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Keep Yourself Motivated during Workout

Simple tactics to help you keep going during exercise 

Everybody knows that a routine workout is crucial to maintain a healthy and fit body. But even before we start exercising, we sometimes come up with a bunch of reasons not to go to the gym or go jogging casually. If your new year's resolution for 2014 had "going to the gym" and you've been skipping a lot lately, here are 10 tips that have been found to make workouts fun and more frequently done.  

Step 1. Make your workout plan specific

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, a renowned social psychologist focusing on motivation, says that specifically writing down your plans increases the chances of actually reaching your goal 300% more. For example, for workouts, write "every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I will play squash until 7 pm at a gym near my house." 

Step 2. Invest money 

Economists at Yale University say that investing money increases the chances of reaching your goal 3 more times. 

Step 3. Reward yourself 


Breast Feeding After Breast Surgery

Can you breast feed after breast augmentation?

1. Question: 

I'd like to receive breast augmentation surgery but I'm worried that I won't be able to breast feed my child after I give birth. Is there a way to receive breast surgery but not damage the mammary glands? I'm also wondering about the surgical method and recovery time. 

2. Answer: 

Being worried about breast surgery before getting pregnant is absolutely normal. The implants for the surgery are located on the pectorialis major, which is far below the mammary glands. The incision method and location of the implants have no effect on breast feeding.  

** There are 3 incision sites: the armpit, areola, and underneath the breasts. The method of incision should be consulted with the surgeon for the best procedure for each patient. The most common form of incision is through the armpit. 

** There are 2 types of cohesive gel implants: "smooth" which needs massaging and "texture" which doesn't need ma…

Extremely Bad Habits to Watch Out for

As we go to work, school, read a book, or even just sit on a chair, there are habits that we do daily that can lead to chronic illness. We have provided a number of daily habits that are done unconsciously and the after effect of these habits. 

Habits that Lead to Chronic Illness 

1. Straining Your Neck = Myofascial pain syndrome 

Ever feel like there is a huge boulder sitting on your neck and shoulders? If you feel fine tilting your head back, but feel pain when you tilt it frontwards, then it could mean that you have "myofascial pain syndrome." 

Cause: Sticking your neck out when you are on your phone or computer which stresses the muscle and tendons surrounding the neck, causing the neck to become stiff and altering the bone. o_O

Treatment/Prevention: While maintaining a straight back, stretch your neck by taking your hands and pulling your head in the opposite direction. 

2. Half-shut Eyes = Worse Eyesight 

Many may agree that glasses make a person look a bit nerdy and unattrac…

Interview with Dr. Wonjin Park

Ukraine's IHTEP Visits Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
In 2013, the world went crazy about "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer Psy, and Gangnam became known for its fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc. Many started wondering about this neighborhood called Gangnam, and in the midst of all this frenzy, broadcasting company, IHTEP from Ukraine, visited Korea to take a deeper look. 

The show visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and looked into the reasons behind Gangnam's popularity and why Korean women invest so much on beauty. 

Dr. Wonjin Park explained why so many women in Korea invest in their beauty and visit plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam. He said, "the Korean society is a very competitive place. It's very important for these people to have a beautiful face to become successful." 

For treatment times, reservations, and inquiries come check out our website

Website :
E-mail :

Great Abs for the Upcoming Summer

Getting ready for summer - Ways to get great abs at home

Yes, it's only March, but it's never too late to start working on your abs early! We recommend this post for those who are looking to achieve that perfect, toned body to show off at the beach or to your s/o (hehe). 

After liposuction, (previous posting) it is highly recommended for patients to have a routine workout and eat right so that the fat cells don't return. Getting a flat and sexy looking abdomen is one of the hardest and most arduous workouts for almost any individual, especially if you've always struggled with weight. 

