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Before and After of Eyelid surgery

For satisfactory outcomes, it is crucial to select the right method which suits each individual’s conditions, and the surgery must be performed by a skilled specialist with abundant experiences after a thorough consultation.

The double eyelid should be designed to be harmonized with other facial features than just to enlarge the size of the eyes. People often make hasty decision due to the prevalence of double eyelid surgeries nowadays, and this may lead to several complications such as loosening up of the eyelids or permanent swellings, and therefore, one must be very cautious about the decision. Furthermore, one should also check if hospital has enough clinical experiences and skilled know-hows, and whether they are equipped with the devices which can grasp the patients’ conditions.

Before and After of Eyelid surgery
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Homecare Tips to remove freckles

Are you having stress with freckles on your skin eventhough you have good skin condition? Are you struggling that you can’t cover the freckles even with make up? Then start with home care treatment that we introduce today.

Firstly, should we know about the reason why there are freckles? When the melanin cell is activated, the freckles are showing on the skin. During the winter, it gets faded but during the summer there are more freckles coming up and it gets darker because of the sun. So we have to be careful with freckles as we are closed to the summer. I will introduce the way to remove freckles at home without laser treatment.

First, you should take some Vitamin C. It helps with skin whitening so it is effective to remove the freckles. It is good to take health supplement for Vitamin C but it is better to take it though the seasonal fruit.

Second, use the sunblock every day. Freckles might come up because of hereditary reason but it also can be because of not managing well. Yo…

How to deal with skin burning!

When exposed to strong sunlight and exposed to light burns, incorrect first aid treatment may cause permanent pigmentation or serious skin damage. You would better to know what you have to do if you feel tingling pain or itchiness when your skin is burning!

1) Avoid exposure When skin burns, the most important thing is to prevent further exposure of the affected area. Avoid going out in high sunlight, and when you go out, you should choose a high SPF sunscreen, thoroughly apply on skin, and wear long sleeves to minimize exposure.

2) Taking Anti-inflammatory pain medication. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics have the effect of relieving itching and pain, and typical anti-inflammatory analgesics such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and nefroxin are effective in scaring the lesion unconsciously and preventing skin damage. If you cannot take a good night’s sleep because of sunburn, taking anti-histamine instead of anti-inflammatory pain is a good choice. Allergic drugs such as Benad…

What things should be considered in eye surgeries?

-Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital performs the double eyelid surgery after a meticulous observation of skin thickness, droopiness etc.
A lot of people’s main interest in life is their looks, naturally resulting to the interest on plastic surgeries. Double eyelid surgery has the quickest recovery time and least expensive compared to other surgeries, while giving off a dramatic improvement on the impression.

The methods of double eyelid surgery can be classified into non-incisional and incisional depending on the skin thickness, droopiness, amount of fat tissues and muscles. Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is appropriate for those who have less droopy and thin eyelids. This method creates double eyelids with a so-called pinching method, which is to create small holes on the eyelids and fixate with stitching.

On the other hand, incisional method is suitable for those who have droopy eyelids and thick skin. Excessive fat tissues and muscles are excised to create clear and natural…

Teeth Aesthetics: Laminate (Veneer)

Dentals clinic was a place meant for toothaches, but now, people visit the dentist to improve their teeth aesthetically. Orthodontics is one method is to correct the irregular teeth, but laminate is under the spotlight nowadays, as it shows definite result in a short period of time.

Laminate is a method to make minimal elimination of the outer surface of the teeth, and apply the specially produced prosthetic material (laminate tip).

This treatment can be a resolution to the aesthetic factors such as shape and size of the teeth, which cannot be improved through orthodontics. It can even give off a natural plastic surgery effect. The treatment is sometimes called super-speed orthodontics as the period takes is about 1~2 weeks.

It is important to select the right dental clinic with a lot of laminate experiences and know-hows. Also, you should also get a thorough consultation on which kind of treatment would best suit your dental conditions and if whether laminate is or isn’t an id…

Can pore on nose be smaller again after it gets big?

Eventhough they don’t have specific issue with their skin, everyone has concern about sebum. It makes your skin look dirty because of black color and it looks like your skin is not smooth.

Sebum plays the role to protect our skin but if it is too much, it cause lots of skin problem. When the sebum increases, this is mixed with skin waste, leftover make up and keratin then it became black color which is blackhead.

Blackhead can make your skin bumpy and looked dirty, also it can increase the size of pore so it needs extra care. If you squeeze the blackhead with your nail, it remains the scar on your skin. The scar on your pore area, it is difficult to remove so it needs several treatments. Therefore you must not squeeze the blackhead with your hands. Eventhough you squeeze it, the level of sebum is still high so it will make the blackhead again.

So What is the best way to treat the blackhead and after care?To remove the blackhead, it has to be melted rather than squeezing out to re…