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Wonjin Real Story

Our WONJIN Model, Nguyen’s real story!

Nguyen wanted to enhance her beauty and become a better version of her with the help of plastic surgery. She was always insecure about her eyes as she thought that they were on the small side and she always looked tired. Also, she was self-conscious of her low nose and as a result lost her confidence. However, now, this has all changed! Read more about her journey with WONJIN below and how she was able to regain her confidence!

Before the surgery

3 days after the surgery
Today is the 3rd day after surgery. I was really surprised because the pain was lighter than I thought. My face is a little swollen but I feel the difference of the nose and eyes. I'm so impatient to wait until the day to remove stitches!! . I am still trying to apply ice packs and walk gently so that my face is less swollen!

7 days after surgery

Wonjin's Mint Lifting

Elasticity and wrinkles are some of our skin concerns. It’s because wrinkles and sagging skin is very difficult to recover once it has been progressed. This is why many people are keen to lifting procedures so that they can prevent aging before it starts.

Thread lifts are gaining interest as a procedure which has short recovery time with immediate effect.

Medical threads are inserted to uplift sagging and wrinkly skin, making the face line look slender. As a non-incisional procedure, it is very simple and has very short recovery time.

Among various thread lifts, Mint lifting has been official approved by the FDA, as a medical thread for facial tissue fixation. It is an absorbable PDO thread with protruding barbs all around, and such characteristic makes it strong enough to last longer and more powerful than other existing threads.
       🔺Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery, Korea

Mint thread lifts does not involve any scars or long recovery times since is minimally invasive. …

Make the Ideal Plan for Your Ptosis Correction

The eyes are important parts that determine the image of a person, and the overall impression or mood. For this reason, many people are considering to get the eye surgery to improve their fundamental appearances and change their impressions. There are so many different reasons to get the eye surgery but especially if you have a ptosis, a droopy eyelid, you might leave a bad impression since it may look sleepy or unclear from not open properly. Ptosis refers to a condition in which the eye opening muscles are weak and sagging down the upper eyelid which covers the pupils. Since you can't open your eyes naturally without using your forehead or forehead muscles, you may experience aesthetic and functional problems, such as wrinkling on your forehead, blinding your eyelids, causing poor vision. Luckily, it can be improved through ptosis correction. This correction is not just double eyelid surgery but it corrects and controls the eye opening muscles to increase the exposure of the eyes…


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