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Hip Up Surgery – Improve on your flat and asymmetry buttocks

Unlike in the past, diet is not only losing weight but also having voluptuous body line. In recent days, many people are trying to look younger not only on their face but also on their body as well. They spend much time to stay healthy and in shape.

Asian people are born with a narrow pelvic skeleton differs from that of westerns. It is not easy to have a voluminous hip even though exercising for a long period of time. If your buttocks are flat and sag, it is difficult to dresses stylishly and even your legs will look shorter. For those reasons, interest about buttock surgery also increased rapidly. However, today, people are not even able to take time to exercise because of their busy lives, and they are forced to give up after fail to get quicker results.

The number of patients who wants to create resilient hip line also keeps increasing. Hip up surgery is not only for a person who has wide and flabby buttocks, but also able to improve on asymmetrical buttocks.

There are two meth…

At-home skin care tips from Korean celebrities

1. 1. 424 cleansing method
Suzy, the member of ‘Miss A’ thoroughly cleanses her face at all times. She cleanses with oil for 4 minutes, 2 minutes with foam cleanser, and another 4 minutes with water at the last step.

2. Drinking lots of water
Water is the most important element not only for our body, but also for keeping our skin hydrated all the time. Song Jieun, a member of ‘Secret’, drinks at least 3~4L of water every single day to keep her skin at best condition.

3. Maintaining hydaration
Keeping her skin hydrated is the biggest deal for Ha Jiwon. She never skips her mask pack after cleansing and she recommends to start the skin care with facial mist.

4. D.I.Y mask pack
D.I.Y mask packs is Song Hyekyo’s biggest beauty tip. This is the recipe: Mix 1 albumen and 1 tablespoon of honey and spread them well on your face. When dried, cleanse them off with water. Next, mix honey and water in the ratio of 1:2, massage them softly on your face and wash them off with water again. This is h…

Plastic Surgery: Get a proper consultation with no regret.

People who want to get plastic surgery have an ideal image. To have accurate diagnosis before the surgery, consultation with the specialist should be progressed to discuss the details about the preference image not only “I want to have defined eyes or high nose bridge”
However, there are people who feel uncomfortable during consultation since it is the first time to meet the consultant and doctor.
It can cause the different result compare with the ideal look of the patient if he/she didn’t tell his/her ideal image to the specialist during the consultation due to the nervousness.
So today, I am going to tell you the three ways to get a proper and stable consultation. These tips are helpful and good ways to have a proper consultation for every one including the people who are not shy with the strangers.

Take note the questions that you want to ask to the doctor when you have consultation

Mostly, when you have a consultation, it is the first time to meet the doctor. And there is no mu…

How to manage your nails to have shapely hands that people wants to grab

Today, I will tell you how to treat your nails to have pretty hands!
Smooth, even, and pinkish fingernails make the entire hand look pretty.
Those hands will look so much prettier when they got nail polished.
How to manage your nails to have shapely hands that people wants to grab.

1. Do not cut your cuticles, only push them back. The thin silver of skin along the bottom of your nail bed serves an important purpose, which is to protect you from infection.
Instead of cut your cuticles, grabbing a stick, wrapping the tip in cotton, and put some oils on your cuticles, and gently pushing the cuticle back to creat that perfect ridge.

2. Apply hand cream to nails and cuticles. When we apply hand cream, we just put them on our hands and palms only. However, to have healthy nails, it is recommended to apply hand cream to nails and cuticles as well.
Apply hand creams not only to the hands, but also to tha nails and cuticles will make your nails moisutre and nourishment.

3. Nails …

6 best fruits for your skin.

We need to be extra careful about skin care especially in the summertime! Because UV rays and humidity can make the sagging pores easily and/or make oily skin.

Blueberries, one of the superfoods, are rich in anthocyanin, which prevent not only adult diseases but also anti-aging by working as antioxidant.

Isoflavone, which similar with female hormone, is contained a lot in pomegranate. This ingredient is helping to prevent the anti-wrinkle and to alleviate hot flush as well. Moreover, it has a number of vitamin C, B1 and B2, so is effective on regenerating skin cells.

Banana is one of the fruit that replenish the moisture to skin. Carbohydrates as well as sugar, fiber and vitamin C are all contained evenly, which is recommended for those who have dry skin.

There could be lots of people suffered from getting sunburn and annoyed from it. Do you know that kiwi is excellent in skin whitening effects? There is a great number of vitamin C in kiwi, and also f…