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WONJIN Plastic Surgery suggests “Cheek fat injection” as a resolution to facial fats depending on the age range.

As we age and enter the phase of 20s and 30s, facial fats become lifelong concern. Cheek fats that used to look cute during the adolescence turn droopy and saggy, as we lose elasticity in the 30s.

Since lots of young people prefer V-shaped face nowadays, cheek-fat injection which melts excessive fat deposits on the facial areas is gaining its popularity as it is less-invasive than bone-shaving surgery like face contour surgeries. It is suitable on those whose face looks big due to excessively fat face, compared to the body size.

Cheek-fat injection is usually injected on double chin, jaw line, cheek bone areas in order to achieve a defined face line. The injection is composed of ingredients which are highly effective in decomposing and melting the fat cells, lymph circulation and bodily waste emission.

Jaw botox injection can multiply the slimming effect as it decreases the size of the masticatory muscles. Moreover, dermatoxin injection, which is a form of diluted botox, can tighte…

Difference between waxing and Laser Hair Removal?

Regarding the waxing area, for female, armfit, arm, leg, bikini line, and back side of neck etc. are the targeted areas, and recently for male, they are even willing to get removed for the beard and whiskers on the cheek and chin area. It is pretty rare case, but if there is any ingrown hair which has been digging into the inside of skin abnormally as it grows, that case is needed for the waxing.

Also, shaving cream has to be applied before you shave, and after the shaving protecting cream is recommended to be applied. The duration for removed hair by shaving is about 3 days.

If you try to pick out the hair by tweezers, even though the good thing is that you can keep the removal for about 15 days, it is painful and takes pretty long time and also can generate the infection of follicile. So that’s why it is not recommended for the removal.

Waxing is the homecare method which can be done at home. This method is effective to remove lots of amount of hair at once easily, but depending…

Exercise to make the body age younger

New Year has gone by, and it is still lingeringly glad to have one more year of age. The items that do not fall out of the New Year’s plan are exercise and diet. My resolution to work on a diet is always short-lived. Haha…. Today, we will introduce the exercise method while measuring the age of the living body and helping to give the age of the living body.

Biological age Test
To measured age of the body, let’s check the physical activity per week that you had.
Please record how many days of intense physical activity such as running, aerobics, and cycling for the past week, and how many minutes per day. You can also tell the age of the body by recording the amount of physical activity such as walking or stair climbing.

When the biological age is similar to the actual age-5 times a week light physical activity for 3 hours a day-Intense exercise three times a week for 20 minutes a day If the biological age is less than the actual age-15 hours of light physical activity each day-Th…

I am going to Wonjin beauty medical group for my health care as well.

I am going to Wonjin beauty medical group for my health care as well.
Lighten my body and mind with simple injection treatment!

obtain both masculinity and naturalness through male rhinoplasty

The number of male patients in plastic surgery hospital is constantly increasing as they’re being more opened to beauty treatments.
Rhinoplasty is the most common surgery done by men. This is because our nose is the core structure which affects the cubic-effect and impression of our facial features.

The surgical method for male isn’t greatly different from that of females, but the approach should be made differently for utmost satisfaction, since the bone structure, skin thickness, and preferences can be different from females.

Women prefer smooth and curvy nasal slope, while men prefer a straight slope starting from the glabella for masculinity. Moreover, men’s nose should be more natural as they have more limitations in covering up the surgery area after the surgery.

The patient must refrain from excessively blowing the nose after the surgery, and wearing eye glasses or sun glasses is prohibited for 1 month. Also, drinking and smoking must be prohibited as it slows down the recov…