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Remove the fine dust at home!

Fine dust is suspended solid in the air which has a lot of complicated component; mostly it comes from the dust form the road, car exhaust and smog from the china. It may cause of asthma or arrhythmia because of coughing and breathing difficulty. Also if people are exposed to the fine dust a lot, the function of lung is decreased and the possibility of chronic bronchitis will be increased.

1) Grow plants at home The leaves of plant can filter fine dust which is less than 2.5 micrometer. It is better to reduce the fine dust with the plant which has small and fine leaves rather than big plant because the leaves can be touched with the air a lot more than big plant.

2) Have to wipe the floor with wet towel It is good to wipe the fine dust on the floor with wet towel. If we vacuum the floor, it can be flying away to the other part of the house because of the wind from the vacuum cleaner. So it has to be cleaned with wet towel.

3) Turn the ventilator regularly Fine dust also can be …

Supermodel’s unique skin care methods!

1) Miranda Kerr’s brush that flattens cellulites! Miranda Kerr is the world’s most beloved supermodel for her baby face and a glamorous body! According to her, her tight body shape is maintained with a brush massage, which softens the skin, removes the unnecessarily old cells and enhances lymph cycle in order to refrain from cellulites.

2) Gisele Bundchen’s olive oil and salt scrub! Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian supermodel with a chocolate tan skin and sexy charm. Her self-made body scrub, which is a mixture of olive oil and sea salt, is the key to her sexy and tight body.

3) Karolina Kurkova’s coconut cleansing oil! Karolina Kurkova is both a model and an actress from the Czech Republic and she was once registered in the Guinness book of Records as a model with the longest legs. She says that using coconut oil for makeup removal is very effective in soothing and keeping the skin moisturized.

4) Naomi Campbell’s coffee scrub! Naomi Campbell is well-known for being the most …

Proud Korean traditional tea

Korean traditional tea is a proud culture that has a healthy history. There is a good tea for each season, so you can drink tea based on seasonal flavor. There are many kinds of Korea traditional tea. It is made by tea leaves, fruits, flowers, roots, shells…etc. The ancestors made tea by taking into consideration the taste as well as the health, and they did not stop just from drinking, but also created Korean tea culture. Today, we are going to see what kinds of traditional teas are in Korea.

1. Chrysanthemum tea Chrysanthemum is a type of traditional tea that is rinsed and dried in hot water containing bamboo salt, so you can feel the aroma and taste of chrysanthemum. It is good for liver and eye function, cleanses hair and is especially good for woman.

2. Omija TeaIt is called ‘Omija’ because it has all five flavors. It is a tea that is poured on dired berries and drinks with honey or sugar. It is good for restoring fatigue, regenerating, and good for bronchial health.

3. Balsam…

4 tips to be healthy with Vinegar

Vinegar is sour liquid which has its own unique scent and it is fermented seasoning. Especially, salt is obtained naturally, but vinegar is meaningful because it is a fermented food made after acetic acid fermentation process. Because vinegar is made by acetic acid bacteria which is made from the alcohol, Representative alcohols of the countries made the representative vinegar as well. Let’s find out the tips that can be healthy with the vinegar.

1. Put some vinegar on the fish when grill it. When you grill the fish, if you put some vinegar on, the fishy smell will be reduced. It does not cling to frying pan or net, and does not break flesh. If you wash the fish with the vinegar, the freshness will be kept longer and if you put a bit of vinegar when you boil fish down, it is easier to eat because the fish bone will be soften.

2. Use vinegar when you wash fish, shellfish, meat and vegetable If you wash shellfish with vinegar, you can remove greasiness, and if you massage the old me…

Operation age per body area – From what age can you start having plastic surgeries?

It is studied that there are plastic surgery age limits depending on the body area. Today, we’ll find out what those age ranges are.

Eye surgeries are the most common type of plastic surgery done among young people as well. Since eyes have the fastest growth rate among the facial areas, it is possible to have it done at an early age compared to other types of plastic surgeries. Usually the growth stops at an age of 11~12, so it is safest to perform eye surgeries after 13 years old when all development has stopped already.

For nose job cases, there are risks of deviation and humped nose if the surgery is performed before development. Rhinoplasty should be avoided before the age of 16.

Face contouring surgeries which deal with facial bone structure must be done after all growth has fully stopped, and if not, there is a big possibility of bone deformation as it bothers proper bone development resulting to crooked bones and deviation, and therefore, have the surgery done after the perso…