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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Are you considering Rhinoplasty because of a Wide Nose?

Are you considering Rhinoplasty
because of a Wide Nose?

We look on mirror every day. We even look on smartphone screen to check the face condition when walking.
What is the first thing you see when you look at your face? It is the eyes and nose. We all have uniqueness on face with different nose shape. There are people with narrow nose, wide nose, high or flat nose.
However, not everyone likes their nose shape. Especially people with complex with wide nose. As time goes and age, they try to find the way to fix the complex and change. When wide nose get narrower, drastic change will be made for face image in a good way.
Your v-line face shape will be more appeared, eyes will look bigger, and overall face ratio will be better. That’s why many patients come for consult regarding wide nose reduction surgery.

Now, where should we get this wide nose bridge reduction done?
We recommend the largest plastic surgery clinic in domestic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group with over 70 certified specialists for customized operation. Many foreigners visit the clinic for surgeries and treatments which means safety is guaranteed.

We suggest you to visit the homepage before visit Wonjin beauty Medical Group to look around.  is the address. There are real diaries from the patients who actually have done the wide nose reduction surgeries for better understanding. It’s the surgery to look better, so be considerate.

Operation to reduce the width, direction of osteotomy and surgical method/
Width reduction with various osteotomy method

Here are some reasons that make the nose look wide.
First, wide cartilage on nostrils
Second, much fat or tissue inside the nose
Nose surgery is one of the areas that many people come for revision due to failure of first surgery. It is important to find the best plastic surgery clinic to achieve the best result after surgery. That is why Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has so many revision cases for nose surgery done from other clinics.


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