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Face Lifts without Surgery
Question:My face looks rounded because of the sagging skins. Is it possible to make my face recover V-line as before without surgery? Answer: Yes, the answer is Wonjin’s V-lifting. Wonjin V lifting allows for the correction of sagging facial features through a short, minimal incision, elevating them vertically. Without incisions, saggy skin areas are pulled and lifted to make a V shape jaw line. Safety approved special medical threads are used on desired areas to not only lift, but also boost collagen production to increase skin elasticity. There is twice to 3rd times cogs in V-lifting thread than normal medical thread to pull the skin tightly.

Advantage of V-lifting thread

For over 50 years V-Lift thread has proved to be safe. Lifting is possible with just a few threads and very effective.These threads have 2~3 times the number of hooks. This makes them more fixable and effective so you can get semi-permanent results. These threads are used for even tying blood…
Small Eyes- Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Question: I have double eyelid but still too small. What kind of surgery shall I need to do?
Answer:    Ptosis correction + Lateral hotz canthoplasty (lowering the outer corners)

      Canthoplasty is opening the lateral angle of the eyes and making them look bigger. The eyes become horizontally longer and also bigger and the upward corner of the eyes become calm and smoothe.
      Canthoplasty is incising the lateral angle of the eyes and lengthening the eyes. 2-3mm will be extended and the angle is faced down if it is facing upwards. Before there was a simple method of canthoplasty, with less swelling but the effects were not so thorough and after sometime it would become its original state.
       Recently there is a "Multy  Lateral Hotz Cantoplasty"made by Wonjin. "Multy  Lateral Hotz Cantoplasty"cut the specific tissue which has the effect of bonding skins so that skins restore its original position after some time.
This surgery c…

Eyes and Nose Surgery

Real Story: Double Eyelids & Nose Surgery

I have been troubled by my flate nose and bland looking eyes. I don't like people say I look cute and quite young. I wanted to be looked like my own age instead of look childish!

After a long-time depression, I asked my mom for the surgery. She said Yes to me!!!! And I had the double eyelids and nose surgery in Wonjin which was introuduced by my mom's friend~~ And now, It has been about 1 month since I had my surgery. Finally, I find my age and look like a real university student~^ ^ My eyes and nose are extremely natrual. Right after the surgery, I felt my nostrils were asysmetrical, but as time went by, the swelling went down and they look quite even now. And in my case, the slight ache lasted for 10 days. I really satisfied with the result. I really appreciate the Wonjin Beauty Medical Group~ And I wish all of you become more and more beautiful~~ For treatment times, reservations, and inquiries come check out our website
Website : h…

Surgery for a Square Jaw

Surgery for a Square Jaw 

Question: My face looks like a square so I look very manly. I'm wondering what kind of surgery I need to fix this.

Answer: For our patients with a square jaw, we recommend a procedure called "T osteotomy." This procedure is also known as the chin tip surgery and if patients are looking to receive a quick fix, then an implant or fat grafting is possible for changing the shape of the chin.

But the actual T osteotomy surgery involves fracturing the front chin into a shape of the letter "T" and pushing the sides together so that patients with a wide chin can have a slimmer looking contour.

The surgery lasts about 1 hr 30 mins and the recovery period is less than 1 week. The surgical method may differ according to the shape and size of your bone structure, so it is best to meet the doctor in person during the consultation.

At our hospital, we offer a 1:1 customized program and various examinations for every individual who visit us for satisf…

Received Double Eyelids and a New Nose

Real Story: Double Eyelids and Nose Surgery
My nose was flat and my nose tip was pointing downwards which was really stressful for me
One day, one of my cousins told me that she received surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and it came out very nicely, so I decided to come for a consultation. I was only thinking of getting a consultation for my nose, but when I heard from cases of other people, I really wanted to get my eyes done too @_@. I felt that I could trust this hospital because my friends got surgery here as well.

