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Plastic Surgery Before Job Applications

Plastic Surgery Before Job Applications? Receiving plastic surgery as a high school/college "graduation gift" is very common in Korea. Students wish to change their appearances before they start meeting new groups of people and erase pictures of themselves from the past. 

Question: Hi, I just graduated from college and I am about to apply for jobs. Some require a photo of me so I'm planning to get my pictures taken but I'm concerned about my big, blunt nose. Is there any way to fix this?

Answer: A blunt nose is usually flat and spread out. It normally gives off a very unsophisticated look and there are various methods to correct it. 

Types of Blunt Nose

1. Regular Nose  
2. Wide Nose 
3. Wide Nose Tip  

In the case the cartilage within the nose is wide, the cartilage is smoothed out and pulled together. Ear cartilage or septal cartilage is inserted into the area between the nostrils as a support fixture to create a sharp and pointer nose. 

In case the cartilage is spread apa…

Went to Work Straight After Double Eyelid Surgery

Real Story: Double Eyelid Surgery

I've always been troubled by my tiny and bland looking eyes. Recently, I told people around me that I wanted to get a consultation, and my  coworker recommended Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.  So I just visited without much expectations, but I loved how the consultation went. I immediately made  a reservation that same day and I felt so nervous and excited at the same time!  During the actual surgery day, everybody was very kind to me  and took care of me after the surgery as well. 

After the surgery, the stitches were hardly visible and there wasn't much swelling.  That was the best part because I had to go to work right after my surgery hehe  My friends tell me that the surgery went really well and that they want to get their eyes done too.  I am more than satisfied with the results.  Also, it's been only 2 months since the surgery but I feel that the swelling is  all gone and the shape of my eyes are extremely natural.  Thank you so much to the doctors…

Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of 3

[In Min Ilbo] Natural Looking Cosmetic Surgery

The trend nowadays in Korea is "natural looking" cosmetic surgery. Compared to the past, people are now less fearful about plastic surgery and it has become a common phenomenon. However, there are still people who want to keep the fact that they received surgery, a little secret. 

But can many people be satisfied with surgical results that may or may not look different after surgery? With much research and experience, it does not seem that way. During the consultation, patients say that they would like natural results but on the contrary, after the surgery, they complain that friends and family tell them they do not look like they had surgery at all. 

Ironically, patients say they want natural results before the surgery but after the surgery, they want it to be noticeable. The main reason patients undergo surgery is to correct or fix a part of them they dislike, but if the change is not noticeable, then the patients believe their …

Facial Contouring After Orthodontic Braces

Real Story: Facial Contouring 
I had orthodontic braces for over 2 years but I ended up losing so much fat on my cheeks that I had to receive fat grafting treatment. After my cheeks became gaunt, my cheekbones look unnaturally protruding so I decided to receive cheekbone reduction surgery. 

The shape of my face looked like a skull because of my protruding cheekbones and my gaunt cheeks. It was almost impossible for me to take pictures facing front :( So whenever I would take a selfie, I'd take it so that the shape of my face was not very visible. 

When I visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, everybody was kind and gave me a detailed explanation about the surgery. They seemed to have a very organized system so I went ahead and decided to get surgery at this clinic. 

It has been approximately 2 weeks since the surgery so I still look swollen. But I'm really loving my smooth outline or contour of my new face, and it looks like my forehead went through some changes as well so you can s…

What is Instant Nose Surgery?

What is Instant Nose Surgery? 

In Korea, it's called "Kopong" and it is the nose equivalent of a push up bra or fake eyelashes. They are mini self cosmetic surgery equipment to lift the nose so that the nose has a smooth and taller shape. 

Some of these self equipment can create double eyelids, make the face slimmer, and even get rid of smile lines next to the nose! These are actually available in the market openly and is less burdensome than surgery so teenagers purchase them easily. Now out of these various self surgery devices, the "Kopong" has recently become an online sensation. It is made of plastic material and is inserted in the nostrils like a support fixture to raise the nose tip.  

However, it is dangerous to put small plastic bits inside the nose because it might cause bleeding, infections, and may cause the nose to become stretched out. There was a case of a patient who inserted the "Kopong" for a month and then later had them removed at the…

Revision Surgery for Double Eyelids

Types of Double Eyelid Revision Surgery 

Question: I have a lot of fat on my eyes so I received double eyelid surgery when I was in high school. But the double line is still really thick and unnatural. I was wondering if there are ways to correct it? 

Answer: Double eyelid correction or revision surgery is for patients who received double eyelid surgery before, and wishes to correct the line and shape of the eyelids. The double lines are usually thick and looks swollen (also known as the "sausage line"), they are asymmetrical, or sometimes the double lines come undone. Other than the stated above, there may be visible scars or the patient may simply feel unsatisfied with the shape or size of the double lines. 

Types of double eyelids 

The scars are large and visible 

The double lines are thick and look swollen (sausage line)


The patient is simply unsatisfied with the size or shape 
The most important thing is to find the right method for the revision surgery and visit an…

Breast Augmentation

Real Diary: My husband was against it, but now he loves it! 
Before I gave birth, my breasts were not that bad even though I always thought they were somewhat small compared to other women my size. But after I gave birth and began breast feeding, my breasts became close to nothing. I was very skinny, and when my breasts disappeared, it just looked really depressing. I convinced my narrow-minded husband so that I could receive breast surgery. 

