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You have to look though all the consideration before you decide first revision surgery for your eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery is the most common procedure for aesthetic reason in Korea. It is very popular for every generation from teenagers to seniors.

As many people get double eyelid surgery, of course there is high demand of its revision surgery as well for various reasons such as becoming undone or asymmetric and wanting to change the shape as trendy shape changes.

However, most people including some doctors and patients tend to think a double eyelid surgery as the most simple and easy procedure. The procedure can be enforced by not only professional double eyelid surgery specialist but also ophthalmologist at a cheaper price.
Many patients who got their first surgery by ophthalmologist or non-professional have to go through revision surgery again due to many different reasons. The procedure has to be carefully done since the skin of eyelids is thinner than other parts and there can be side effects such as eyes that cannot be closed if the muscles and nerves of it are wrongly tre…