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Dark circle doesn’t cover with makeup. How to get rid of dark circles fast?

The dark circles, thin skin under the eye, allowing the bluish color of blood vessels to show through the skin surface, and hence giving the tired or older appearance. Dark circles also called as ‘panda eyes’ is a common complaint. Puffy eye bags due to poor circulation, causing shadows to be cast on the area below the eyes, causing the dark ring effect

The cause of dark circles is divided into two major factors: natural and nurture acquired. However, dark circle gets worst with irregular lifestyle, overwork, stress … and so on. Especially for women, it can occur when you not removed eye make ups promptly, or before and after menstruation, or when there is a problem in the kidney, liver, and lymphatic circulation.

Treatment depends on the cause, symptoms, and level of dark circles. If it is simply caused by pigmentation, it can be treated with vitamin C or laser treatment. However, if it is caused by skin sagging or fat accumulation, surgery is recommended. Surgery should be done a…

Scientifically-proven methods to overcome insomnia

1. Regular sleeping habits
Sleep and wake-up on a regular routine. Establishing a regular sleep-wake cycle by going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time is the most important thing for maintaining optimal sleep hygiene.

2. Create a comfortable environment for sleep
It helps to decorate the bedroom only for sleep. Purchase an accommodating pillow, soft blankets and bed sheets, cozy pajamas and make the bedroom an inviting place. Keep televisions and computers away from the room, and block all lights from the outside by installing curtains or blinds. It is also recommended to remove all devices that may create small noises.

3. Maintain a cool room temperature
Our body temperature tends to decrease during sleep, so cooling down the room is one of the tips to fall asleep easily. According to the doctor in charge of the Sleeping Center in New York State Hospital, inflicting heat during sleep causes one to wake-up frequently and distracts from falling back into sleep aga…

Good foods to remove dark circles.

The weather is getting changed, so our body gets more tired than before to get used to it. There are some symptoms when you get tired, one of the symptoms is dark circles.
Also, many people suffered from dark circles!

We will introduce that some of good foods to remove dark circles.

When you keep taking broccolis steadily, then it is really effective to get rid of dark circles under the eyes because of Beta-carotene. Also, broccolis have vitamin A and C, which is good for recovery and skin beauty care.

Astaxanthin components in salmon help to eliminate dark circles as well because it helps to have clear and bright skin by getting good blood circulation system. Moreover, it also contains antioxidants, which are effective in preventing anti-aging!

Cabbage is one of the great foods to get rid of dark circles under eyes which contain lots of vitamin C, K, U. The above ingredients help strengthen the capillaries in the face and your conjunctiva as well. FYI,…

3 Tips for Eye health and delaying the Presbyopia

[Palm your eyes to relieve eye strain –10 minutes 3 times a day]
1. Rub the palms against each other for 10 seconds to get warm.
2. Close your eyes and place hands over your eyes with cupped palms.
3. Breathe in and out for 5 seconds slowly.

[Warm compress to relieve dry eye syndrome – 5 minutes twice a day]
1. Put the damp towel into the microwave for 40 seconds to get warm towel
2. Close your eyes and place towel over your eyes for 5 minutes.
3. Remove the towel and use your index fingers and middle fingers to massage your eyes gently.

[Clean your eyelid to remove waste – necessary for women who wear eye make-up]
1. Soak the cotton swab into artificial tears
2. Lift up the eyelids with your hand
3. Gently clean out the eyelash root with cotton swab for 4-5 times
4. Please do it under the eyelashes and also do same thing on the other side

[3 seconds]
I would like give you an advice to protect your eyes. Proper blinking is vital for the support of the health of your eyes. Close …

Avoid food that is harmful for you rather than find the healthy foods.

Before the plastic surgery, and after the plastic surgery, what would you recommend to eat? What kinds of foods are good for swelling and bruising goes down quickly? Many people are curious. However, if you are normally avoided eating bad food, you will have speed up your recovery even after the plastic surgery. Nowadays, if you do a little search on your phone, thousands of health information will be pouring out. However, the information may be too much or too obsessive, or may ignorant of your condition, misjudgment may be poisoned under personal judgment.

Our bodies are surprisingly simple. They send a good signal with healthy act and bad signal with unhealthy act immediately. For example, when you eat too much spicy and salty good, you will keep constantly thirsty or your stomach get hurts. After a heavy meal, digestion can be difficult and painful. Moreover, cigarette smoke makes you cough and feel vomit and even make your eyes feel sore.

The first step in all health care is …

The best exercise recommended by doctor after the liposuction

The result of the surgery that soak up the fat cell on the fat area has big difference in satisfaction depends on the post-operative care. There is the reason why doctors put great emphasis on exercise and regimen.

Regimen plays a critical role to lose the weight and the exercise plays critical role to firm up the muscle and maintain the weight that has lost.

‘Walking’ is one of the best exercises after the liposuction suggested by the doctor. Running and swimming could also be suggested but the walking is the best exercise that can do anywhere and anytime.

The reason why we recommend aerobic exercise is it can burn the body fats. Through the liposuction, the fats accumulated in the subcutaneous layer can be removed but the fats between the muscles can not be removed.

Therefore, through aerobic exercise, the body fats between the muscles and also visceral body fats can be reduced. So it will help a lot to make beauty body shape.

The important thing to keep in mind while walking after…