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Difference between waxing and Laser Hair Removal?

Regarding the waxing area, for female, armfit, arm, leg, bikini line, and back side of neck etc. are the targeted areas, and recently for male, they are even willing to get removed for the beard and whiskers on the cheek and chin area. It is pretty rare case, but if there is any ingrown hair which has been digging into the inside of skin abnormally as it grows, that case is needed for the waxing.

Also, shaving cream has to be applied before you shave, and after the shaving protecting cream is recommended to be applied. The duration for removed hair by shaving is about 3 days.

If you try to pick out the hair by tweezers, even though the good thing is that you can keep the removal for about 15 days, it is painful and takes pretty long time and also can generate the infection of follicile. So that’s why it is not recommended for the removal.

Waxing is the homecare method which can be done at home. This method is effective to remove lots of amount of hair at once easily, but depending on the products some of them can occur troubles or dead skin cells, or even in severe case, it can leave some damaged marks behind.

These days adult patients who are under the Atopic dermatitis are increasing. For these people, waxing cream is not recommended because the functional principle of waxing cream is removing the hair by melting its protein, which is too strongly stimulated for the atopic skin. If you have to use the waxing cream, you should avoid the one with strong scent, and get some tests for checking whether it generates the allergy or not.

For the laser waxing treatment, if you are under the atopic dermatitis, you should first visit dermatology clinic for the skin treatment according to the standard procedure. But since most of the atopic dermatitis is generated on the area where the hair is rarely grown, you can get the decision after the consultation with the doctor.

Most of the waxing treatment which is done in medical clinic primarily uses the laser, and since this method destroys follicle entirely, it has semi-permanent effect. It is needed for about 5 sessions according to its growing period, during the catagen or diapause period, the growing curl of hair would be generated due to the hair’s position located apart from the follicle cell, even though the hair of follicle is destroyed.

At last, waxing could be seen as very simple procedure, but it should be very carefully performed because it can leave somewhat large damage on the skin. If there’s any troublesome issue after trying to remove hair by yourself at home, you should necessarily visit in dermatology or plastic surgery center.


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