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Double Eyelid Surgery and Ptosis Correction

Due to your eyelids drooping down over your eyes, have you ever heard that you look tired, even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Or if you are fed up of people telling you that you look angry all the time, continue reading! If you get an eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, it can be improved!

But first of all, you should be aware of what sets the two apart from one another. A double eyelid surgery, as the name suggests, creates a crease on your eyelid and depending on the style of the crease line an individual desires, there are two methods that can be used: incisional or non-incisional. On the other hand, ptosis correction could be best understood as a surgery that helps strengthen the upper eyelid muscle by fixating it to the fascia. Therefore, the surgery is commonly recommended to individuals who are suffering from ptosis.

Ptosis is a term that is used to refer to conditions that result in droopy eyelids. This can be observed when individuals have weak upper eyelid mu…
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Effective methods to improve retreated chin

Most people’s concerns are large jaw, but those with under-developed chin agonize about their own flaws as well. Retreated chin refers to a condition wherein the lower jaw is excessively short or set backwards compared to the upper jaw.

The cause is usually genetic or hyposomia, but it could also appear due to injuries and diseases on mandibular joints which hinder the proper development of the lower jaw. Habits such as biting fingernails, thumb sucking and sleep apnea due to severe rhinitis could also be factors that affect retrognathia.

Retreated chin can create double chin, giving off a dull impression. Also, since the oral structure makes it difficult to close the mouth, inflicting strength to keep the mouth shut can lead to unwanted wrinkles on the chin area. Such concerns attract many people to plastic surgery clinics.

Surgery methods depend on the chin types and the most effective ways for chin projection can vary from genioplasty, silicone implant insertion, autologous…

An honest 2-weeks review about my breast surgery

An honest 2-weeks review about my breast surgery
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Hour of power – take one hour to invest into your glowing skin

1. Hydro Injector Treatment An injection that adds moisture to the dull skin, making it returns to the elastic and shiny skin.

2. ReJuran Healer (Also known as ‘Mermaid Injection’) A procedure in which bio-complex is injected directly into the dermal layer that finds the most important balanced of the face & skin. A slice of DNA longer than PDRN extracted from salmon. If you want baby skin, take care of the inside of your skin first.

3. FILORGA 135 (Also known as ‘Chanel Injection’) French luxury Miracle Skin Booster! Needless to say No.1! Wrinkle Improvement + Skin Regeneration + Immediate Effect of mositure Supply!

4. Jalupro (Also known as ‘Milano Solution Injection’) Provide the optimal environment to utilize the functions of fibroblasts that play a decisive role in skin aging! The latest treatment with skin revitalizer made with the highest combination ratio of pure amino acid + hyaluronic acid of high concentration! +82 70 4700 7282 +82 10 4918 3…

Kinds of Pores and the Treatment for Pores

Due to the cold weather of winter, our skin gets really dried and the heater inside the house or office makes our pore bigger. Pore which is more noticeable if you tried to cover with the make up! Let’s find about pores today.

Pore is the hole where the hair is growing and sebum is coming out as it is connected to sebaceous gland. It is located all over with our body except palm, sole and lips. Especially there are a lot of pore on face, neck and chest. For the pore on face should not be noticeable except where hair grow, but if you are exposed from hot temperature a lot or had lots of sebum, the pore is getting bigger and noticeable. In this case, the skin trouble shows a lot as dirt and bacteria might go in.

The pores in their 20s are rounded, bumpy and often appear in the T zone where there is a lot of sebum. Excessive sebum excretion removes makeup well and tends to cause the pores to look bigger due to greasy skin. Since sebum pores are easy to become a skin trouble such as bla…

Get ptosis correction to prevent vision loss due to blepharoptosis

Blepharoptosis is a condition wherein the upper eyelids cover half of the pupil or one uses the forehead muscle to keep the eyes open.

It is caused due to several innate or acquired factors that weaken the eye elevating muscle which lifts the upper eyelids, making the eyelids to droop down. Usage of eyelid tapes or glues for a longtime, rubbing habits etc., could be one of the factors that cause blepharoptosis.

People with blepharoptosis have sleepy impression since the upper eyelids cover a large portion of the pupils, and are more prone to forehead wrinkles since they raise the forehead to keep their eyes open. In severe cases, functional problems such as skin inflammation and vision loss due to droopy eyelids could occur.

Blepharoptosis should be corrected immediately since it does not only affect our eyes cosmetically but also the eyesight. If you’re having trouble with the symptoms above, ptosis correction could be the resolution.

Ptosis correction is a type of eye surger…