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Hair Transplant surgery

Increasing patients with hair loss, it is important to perform proper hair transplant surgery depending on the symptoms.

Nowadays, people who stress out themselves with hair loss are gradually increasing. The number of young victims in their 20s~30s especially are quickly growing. Most people start to realize their symptoms based on the amount of hair loss, but the causes of hair loss vary. The most common form of hair loss is male pattern alopecia and the others are female pattern alopecia and telogen alopecia.

Male pattern alopecia is usually due to genetic reasons and male hormones called Androgen, and this leads to a great possibility of M-shaped baldness. On the other hand, female pattern alopecia’s symptoms have less possibility of baldness, but rather the hairs get thinner and fall off. Telogen alopecia refer to a temporary symptom which happen due to severe mental and physical stresses such as autoimmune diseases, endocrinopathy, nutrient deficiency, medications, childbirth and…
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Making Pretty face line with quick and simple petit surgery and precaustions

Making pretty face line with quick and simple petit surgery and precautions

As the weekend approaches, interest in petit plastic surgery increases, which can improved quickly and simply.

As much as the growing interest in petit plastic surgery, the type of procedures are becoming more diverse. In the past, Botox and Filler represented Petit Procedures, but nowadays, various injections and laser treatments have created a wide range of options depending on patient’s condition.

The reason why petit is so popular is because most procedures can be done in a day-to-day manner immediately after the procedure without the need for a separate recovery period. This is due to the advantages shorter treatment and less pressure compared to normal plastic surgery.

Botox and filler are the most popular injections. Botox improves wrinkles and reduces muscles by paralyzing muscles that make wrinkles. Helps narrow foreheads, eyes, jaws, and calves or improve wrinkles. Filler is a three-dimensional proced…

Square Jaw Surgery, what is standard to choose specialists and hospitals?

Facial line plays big role to determine image of person, not only eyes, nose and mouth. Slimmed facial line looks younger and sophisticated but angled facial line might makes you look countrified or strong image.

For people who have thick or angled square jaw bone innately, as the shape and thickness of bone is the fundamental problem, square jaw surgery can be the option to improve their concern.

Square jaw surgery is the surgery method to remove unnecessary square jaw bone from under the ears to front chin line. This surgery can improve the jaw line from front and side view and improve personal image so people who have complex with square jaw want to have this surgery.

‘Square jaw surgery’ needs to handle with the jaw bone so it is considered as fussy and higher difficulty level surgery. Therefore it is important to consider the experience and know-how of the specialists and have enough consultation with them to increase the satisfaction of the result.

Wonjin beauty medical group advi…

Breast Capsular Contracture and treatment method

The cause of capsular contracture and treatment method
Breast surgery is one of the highest satisfactory plastic surgeries among females. For women who are trying to solve small breast complexes through breast augmentation, the most concern is capsular contracture.
Capsular contracture is the biggest side effect of breast plastic surgery and is the highest cause of breast reoperation.
The causes of capsular contracture include hematoma, asymptomatic inflammation, chemical irritation from implant gels, smoking, poor physical condition, and etc.

Recently, the incidence of capsular contracture has been decreased due to development of implants and surgical method and prevention system for capsular contracture has been well equipped.
However, if capsular contracture has been in the process, we can determine the exact cause through breast ultrasonography and decide either revision surgery or implant removal.

Capsular contracture is graded using the four-grade scale and treatment method would b…

Endotine (Forehead Lifting)

What is Forehead Lifting (Endotine)?
Endotine is an implant used in lifting surgeries for wrinkles, as it uplifts the skin to watned areas, improving wrinkles and skin elasticity. It is especially effective in deep, thick wrinkles, and is absorbed within the body after 6 months, resulting to a natural and semi-permanent lifting effect. It’s a surgery popular among middle to old generations.

Advantages of Forehead lifting (Endotine)
1.Endotine tightly uplifts the skin: 2.Endotine is a bioabsorbable soft tissue implant which has been approved with its safety by the FDA and the KFDA. 3.5 bumps which are fixated on several areas, which equally disperse the strength and enhance skin lift for semi-permanent outcomes. 4.The result is very natural as the implant is completely absorbed in our body within 6 months ~ 1 year. 5.Through hidden incision sites, it only leaves minimal swellings and scars. 6.