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Plastic Surgery Real Diary : Men Plastic surgery Review!

Face Contour Surgery Review (Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ ) Surgery Area: Face Contour , Eye (Incisional double eyelid surgery/Epicanthoplasty), Rhinoplasty

[Before surgery] Ready to be reborn after the military services I ‘ve been thinking a lot about my face while I was discharged from Korea military services. I used to be afraid of facial bone surgery, but I am not afraid any more, so I decided to do the surgery. They offer discounted price when I combined with eyesnose, so I just decided that I am gonna do everything together.

[3 days after surgery] – It has been 3 days, and my face is swollen I went to the hospital yesterday and doctor said, I am inclined to get swollen easily than other patients. When I went consultation, the consultant said, they have ‘WONJIN VIP SWELLING CENTER’. At that time I didn’t listen carefully and just ignore it… lol….. I am very grateful for they have swelling care now!!!!My swellings are a lot better after I received several swelling cares.�…

Getting pretty without plastic surgery? Side effects of DIY plastic surgery gadget

Recently, there are lots of people who are looking for DIY plastic surgery gadget, especially in Asia. It is easy to use and the price is low so those products are being popular including double eyelid tape, double eyelid glasses, Nose Secret, face band and etc. However, the effectiveness is not certain and if they are using it thoughtlessly for long time, there will be followed side effects so it needs extra care of using it. We will find out those side effect can be caused from DIY plastic surgery gadget.

1. Double eyelid glasses
This tool is a simple eyeglass frame with two curved plastic wires in to make double eyelid line. Those plastic wires press on the eyelids and supposedly create double-eyelids by using five minutes a day. It doesn’t sound so bad, but that means five minutes of no blinking since these wires force the eyes to remain open. Blinking is an essential process to keep the eyes constantly moist and prevents dry eye syndrome. The glasses also cause the eyelids to lo…

Proper methods for neck wrinkle care

Modern people living in the 21st century never let go of smartphones! We commonly see people bending over their necks to have a closer look of their little smartphone screen. Many people are aware that this posture isn’t good for spinal health, but it could also ruin our body aesthetically! -

Bending position can result to double chin and deep wrinkles especially on the neck and forehead areas, since this is where it has the least subcutaneous fats and are therefore more prone to wrinkle formation.
Baby-face is considered as one of the main standards of beauty and skin is the biggest factor that attributes in such standard.

Since it is quite difficult to look young with a lot of deep neck wrinkles despite good skin and baby faces, a lot of people have neck wrinkles as their complex and stress.

There are various causes of neck wrinkle formation but the main cause is wrong sleeping position. 1/3 of our time is spent as average sleeping time, and sleeping in a wrong manner could …

Beauty & Health Injection Treatment

Today we would like to introduce beauty and health care shots which are simple and yet very helpful if you get regularly.
We recommend 14 different affordable beauty and health care shots below which help you taking care of yourself in both aesthetic and functional aspects.

1. Wound healing shot: C shot. The main component is vitamin C, and it helps healing wound after surgery.
2. Luxury shot: It is composed of the essential trace mineral elements such as Se, Zn, Cu, Mn, and Cr and efficient for cell damage prevention, immunity reinforcement, and anti-aging. Also, it speeds up the healing process and condition recovery after surgery.
3. Pearl shot (a.k.a. Beyonce shot): It became popular because of Beyonce as Beyonce got whitening effect after getting this glutathione shot regularly on her face. It clears out and purifies skins by getting rid of active oxygen and lowering down the melanin inside of skins. It is also efficient for anti-oxidation, de-intoxication, and immunity re…

Wonjin Dermatology’s laser procedures and effects

A dermatologist’s laser and procedure chart prepared by WONJIN who is highly recommended to customers who do not need or fear surgery.

Please refer to customers who are confused and worried by too many unfamiliar lasers and procedures.

Note: Since laser or surgery may change with the development of technology, it is recommended to have a consultation with a specialist.

LaserMCL30Acne Scar, Pore, FreckleDual FraxelAcne Scar, Pigmentation, Pore, Elasticity, WrinkleFloracelPore Tightening, Elasticity, Acne Scar LegatoStretch Marks, Scar, Burn ScarV BeamFlush, Acne Scar, Keloid ScarToingSkin Tone, Skin Texture, Dark CirclesIPLGet rid of blemishes, Whitening, Pore Tightening, Keloid ScarAQUA STBlackhead, Moisture and nourishment for skin, Demodex folliculorumTenor Radio Frequency LaserBody tighteningHealiteAnti-inflammatories, Port of edema, Wound healing, Alleviated the pain

Lifting Laser(TRM)Get rid of blemishes, Freckle, Pigmentation, Pore, Skin textur…

What is the surgery that increases feminine satisfaction?

First of all, the biggest reason why women get regrets after their breast surgery is the ‘shape’, since as we do the breast surgery we normally do the breast augmentation by putting implant, and implant augmentation sometimes forms into somewhat awkward afterward. Although these implant shapes are rounded and making more volumes, there could be a chance to be concerned if it looks obvious or feels strange.

Actually according to the survey from other district’s plastic surgery clinic targeting for the people who get the breast augmentation surgery, the most crucial factor that affects to the satisfaction after the surgery is not the size, but the shape of the breast.

And the secondary factor is ‘size’. Once we get the surgery done by own autologous fat, not by the implant, there could be a dissatisfaction because someone has not enough fat to be taken out from own body. Especially, if there’s someone with so skinny body, there might be a limitation for making her breast size larger…