During the consultation, I asked the doctor to give me full A cups. The doctor and the consultant both told me that full B cups would look good on me and that I might regret it if I get too small implants. However, I thought that since my frame is small, it would look strange if I had enormous breasts. So I had them insert implants that were 235 cc and I'm so satisfied! They look just right on my body and like my natural breasts! 

After the surgery, I guess I didn't have that much of a hard time. The surgery was performed through my areola (…

Upturned Nose

How do I fix my upturned nose aka piggy nose?

Question: My nostrils are visible from the front even when I'm standing still. It's short and blunt and I'd like to receive surgery to correct it. Is it a hard surgery to perform and only available in larger clinics?

Answer: A short nose is described to have a short and upturned nose, and when viewed from the front, the nostrils are visible. Correcting a short, upturned nose is one of the most intricate surgeries among the nose surgeries and must be done by an experienced surgeon. 

Usually, an upturned nose has a raised angle of approximately 110 degrees. If an implant is inserted, it may raise the nose higher, allowing the nostrils to be more easily seen, so a careful planning of the operation is needed beforehand. There are a few methods for the surgery: cartilage surgery, cartilage grafting, and a combination of cartilage surgery, grafting and rhinoplasty augmentation. 

Cartilage Surgery: If the "wings" of the nose ca…

Natural Looking Double Eyelid Surgery

Natural Looking Double Eyelids 
It's been about 6 months since I had the double eyelid surgery and it's becoming really natural. My eyes are more clear than before they don't look so stuffy anymore. My facial features look clearer so when I take pictures they look a lot more focused. I've never been satisfied with my eyes but now I am! 

After I received double eyelid surgery, my friends and family tell me that I look pretty. But some people don't even realize that I had surgery because my eyes look so natural hahaha

It doesn't look like I had surgery so even my friends ask me where I had the operation. Man, I wish I had done it sooner~ thank you doctors and nurses for giving me beautiful eyes :) 

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Goodbye My Little Piggy Nose

Real Diary: Short & Upturned Nose Correction

My nose was really upturned like a piggy nose so it was just so stressful for me. I had no choice but to visit a plastic surgery clinic. 

I heard from my friends that Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was famous for their nose surgeries so I decided to receive a consultation there. Straight after the consultation, I decided to get surgery at this hospital hehe. 

I was really worried that my nose might turn out ugly but I'm so glad I made this decision! People tell me that I look so much prettier now haha 

And on the plus side, my face looks smaller than before and my friends tell me I look more sophisticated. I wish I could just kiss the doctor who operated on me and also the medical crew who answered all my dumb questions and took care of me. 

Thank you for everything! :D 

For treatment times, reservations, and inquiries come check out our website

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Orthodontic Treatment after Surgery

Corrective Orthodontic Treatment After Two Jaw Surgery

After two jaw surgery, corrective orthodontics are required to maintain the correct aesthetic and functional benefits of surgery. Wonjin's orthodontics after surgery are absolutely required for safe healing and satisfactory results. 

Two jaw and similar jaw surgeries move the jaw placement and therefore require healing for the corrected jaw. In this process, the upper and lower jaws as well as tooth bite must be secured through corrective orthodontics.

If you have surgery before you get corrective orthodontics then you only need to get braces one time. However, if you previously had braces and then you get two jaw surgery, you will have to get corrective orthodontics again which equals 2 times total.

Types of Orthodontic Bracesi. 2D Orthodontics ii. Incognito iii. Self Litigating iv. Invisible Correction 

Surgery InformationDuration: 30 minutes - 1 hour Treatment: Once a month  Recovery: Non tooth extraction 8-10 months, With tooth ext…
Endoscopic Breast Surgery 
What exactly is endoscopic breast surgery and how is it different from regular breast surgery? 
Endoscopic breast surgery is a safe and accurate method for breast surgery. For regular surgeries, the space for the breast implant is made forcefully which can damage the nerves or the blood vessels. This can cause pain after the surgery. 

Advantages of Endoscopic Breast Surgery: 

i. There is minimal damage to the blood vessels and nerves so the sensory areas are maintained on the nipples and the breasts. 

ii. Only a small incision is made so that the recovery period is short. 

iii. There is less possibility of capsular contraction. 

iv. The after care is easy. 

The best part about endoscopic breast surgery is that even small nerve damage can be prevented, and there is less risk of blood loss and tissue damage. Even hidden blood vessels can be seen through the screen, helping the surgery to be safe and more accurate. In addition, the suction attached can extract the smok…

Breast Surgery Revision from Contraction

Real Story: Breast Surgery 
I visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group to get my breasts done again. After surgery at another clinic, I got capsular contraction which was really stressful and depressing for me. I still can't believe that it's been 8 months since I got the revision surgery haha.

I know that most women are constantly concerned about their figure and they want a voluptuous body rather than a flat chest. After some research online to get wonderful breasts, I called a few hospitals and went in for a consultation.

Now that I had revision surgery, I love wearing tight shirts and low cuts hehe and people around me say that I have a really nice figure. It's probably because of my new set of breasts. I was depressed about my breasts since high school and I'm truly glad that I went ahead with the surgery.

Sometimes I wear push up bras and padded bras, but rather than wearing heavy underwear, I can just put on a wired bra and my breasts will still look fine. Whenever …