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[Filming Notice] Proceeding with Hong Kong TVB Broadcasting’s “The era of 120 year olds” special filming

Proceeding with documentary filming of Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital & Hong Kong TVB Broadcasting’s special…

[Filming Notice] Proceeding with Hong Kong TVB Broadcasting’s “The era of 120 year olds” special filming
Wonjin plastic surgery hospital has decided to proceed with special broadcast shooting with TVB, Hong Kong’s largest private broadcasting company. This documentary has its aim on spotlighting on the senior lives of each country as aging society comes to the fore, and to seek resolutions on how we can overcome such aging crisis with the help of technologies and policies 
Our hospital is taking part in the contents of middle-age plastic surgery. A reporter from Hong Kong contacted us after he encountered our interview done by Joongang Ilbo, Maeil Business Newspaper etc. Therefore, in this documentary, we will be emphasizing on the reality of middle-age plastic surgery (hereinafter set forth as “silver plastic surgery”) with the reference to the article contents regarding th…

Cacao nibs, the healthy tea that you should be drinking!

“The reason why dark chocolates are selected as one of the health foods is because of cacao.”

It seems like there is not a single connection between chocolate and diet. However, dark chocolate that do not contain milk and sugar is highly effective on weight loss due to its high sensitivity against insulin.
Low sensitivity against insulin may be the cause of obesity and diabetes. Cacao, the most important component of dark chocolate, is abundant in a chemical called procyanidin, which prevents obesity and diabetes.

Cacao also contains high amounts of polyphenols which plays a critical role in preventing heart disease, stroke and cancer. Polyphenol is an antioxidant that cleanses bodily wastes and thus slowing down cellular aging. Milk contained in milk chocolates hinders the absorption of polyphenols, but dark chocolates carry them as it is. This is the grounds for the role of dark chocolate in preventing cardiovascular risks.

Our body maintains life and engages in activities by …

TV Shooting Notice] Wonjin Plastic Surgery Russia RTTV special documentary filming [TV Shooting Notice] Russia RTTV special documentary filming

<[TV Shooting Notice] Wonjin Plastic Surgery Russia RTTV special documentary filming
It seems that popularity of K-POP is not an exception in Russia as well. Russian broadcasting, RTTV, visited Wonjin beauty medical group to film documentary about young people who are dreaming to be a k-pop star and ‘cosmetic surgery’ which cannot be separated about ‘Korean beauty’

RTTV is an international broadcasting company which firstly reaches a billion views from YouTube and it is second popular abroad broadcasting channel after American BBC. Also it is broadcasting in various languages and opened 3 different languages’ broadcasting station as English, Arabic, and Spanish.

RTTV was highly interested in Korean celebrities and teenager’s plastic surgery. They were having a lot of interviews about the reason why Korean celebrities are still look young and beautiful, cosmetic surgery’s current and future trend and teenager’s cosmetic surgery. At WONJIN, not only RTTV’s interviews, K-POP star ‘…

Good foods to eat before exercise

1. Fruits, Yogurt Smoothie
If you work out in the morning, fruits and yogurt smoothies are all good food for breakfast and snacks.
These foods are rich in protein and probiotic fiber, but seem to improve your health with low calories.

2. Peanut butter toast
When you eat snacks containing both complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, energy is constantly maintained during exercise.
Whole-grain breads contain both complex and simple carbohydrates, and peanut butter provides protein and good fat.

3. Oatmeal
Oatmeal, and oatmeal diet, is rich in fiber and slowly releases carbohydrates into the blood. According to experts, this allows the energy to remain constant during exercise.

4. Dried fruit
Dried fruits are easy to carry and easy to eat. Experts recommend mixing dried berries, apricots and pineapples together.
Fruit already contains enough sugar; sugar should not be added when it is dried.

5. Apple, Nuts Butter
It is a good snack if you eat nuts and butter on a sun apple. Appl…

Better to eat as frozen … 7 benefits of cherry

Cherry is a sweet and sour summer fruit which is beneficial for health as there is lots of anthocyanin. It is usual to be taken as fresh fruits but we can only meet cherries during summer. Therefore ‘Northwest cherries’ recommends keeping it as frozen to enjoy cherries as fresh fruit for a long time. After cut the cherries in half, take the seed out and keep in frozen, if we make cherry juice with it, it is easy to intake a lot of anthocyanin. Also anthocyanin is more activated when it is in freezer.

Well-known benefit of cherries is it helps to sleep well and prevents from insomnia because there is a lot of melatonin. Other than that, cherries have various great benefits for health.

Prevention of diabetes
Glycemic Index of grape is 46, peach is 42 and plum is 39, however cherries’ glycemic index is low as 22. Therefore it is great fruit for diabetics who need care with sweet food. Also cherry’s plentiful vegetable cholesterol reduces the level of cholesterol and helps with diabet…

Food that are beneficial for gastritis patients, what to eat for chronic gastritis

According to Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, for the past five years there has been a 15% increase in gastritis patients. If not treated properly, it can turn into chronic gastritis or worse, it can develop into cancer. Symptoms of chronic gastritis are pain and heavy pressure on celiac plexus, loss of appetite and weight loss. There are foods that are beneficial for such conditions of chronic gastritis.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, potassium and calcium. It helps regenerate gastric mucous membrane, and has effectiveness of restraining chronic gastritis and stomach cancer.

Yams are also well-known for treating chronic gastritis. When raw yams are cut open, they produce sticky substances. This mucin helps treat gastric acid and gastric ulcer, as well as, digestive system to work smoothly.

Along with yams, cabbage is also known for its goodness in removing active oxygen, which aids in preventing adult diseases and helps blood circulation…