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Monday, November 28, 2016

Precautions FAQ that you must know before plastic surgery

Many people are now considering on getting plastic surgery as the perception of plastic surgery became a lot more natural.

Due to this, there are many people who are wondering about precautions on plastic surgery, so today, I will introduce few factors that you have to be cautious before plastic surgery.

1. Why do I have to fast? Is fasting essential before surgery?

You may have heard that you have to fast for few hours before surgery if you had surgery before whether it was under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

This applies on plastic surgery as well because the patients undergo anesthesia. Fasting prior to surgery is required for certain amount of time depending on the type of anesthesia that you are getting and this is because it is possible for the content in the patient’s stomach to flow backward to mouth which can disturb respiration or could lead to pneumonia.

Thus at WONJIN, we advise our customers to fast for about 4~6 hours for local anesthesia and about 9 hours for general anesthesia.

During fasting, the patient should not take anything that goes inside his/her mouth including water, candy, gum, and so on.

You must check the fasting duration before surgery for safe anesthesia!

2. Do I have to quit smoking?

Smoking could lead to slower recovery and infection as it slows down on the blood circulation as well as disturbing our lung’s filtering ability.

Thus it is ideal for you to quit smoking from the moment that you decide on getting surgery, until you are fully recovered after surgery!

3. Do I have to stop drinking alcohol?

It is ideal for you to stop drinking alcohol at least a week before your surgery as your liver has to break down alcohol that you intake.

Also it is ideal for you to avoid alcohol for about 2 weeks after surgery, when your wound gets healed, as drinking alcohol disturbs your white blood cell activity.

4. What should I do if I am currently taking Aspirin?

Aspirin could cause copious bleeding during surgery, so it is ideal for you to stop taking it at least 7~10 days before the surgery.

Also, there are other medications that you shouldn’t take prior to surgery, thus you have to advise the medical team about medications that you are taking at consultation.

You shouldn’t be taking any medication on the surgery day, however since there are some medications that you have to take with small amount of water even on the surgery day, please consult to the medical team and follow their instruction!

5. Would I be okay when I have anemia?

If you feel uncomfortable and hard from anemia throughout your daily routine, it is ideal for you to take anemia treating medicine after making decision to get surgery as anemia could make you harder during surgery.

Try to find some medications on anemia as you could become much more comfortable even with 2 weeks of medication intake!

6. What if I catch cold on the surgery day?

Some patients’ condition becomes worse on the surgery day due to flu.

If the cold is severe, WONJIN recommends the patient to postpone his/her surgery as severe cold may cause severely sore throat after anesthesia and possibly lead to pneumonia. 

If you have any other diseases apart from the above, you have to let the medical team know about them for safe surgery!!!

You may find it annoying that you have to prepare so many things, but let’s try a little more to become prettier safely!

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