My friends were worried that the recovery process might become longer if I get both my eyes and nose done at the same time. But now that I actually went ahead with the surgery, the recovery wasn't bad at all! When it became 2 weeks after the surgery, I could go outside and hang out with my friends. I guess the recovery process differs from person to person, but it was really quick for me hehe 

Before I had the surgery, I hated taking pictures from the side because…

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Real Story: Breast Surgery for a stylish new me 
Small breasts didn't matter to me when I was a teenager. 
But when I reached my 20s, I became more interested in fashion and style, and of course, my outer appearance... 
Whenever I used to wear a v-neck shirt, my chest would look so flat that I had to fill them with a padded bra. 
However, pads only have so much effect and I couldn't wear a bikini like everyone else during the summer ;( So I made a brave decision to search online. 

When I saw that Dr. Wonjin Park was famous for breast augmentation surgery, I went in for a visit. After finishing the consultation and ending up paying for the operation, I felt like I already had the surgery that day haha I was so desperate to get the surgery and my d-day was finally here! 

I was pretty brave when the day arrived. I lay on the operation table and fell asleep. The nurse was speaking to me softly but I couldn't hear her any longer as the anesthesia rushed through my body. When I became…

Non incision eyelid surgery & epicanthoplasty

Real Story: Non incision eyelid surgery & epicanthoplasty
I had epicanthoplasty for my eyes that were way too close to each other, and and non incision double eyelid surgery. 
When I was just a young girl, my parents thought I was cross-eyed because the skin on my eyes were kinda loose, causing them to look close together. So I visited a lot of eye doctors since I was young, and when I visited them, they told me to maybe consider going to a plastic surgery clinic. I was searching for a good clinic and I decided to trust their judgement and visit for a consultation. 

The funny thing is, I didn't search online or hear from my friends about this clinic. I was just having lunch with my mom nearby in Gangnam, and I just saw the clinic on the street and thought, why not visit there since it's right there? So I just randomly went it, but the employees were all so nice and my mom really like the consultant and the doctor who did the consultation for us. We decided to make a reservati…

Nose Job with facial contouring

Real Story: Nose Job
I decided to receive nose surgery along with my forehead and cheekbones, which have been bothering me for years. When I used to take picture before having the surgery, I would look kind of scary and like a bully because of my skewed nose and protruding cheekbones. My face overall just looked bland and flat so I never really was a fan of taking selfies or even pictures with my friends. 

After the surgery, people around me, like my coworkers and friends, tell me that my face became smaller and looks more sophisticated than before. I'm glad I don't look like a mean bully anymore. 

I can't believe it's already been 3 months since I had the surgery. I feel like when all the swelling is gone, my face will look a lot smaller hehehe Now I just love taking selfies - something I haven't done in a while. 

Thank you doctors and nurses at Wonjin for my beautiful face! 

For treatment times, reservations, and inquiries come check out our website
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Escape from Square Jaw

Real Story: Facial Contouring

Ever since I was a student, I've always been stressed out about my square looking face. I was shy and not confident about my looks so I would often hide the shape of my hideous face with my hair. I heard from people around me that Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was specializing in facial contouring, so I paid them a visit. 

The hospital was really big and spacious, and the nurses and beautiful employees were so kind and helpful. I decided to get the surgery that day after a consultation :) hehe 

It has been about 3 months now since my surgery, and my friends tell me that my face is slimmer and I look feminine. 

Now that I have escaped from my strong jaw, my life is completely different! I feel so much more confident and am closer with people around me. I want to thank the doctors and nurses who gave me another opportunity at life. 

After surgery

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Lower Blepharoplasty (Bags under eyes)

Removing bags under my eyes 

I've always been unhappy about the the bags that started forming under my eyes a couple years ago. It has definitely been getting worse but I couldn't just make a decision to do something about it. Once, a friend I know visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and received facial contouring surgery and upper blepharoplasty. She looked gorgeous and so much younger! So I built up my courage and decided to make a visit. 

Now it's been approximately 3 weeks since I had my lower blepharoplasty surgery and I am deeply satisfied. I feel that the area is getting better and better every day so I'm pretty excited about the final result. 

Thank you

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