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Rhinoplasty without foreign body, it reduces complication and make it look more natural

Now a days, there are increased number of people considering rhinoplasty, The trend of rhinoplasty is using autologous implant as cartilage or dermis to make their nose higher.

Wonjin beauty medical group mentioned that “The implant used for rhinoplasty is approved from the research and clinical demonstration for their safety. However, if the patient has repulsion of implant and if they are seeking for natural shape, it can be done with only their autologous implant.”

Rhinoplasty without foreign body means that only their septum of nose cartilage, ear cartilage, rib cartilage and autologous implant is being used. There are advantages of using autologous implant including natural shape and less possibility of complication as inflammation or contracture.

It is important to have surgery using autologous implant from well-experienced doctor as there are limitations of the amount that can be collected, also there are differences of thickness, solidity and characteristics so it is import…
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You have to look though all the consideration before you decide first revision surgery for your eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery is the most common procedure for aesthetic reason in Korea. It is very popular for every generation from teenagers to seniors.

As many people get double eyelid surgery, of course there is high demand of its revision surgery as well for various reasons such as becoming undone or asymmetric and wanting to change the shape as trendy shape changes.

However, most people including some doctors and patients tend to think a double eyelid surgery as the most simple and easy procedure. The procedure can be enforced by not only professional double eyelid surgery specialist but also ophthalmologist at a cheaper price.
Many patients who got their first surgery by ophthalmologist or non-professional have to go through revision surgery again due to many different reasons. The procedure has to be carefully done since the skin of eyelids is thinner than other parts and there can be side effects such as eyes that cannot be closed if the muscles and nerves of it are wrongly tre…

Two Jaw Surgery Review (Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ )

Two Jaw Surgery Review (Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ ) Surgery Area: Two jaw, Face Contouring, Eye (Incisional double eyelid surgery/Multi lateral canthoplasty)

[Before Surgery] Active personality changes to introvert,, I was stressed with my facial structure as jutting chin after I got more interested about beauty since I was a teenager. My active personality turned into introvert personality.
I love to dance so I wanted to be a singer but I was losing the confidence because of my outlook..

[ 7 days after the surgery] – No one recognize... One of my relatives recommended me to Wonjin when I was 19 and I think I did really well to have the surgery from Wonjin beauty medical group.
The recovery is really important for two jaw surgery as it is a huge surgery, and I recover without big difficulties because the nurses were taking care of me really well while I was hospitalized ^^

[14 days after the surgery] – Removed the stitches on my eyes
The stitches on my eyes were remov…

Plastic Surgery Real Diary!(Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ )

Plastic Surgery Real Diary!(Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ ) Surgery area : Face contour (cheekbone, jaw angle, front chin),
eye, nose

(before surgery) My nickname when I was in high school..

When I was at high school, my nickname was bumpy protruding cheekbone . When I get smile, talk, Cheekbone was so distinct that I should cover it By my hair and hand.. Before getting university entrance exam, I got the consultation in advance and Made the appointment for the surgery In order to get it right after finishing the exam. I can’t wait to improve my complex!

(7 days after the surgery) - I was really happy !haha

Most of all I was so happy once I saw my concerned cheekbone became set inside. To give more volume on my little flattish forehead, I did fat graft as well and feel like being more dimensional and cubical myself.

[14 days after the surgery] - Become so lighthearted after getting stitch removal~!!

I removed whisker part stitch, It makes me so lighthearted~~!! Since I…

WONJIN Plastic Surgery suggests “Cheek fat injection” as a resolution to facial fats depending on the age range.

As we age and enter the phase of 20s and 30s, facial fats become lifelong concern. Cheek fats that used to look cute during the adolescence turn droopy and saggy, as we lose elasticity in the 30s.

Since lots of young people prefer V-shaped face nowadays, cheek-fat injection which melts excessive fat deposits on the facial areas is gaining its popularity as it is less-invasive than bone-shaving surgery like face contour surgeries. It is suitable on those whose face looks big due to excessively fat face, compared to the body size.

Cheek-fat injection is usually injected on double chin, jaw line, cheek bone areas in order to achieve a defined face line. The injection is composed of ingredients which are highly effective in decomposing and melting the fat cells, lymph circulation and bodily waste emission.

Jaw botox injection can multiply the slimming effect as it decreases the size of the masticatory muscles. Moreover, dermatoxin injection, which is a form of diluted botox, can tighte…

Difference between waxing and Laser Hair Removal?

Regarding the waxing area, for female, armfit, arm, leg, bikini line, and back side of neck etc. are the targeted areas, and recently for male, they are even willing to get removed for the beard and whiskers on the cheek and chin area. It is pretty rare case, but if there is any ingrown hair which has been digging into the inside of skin abnormally as it grows, that case is needed for the waxing.

Also, shaving cream has to be applied before you shave, and after the shaving protecting cream is recommended to be applied. The duration for removed hair by shaving is about 3 days.

If you try to pick out the hair by tweezers, even though the good thing is that you can keep the removal for about 15 days, it is painful and takes pretty long time and also can generate the infection of follicile. So that’s why it is not recommended for the removal.

Waxing is the homecare method which can be done at home. This method is effective to remove lots of amount of hair at once easily, but depending…