Here are some tips to burn those fat cells right off your stomach:  

1. Floor Cycles

This workout allows your entire abdomen to burn fat by adding heat on the area, especially the lower abdomen. It also increases physical strength around the shoulders. 

2. Cowboy Sit-ups / Knee-ups

This workout allows you to use both your upper and lower abdomen. By lifting your legs one by one, you use the lowe…


Clean & Comfy Residence Hotels in Collaboration with Wonjin BMG Check out our list of residence hotels that are partnered with our hospital. They are all located within 20 minutes from our hospital, and you'll get special rates if you make a reservation through us! Visit the sites below if you would like to see some more pictures. 

1. E-Stay Gangman Residence Location: A 10 minute walk from the hospital (1308-26 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu) Rate: 100,000 KRW~ (appx. $100 per night) Website:

2. Coatel Chereville Location: A 10 minute walk from Gangnam Station, exit 5  (1330 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu) Rate: 110,000 KRW~ (appx. $110 per night)  Website:

3. M CherevilleLocaton: A 5 minute walk from the hospital (1316-31 Seocho4-Dong, Seocho-Gu)
Rate: 140,000 KRW~ (appx. $140 per night)

4. Human Starville - Yeoksam Location: Yeoksam Station Exit 6 (606-18 Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu)
Rate: Weekdays 70,000 KRW (appx. $70), Weekends 90,000 KRW (…

Liposuction: What Happens Next?

Can people put their weight back on after lipo? 

The answer is: yes, it is definitely possible. 

First, let's take a look at the areas that are available for lipo. 
= Arms, thighs, abdomen, waist, back, chest, calves, and face. 

Now, what kind of post-operative care is needed so that the treatment is successful? 

= Avoid stimulating & greasy food 
= Avoid smoking & drinking for at least 2 weeks 
= Avoid going to the sauna for at least 4 weeks 
= Receive physical therapy for at least 4 weeks 

But, even with all the post-operative care and therapy,you can gain more weight than your previous weightif you are not careful. 

Basically, the fat cells that are stored in your body are sucked out by a cannula (a thin tube). The fat cells that are removed don't come back into your body. But, if you get lazy and consume more calories than your body needs, then new fat cells may form. These fat cells get "fatter," consequently making you "gain weight." 
So make sure to go …

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Surgery Exclusive for Men

Double Eyelid Surgery, Customized Naturally for Men
Q: Hi, I'd like to ask about double eyelid surgery for men. Rather than large, blazing eyes, I'm more interested in having natural looking eyes. Could you please tell me about the procedure and recovery process?

A: Hello, double eyelid surgery should be considered according to the size of your face and balance. 

Double eyelid surgery helps widen the vertical length of your eyes. Epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty helps widen the horizontal length of your eyes. 

There are 2 types of double eyelid surgery: surgery with incision & surgery without incision. 

A) With incision - for people who want clear and blazing eyes
B) Without incision - for people who want natural looking eyes

For people who have what we call a "mongolian fold" which covers the inner corners of your eye, we recommend epicanthoplasty. 

Visit our website for more information on double eyelid surgery:…

Breast Surgery: What Happens Next?

How to take care of your new set of breasts
What are the DO's and DON'Ts after receiving breast augmentation surgery? 
1. It is normal to feel stuffy after breast surgery. It means that your breasts are healing nicely so you don't need to worry. DON'T take off the compression band yourself - let the hospital do that for you. 

2. You can start eating 6~8 hours after the surgery. Help recover your body by taking in soft food like soup and porridge. Avoid spicy or stimulating food. That is a definite DON'T. 

3. Please, please, avoid smoking or drinking for at least 4 weeks. This will cause the scars to heal very slowly, causing various problems for the surgical area. This is also a NO-NO. 

4. This may only apply to some people, but if you enjoy going to the sauna every now and then, you must first get your thread removed before going into the steam room. This is usually 1 month after the surgery. 

5. DON'T lift your arms higher than your shoulders. Also, avoid carrying …