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Korean famous “Bingsu” shops! In this post, I will introduce famous “Bingsu” shops to drive away the heat of summer.

Summer in Korea is getting hotter. More and more people are trying Bingsu due to high temperature and humidity. Also, you have seen it in many Korean dramas, and a lot of foreign tourists are coming to have it. Today, I will introduce you some popular Bingsu shops in Korea.

▲ 1. Damjangyeope Guk Wa Kkot ‘Danhobak
(Autumn squash) Patbingsu’ – Gangnam, Seoul

Bingsu at this shop is not only made of red bean but also chestnut, jujube and injeolmi (Korean glutinous rice cakes coated with roasted soybean powder). Among all variants they have, the best one is Jujube. The texture is so crunchy, making it the most popular menu in this shop. If you want to try Korean traditional Bingsu, then please visit here!

If your stomach is cold, then ‘Dam Kkot Danpatjuk (red bean porridge)’ is recommended as well!

Address: Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul KRW 8,000 @damkkot_official
(서울특별시 서초구 반포동 92-3)

▲ 2. Buamdong Bingsujib (Bubing) – Jongno, Seoul

“Bubing”, stands for Buamdong Bingsujib, pr…

4 Things Happen When You Cut down Sugar

Lower Risk of Getting Heart Related Diseases Sugar has a negative effect on cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. People, who are consuming 25% more sugar than average, have a double risk of cardiovascular disease.

Beautiful Skin Soda, snacks, cakes and other sugary food have direct effect on acnes. Cutting off sugar will make your skin glow and shine.

Weight Loss One can of soda has over 25g of sugar. Sugar is the worst enemy of losing weight.

Better Sleep Imbalanced sugar levels and saturated fats can disrupt your sleep. Lack of sleep impacts on immune system and increases the risk of getting diseases.

Like I have explained above, if you consume too much sugar it can give you many negative effects. To cut down sugar, managing stress is really important. High stress can disturb hormones and increase blood sugar level in body. Now you should star to eat low sugar contained food. +82.70.4700.7282 +82 10 4918 3309

4 of the Best Anti-Aging Foods

Every woman wants to stay in young and beautiful. Regular exercises and rhythmical life style are important to stay in young, but food you consume also important.
Let’s find out what kinds of food can be helpful for anti-aging.

Lycopene in tomatoes helps protect skin against sun damage and strengths heart. Cooked or fried tomato will increase the absorption rate of lycopene and lycopene also be consumed by eating tomato ketchup. Also tomatoes can boost collagen synthesis and minimize wrinkles.

Pomegranates have been known as the super food for anti-aging. Recent research have found that, not only estrogens in it promote female hormones but also the distinctive molecules help muscle cells protect themselves against aging.

Isoflavone, a natural female hormone, and saponin minimize pigmentations on skin and boost blood circulation.

Blueberries contain anthocyanin 30 times more than grapes and have great antioxidant effect. Those prevent …

Breast Augmentation surgery review

Breast Augmentation surgery review I have really natural looking breast and my boyfriend doesn’t even know I had a surgery.

This is an interview for people who have breast augmentation at Wonjin. 


Aquiline Nose Causes Nasal Septum Deviation.

Aquiline nose is often called as crooked nose or witch’s nose. It is a nose shaped with an upward curve on the bridge. It is often noticeable on the side not on the front.

The cause of it can be genetic or distortion after outside crash/impact or plastic surgery. But most frequent cause of it is nasal septum deviation.

As cartilage grows, it pushes the nose bone and bents and becomes a crooked shape.

The signs of it are similar with rhinitis such as having stuffy or runny nose. Those are not life-threatening symptoms but aquiline nose can cause rhinitis, sinusitis, snoring, or sleep disorder as time passes.

In rhinoplasty, functional side should be also considered with overall face balance and aesthetic shape. Nose is a critical part of body which is a key to breathing system.

For this reason, nose’ inside/outside correction and detailed and accurate design should be done at the same time. To prevent any re-operation or health problems, the surgery should be operated by pr…

7 Great Things about Foot Bath

The foot is often called as the second heart of body, which implies that it is a very crucial part. Recently people pay more attention to foot care, especially foot bath. These are 7 great things about foot bath.

1. Blood circulation
One of the great benefits of foot bath is that it increases blood flow through feet to entire body and skin, gives more energy, and keeps your body health and warm.

2. Skin Firming
It helps to relieve impurities from body and makes your skin firm.

3. Minimize Pain in Muscles and Neuralgia
From school, work, living, and exercising, we are continuously getting stress. Excessive stress makes your muscle contracted and gives tiredness. Foot bath is good to relieve these kinds of stress and relax your body muscles.

4. Lose Weight
It boosts metabolism cycle and helps to burn calories quickly, which means it prevents obesity and is good for getting in shape.

5. Peaceful Mind and Insomnia Remedy
With stress from work and relationship, we often struggl…