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10 foods that you must eat when you are visiting Korea ( 1 )

Korea is popular tourist place because it is cheap to travel and there are lots of places to go. Also there are a lot of delicious foods in Korea so there are some tourists who are going to Korea for food trip.

1. Bibimbap 비빔밥: Korean Mixed Rice
Bibimbap is a Korean traditional food which is mixed rice with different kinds of vegetables, meat, eggs and chili paste in a big bowl. It has lots of vegetables with meat and egg so it has the entire nutrient which is good for health.

2. Samgyetang삼계탕 : Ginseng chicken soup
The taste of samgyetang is not stimulating so foreigner can enjoy this food without any hesitation. So it is one of the favorite food that international tourist is looking for. The whole chicken simmered with ginseng, garlic, and ginger with other ingredients to make Samgyetang so it is one of health food during the summer. This food is good for someone who feels cold easily or someone who can’t concentrate well.

Dak-galbi em>닭갈비 : Korean Chicken rib
Chicken rib is on…

Precautions before Plastic Surgery

1) Fasting
The fasting time differs based on the type of anesthesia that the patient will go through. For local anesthesia, it is recommended to fast 3 hours before the surgery and for general anesthesia, 6 hours before the surgery. There is a possibility of leftover foods in the stomach to flowing backwards and thus can block the airway. This is the reason why complete fasting, including gums, candies, water etc. is very important before the surgery.

2) Removal of accessories and dentures
A surgical instrument called “Bovie” can create burns on body areas when it’s contacted with metallic materials. Therefore, it is important to remove all accessories and dentures before the surgery.

3) Medications being taken or allergies to any medications must be informed
One must stop taking medications such as aspirins and vitamin E pills at least 2 weeks before the surgery as it can hinder hemostasis. Also, the patient must notify the anesthesiologist about his/her allergies related to any …

Must-haves for the people that work in an office!

Must-haves for the people that work in an office! There should be more than just piles of workload on your work desk!
Quite often, people are overworked and it can cause some health issues. Thus, we will be looking at a number of must-haves that can be very useful.
1. Artificial tears & eye drops Work that involves long hours of computer use can cause dry and tired eyes; this also includes the use of smartphones. When we think about it, our eyes really never rest. If you use eye drops of artificial tears every now and then, it can help temporarily ease the dryness.

2. Humidifier Being exposed to aircon all day inside the office can bring unexpected dryness/irritation to the skin, also there are many with damages to their bronchus. Thus, it will be beneficial to have a personal humidifier to keep up the moisture level.

3. Cushion Cushion isn’t an it…

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, natural no make-up look!

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo gives your no make-up look with natural eyebrows!

It’s gaining its popularity not only among women, but also among men nowadays. The shape of the eyebrow can greatly change one’s facial impression and ambience, so it’s important to get it done at the right place.

Eyebrow tattoo can be greatly divided into two techniques:
1. Gradation Method
- This is the most natural technique done manually by lightly filling the empty areas It actually has the highest satisfaction rate. As a differentiated method from the existing gradation semi-permanent make-ups, it does not result to bulging eyebrows, but looks natural even immediately after the procedure. Also, many patients prefer this technique since it barely damages the skin.

2. Embo Method
- This technique draws the lines one by one. Inner skin is shown in between the lines, which makes it look more like one’s own eyebrows. It is recommended to those whose eyebrows are already thick enough and would only w…

Little habit which can give great effect to lose weight!

Isn’t it better to prevent from getting weight than losing weight after getting too much weight? There are some little habit can effect a lot to lose weight!

[Eating food which has lots of fibers in the morning]
Fiber has zero calories so food which contains lots of fibers usually has fewer calories. However those foods make you feel satiety, so it can reduce the appetite to eat other food.

[Walk at least 15 minutes]
If you walk for 15 minutes, you can lose 100 calories. When you have time during the day or between the works, if you move your body several times just for 15 minutes in each time, you can lose 500 calories easily.

[Eat slowly and chew a lot
According to the research, regular chewing time of food is 15 times. If you chew the food for 40 times, you can take 12% calories lesser.

[Try to reduce the portion of food as 25%]
If you leave 25% of food portion at the end of your meal, you can reduce the calories that you are taking during the meal. Try to feel your dishes as…

A quick fix for thin and sad lips

Nowadays, lip surgery is most common and popular surgery in Korea. Today, let’s see what is different between lip lift procedure and surgery. Lip lift procedure is simple way to make a smile lip line with botox and filler. Lip surgery is a way to change the angle and direction surgically.

After lip lift botox and filler, you have to retouch within 6 months to 1 year, and as you know, you cannot change the shape as much as surgery. However, if lip lift surgery is scary and you would prefer fast recovery, it is better to try the lip lift procedure first. It only takes about 10 minutes, and swelling and bruising will goes down within 1-2 days.

You should be very careful when you decide to have lip lift surgery. Wonjin’s experience surgeon will design your lips based on your face proportion and angle and shape of your lip. After lip lift surgery, it is still natural look even when you speak or smile. The surgery will be under local anesthesia and operation takes about 30 minutes. Sti…