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The Brand New Dr. JIN by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

The Brand New Dr. JIN 
by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

A Pure Skin Science, Cosmetics + Pharmaceutical Brand
Wonjin Bio Healthcare has launched Dr.Jin, the Cosmetics + Pharmaceutical brand for people who suffer from skin trouble and desire to have healthy and radiant skin based on the scientific research, accumulated skill and experience from Wonjin Clinic.

Dr.Jin proudly presents the brand new home peeling product, a 'Total Peeling Line' researched and produced by Dermatologists at Wonjin. It will improve your tired skin damaged from stress, dry air, UV-light and help you regain the radiance you once had by recovering the skin turn-over period.

What is the Skin Care Specialist Group of Wonjin Bio Health Care?The Skin Care Specialist Group is made up of 40 specialists in various departments such as dermatology, cosmetic surgery, family medicine, stem cell research, and anti-aging research. The in-depth research of skin care by the …

Eyelid Surgical Method for Beautiful Eyes

Eyelid Surgical Method for Beautiful Eyes

The surgical method for eyelid varies by each patient. Let’s find out about correct eyelid surgery type for myself ! Not only in Korea, but around Asia, eyelid surgery is the most common plastic surgery for both men and women. Now days, patients who come for consultation regarding eyelid surgery study and research about what kind of surgical method is suitable for themselves. However, about the surgical method they thought and what surgeon suggested is different, that’s when they reconsider to get the surgery done. In order to avoid that, let’s learn about types of eyelid surgery.

Know yourself Some patients just come to the clinic with photo of celebrities and ask to make similar or same as the photo. They say ‘make my eyes same as this photo’. Human have different looks for each of them, and the method to be performed cannot be always the same, or achieve to be the same or similar to eye shape they like.

Eyelid Surgical method 1: With of eyes Width …

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Summer Event- Breast Augmentation

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Summer Event- 
Breast Augmentation Surgery

Good news, everyone!
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is having a summer event for breast augmentation surgery!

For those of who who wants and considering to have breast surgery, 
this is your chance!!!

Please check it out!!!
+82 10 4918 3309

My Real Story of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

My Real Story of Rhinoplasty Surgery in  Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

First Story: Visit and Consultation

Hello, I am a foreigner living in Korea and I came from Thailand.
When I first came to Korea, my first impression on Korean women are that they are so pretty.  Their face line, eyes, nose and all the proportion looks so pretty and amazing. I was always self-conscious about my nose.  My nose is very short, wide nostrils, and almost no volume from the side view, which made me feel insecure. People around me recommended having rhinoplasty surgery and since I was getting that comment a lot; I started to consider about the surgery I searched the internet about the rhinoplasty and found Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was very well known for the surgery.  It is located near Gangnam subway station, which is line #2, come out from exit #10, walk straight for few minutes and you will see Pagoda building.  Go up to 17th floor.

I really like the clinic from the moment I arrived.   Everyone was so polite a…

Are you considering Rhinoplasty because of a Wide Nose?

Are you considering Rhinoplasty because of a Wide Nose?
We look on mirror every day. We even look on smartphone screen to check the face condition when walking. What is the first thing you see when you look at your face? It is the eyes and nose. We all have uniqueness on face with different nose shape. There are people with narrow nose, wide nose, high or flat nose. However, not everyone likes their nose shape. Especially people with complex with wide nose. As time goes and age, they try to find the way to fix the complex and change. When wide nose get narrower, drastic change will be made for face image in a good way. Your v-line face shape will be more appeared, eyes will look bigger, and overall face ratio will be better. That’s why many patients come for consult regarding wide nose reduction surgery.
Now, where should we get this wide nose bridge reduction done? We recommend the largest plastic surgery clinic in domestic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group with over 70 certified specialists for…

How to Maximize the Effect of Liposuction?

How to Maximize the Effect of Liposuction?

On the previous posting, we discussed about the effect and benefit of liposuction.
Today, we will talk about the how to boost up the effect after liposuction. As with any surgery, the effect can be maximized and recovery can be faster, depending on the after care.

First of all, moderate exercise can maximize the effect of liposuction! There can be pain and discomfort due to wearing the compressive garment.  However, it will slow down the recovery if you don’t move around.  It is recommended to walk and exercise continuously, in order to loose unnecessary fat and reduce swelling.

Secondly! Healthy diet is a must! You will not gain weight on the area where liposuction was done, since the fat cell has been removed.  However, if you continue on the uncontrolled diet, it will eventually increase the size of remaining fat cells.  Please make sure to get on the right diet for…