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How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Dental care is the same with skin and health care. Therefore, dental care is as important as health care.

1. Brushing your teeth
Brushing your teeth is the very basic way to keep your teeth clean. A lot of people think that the more often you brush your teeth the better your teeth will be, but actually brushing your teeth for only twice a day is enough.
If you brushed your teeth too often, the enamel will getting thinner and your teeth will be more sensitive.
Brushing your teeth within 2 minutes with 30 seconds for each section (upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower right).
Don’t be too rough when you brush your teeth because it can cause damage to your enamel.

2. Use the dental floss
There are some difficult parts between your teeth that could not be cleaned just by brushing your teeth. Therefore, the dentist recommends us to use the dental floss. Your teeth will be cleaner if you used the dental floss. Moreover, it will prevent bad breath by using it. Using the dental f…

Anti-Swelling Treatment, Which is Just As Importat As The Surgery itself.

Many people are concerned not only about the surgery, but also about the post-operative care.
Both rational and inevitable cause might be the reasons why someone decided to undergo a surgery.
Although you have been worrying about the result for a long time, in the end, after you have decided to do the surgery, you need to be satisfied with the result.
However, even though the surgery has ended, you still have to deal with the recovery process (swelling, bruising, body waste excretion, etc). Post-operative care has to be done correctly because it is the next important thing after the surgery itself that you need to be concerned about.

Consuming spicy and salty food after surgery could worsen the swollen area and might cause edema, which is a different type of swelling. Since it is a different type of swelling, of course the treatment you will have after surgery is different too. Depending on the physical and health condition of each person, the length of recovery might differ. Swell…

Male Breast (Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos)

For some women, having small breasts is a problem.
However, there are some men out there, who have problems with their breasts because it grows big like women's breasts.
Women could easily find information about breast augmentation from online.
Sadly, information about male breast surgery is rarely found and for some men, it is embarrassing to visit the hospital for consultation.

Wonjin is not only specialized for women's breast surgery.
Our doctors are also very experienced and skillful at male breast surgery.
You do not have to be afraid nor ashamed to consult yourself.

Male breast could happen because of breast tissue enlargement (same like what happens with women's breasts) or because of lumps.
Normally, this might be caused by fats and breast tissue. However, it is best to have a consultation directly with the consultant and the doctor.

It is indeed possible to cure minor male breast cases through healthy diet program and exercises for breast reduction. But, fo…

Ulthera, Non Surgical Facelift With Great Skin Elasticity in Result!

"Tighten your skin without surgery! Ulthera is the answer."

Ulthera is a procedure that uses HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound),which is known as HIFU-Knife.
Instead of making incisions, this procedure uses an ultrasound device that targets your SMAS layer, and will stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin for skin elasticity.
Hence, Ulthera could improve the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin looks tighter.
You could also expect other benefits from Ulthera, such as tighter skin around your eyes, brows, and mouth, better facial contour, less wrinkles on your neck, and even minimize your pores.
Since it takes time for your body to naturally heal, you need to wait about 60 to 90 days to see the result.

The dermatologist will decide the targeted skin layer through the monitor on the device.

Through the thermal process, your skin will tighten and the wounds will start to heal naturally.
Cytokine is produced while your skin layers heal, and this helps to stimul…

What’s the side effect after plastic surgery, procedures? Let’s have a look at treating methods and foreign body removal methods

Petite surgeries (procedures) like filler and botox is getting more demanding as this is relatively easier than plastic surgery.
These procedures are very popular between busy office workers to housewives due to their relatively cheaper price and shorter procedure duration compared to plastic surgery.
They have advantage of becoming prettier without anyone noticing as there is no severe pain with simple anesthetic method. 
However there is a fact that you have to be aware before you get these types of procedures.
You have to confirm that the product is approved and certified and the person performs the procedure owns medical license. 

Have you received this sort of procedure without any doubt because of its cheap price? We must check if the substance is safe without any rejection symptoms as that substance is going into our body…
Sadly there are people around us who are suffering from many side effects such as infection and skin necrosis due to foreign body rejection symptoms.  What can we do…

The correct ways to use face sheet masks

How often do you use facial mask sheets?
Face sheet masks that make your skin feel nice with less effort and less cost!

Various types of face sheet masks are produced recently.
Sheet masks are providing moisture and hydrating your skin.
The latest trend in Korea is using one sheet mask every day. However, if you do not follow the correct directions or use in wrong ways, then it might result you in having side effects such as skin troubles. Let’s get to know the right ways to use!

1. Face sheet masks are not sleeping packs!

Using face sheet masks as a daily routine is good but please keep in mind that don’t sleep in it!
Because it can draw all moisture away from your skin!
20 minutes should be the maximum amount of time to use of them.
Please take it off immediately if you feel burning or itchy.
Then, gently pat on your skin to absorb essence left from the sheet mask into your neck, elbow, or heal.

2. 1 day 1 mask?

Doing ‘1 day 1 sheet mask’ might be effective or not depending on…