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Friday, September 12, 2014

Eyes and Nose Surgery


Real Story: Double Eyelids & Nose Surgery

I have been troubled by my flate nose and bland looking eyes. I don't like people say I look cute and quite young. I wanted to be looked like my own age instead of look childish!

After a long-time depression, I asked my mom for the surgery. She said Yes to me!!!! And I had the double eyelids and nose surgery in Wonjin which was introuduced by my mom's friend~~ And now, It has been about 1 month since I had my surgery.
Finally, I find my age and look like a real university student~^ ^ My eyes and nose are extremely natrual. Right after the surgery, I felt my nostrils were asysmetrical, but as time went by, the swelling went down and they look quite even now. And in my case, the slight ache lasted for 10 days.
I really satisfied with the result. I really appreciate the Wonjin Beauty Medical Group~ And I wish all of you become more and more beautiful~~
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  1. You have really put yourself out there and have shared a very personal experience through this blog. Thank you for letting others know about what it feels like to get a nose job and eye surgery.

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