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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The correct ways to use face sheet masks

How often do you use facial mask sheets?
Face sheet masks that make your skin feel nice with less effort and less cost!

Various types of face sheet masks are produced recently.
Sheet masks are providing moisture and hydrating your skin.
The latest trend in Korea is using one sheet mask every day. However, if you do not follow the correct directions or use in wrong ways, then it might result you in having side effects such as skin troubles. Let’s get to know the right ways to use!

1. Face sheet masks are not sleeping packs!

Using face sheet masks as a daily routine is good but please keep in mind that don’t sleep in it!
Because it can draw all moisture away from your skin!
20 minutes should be the maximum amount of time to use of them.
Please take it off immediately if you feel burning or itchy.
Then, gently pat on your skin to absorb essence left from the sheet mask into your neck, elbow, or heal.

2. 1 day 1 mask?

Doing ‘1 day 1 sheet mask’ might be effective or not depending on the type of sheet masks or skin condition.
- Calming down sheet masks : 1 day 1 pack challenge using this type of sheet mask is absolutely good to moisturize your skin and there is no irritation.
- Functional sheet masks (wrinkle, pore, highly enriched, whitening etc) : This type of sheet masks is recommended to use 1~2 days per week as it may be a factor that cause your skin to be sensitive.
- Dry skin: It is ok to use hydrating sheet mask every day but it would be better to avoid doing it right before your period.
- Oily / Sensitive skin: Excessive use of sheet masks will lead the skin to breakout. Using it 3~4 days (having 1~2 free days from sheet masks) will maximize the effect of sheet masks and protect your skin.

3. Sheet masks should be stored in refrigerator?

Beauty products may be frozen and losing its own function due to extremely low temperature of regular refrigerator then it can cause irritation on your skin.
So, it is better to take it out from refrigerator before wearing sheet masks or keep them in “beauty products refrigerator” if you have.

4. Taking a sheet mask off then that’s all?

After peeling it off from your face, massage the essence into your skin.
If the sheet mask is oil free, then using cream or oil to prevent moisture evaporation is recommended.

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