly, it is jump squat.
It is a definitive edition for attractive hip!!
Many people ar…

Motiva Ergonomix breast implant, just feels like your own breasts

Many women try hard to emphasize on their femininity. People say that it is women’s instinct for them to show off their femininity so they try to present their charm through their clothes, perfumes, makeup, and so on.
On the aspect of plastic surgery, they improve on their femininity through breast augmentation representatively.

Women’s breast is a part of body that represents femininity while taking an important and precious role of breast feeding.
Therefore decision on breast augmentation has to be made very cautiously. Today, I will introduce Ergonomix breast implant that has been newly released from Motiva Implant Company for women who are considering on breast augmentation.

Until now, many plastic surgery patients and surgeons were worried about round shaped implant’s rippling symptoms or tear drop shaped implant’s rotations.
There are patients and surgeons who are disappointed about unnatural shape and texture after surgeries.
Since breast augmentation is done on skinny patients or …

Precautions FAQ that you must know before plastic surgery

Many people are now considering on getting plastic surgery as the perception of plastic surgery became a lot more natural.
Due to this, there are many people who are wondering about precautions on plastic surgery, so today, I will introduce few factors that you have to be cautious before plastic surgery.

1. Why do I have to fast? Is fasting essential before surgery?
You may have heard that you have to fast for few hours before surgery if you had surgery before whether it was under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
This applies on plastic surgery as well because the patients undergo anesthesia. Fasting prior to surgery is required for certain amount of time depending on the type of anesthesia that you are getting and this is because it is possible for the content in the patient’s stomach to flow backward to mouth which can disturb respiration or could lead to pneumonia.
Thus at WONJIN, we advise our customers to fast for about 4~6 hours for local anesthesia and about 9 hours for gene…

Rhinoplasty clinic recommendation-Premium Rhinoplasty

People who are interested in rhinoplasty or people who already had rhinoplasty would already be aware that rhinoplasty is very important because the nose is center of our face as well as functional part of our body that is related to our respiration.

I have just explained that rhinoplasty is one of complicated surgeries and this is because nose is formed with very small tissues. Bones and cartridges are connected in small space and this require great skill as the incision site is very small compare to other surgeries.
Due to this reason, it is very important to meet a surgeon who has many experience and know-how on the surgery.

Wonjin plastic surgery clinic has rich surgical experience as it had been performing surgeries on different conditioned patients for 20 years, and we have established “WONJIN 3S Premium Rhinoplasty” based on our experience.
3S means the completion of minimized Scar, fast recovery Speed and beautiful nose Shape.
Thus WONJIN’s 3S Premium nose surgery that is perfect …

Long nose surgery-You may look older because of your long nose!

Do people say that you look old when you have pretty eyes and nose?
Long nose could be the reason!

There are some factors that make one look older than her/his age and long nose is one of them.
However not many people are aware about this fact.
There are many people who desire for longer nose without considering their condition because they think long and straight nose is pretty. However your face could be unbalanced if you want your nose to be long when you want your eyes to be round and defined because round and defined eyes looks younger when long nose creates more mature impression.
You may not get this by reading texts, so compare these before and after photos below!

People with long or big nose tend to have bigger tissue and septum cartridge than normal nose.
Thus during surgery, these parts are reduced in size or inserted into different area to balance out and the drooping nose tip gets lifted.

Patients with wide nasal bone or hump could also get their bone reduced at the same time,…