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[Forehead augmentation surgery] Give volume to the forehead so you look much younger !

Looking younger through Forehead Augmentation
When sunken area is filled, it makes look younger. When forehead is narrow and sunken, person looks more masculine and strong. Therefore, forehead should be stood out as shown in the photo below. This will make a face look more 3 dimensional and clear. 1. What is Forehead Augmentation surgery?
This is a type of surgery to give volume to sunken or narrow forehead through fat graft or implant insertion. Wonjin strongly rejects an unnatural forehead that looks like a round bowl put upside down on top of the forehead. The key point of younger looking face is the natural line that connects from the forehead, cheekbones to nose and chin, not the protruded bulgy forehead.
*Appropriate for those who - Have bumpy or too wavy forehead - Have flat forehead - Have narrow forehead between left and right - Have protruding eyebrow bones that make forehead look sunken
2. WONJIN's Forehead Augmentation surgical method
Forehead volume will make a who…

Just consider ONE THING about breast augmentation surgery. Think if it's WONJIN or not!

Just consider ONE THING about breast augmentation surgery. 
Think if it's WONJIN or not!
Women's interests in Breast Augmentation surgery keeps increasing more and more. I believe that all the women who are not satisfied with their breasts, have thought about breast augmentation surgery before summer season starts. BUT breast augmentation surgery is not a simple surgery, so you need to be careful about choosing the hospital. Wonjin is definitely well known for performing best breast augmentation surgery in Korea. Just imagine yourself in bikinis~~ Wonjin Beauty Medical Group can help with you that for sure! Choosing the best implants that are suitable for you is very important! With Wonjin Dual Chamber tear drop shaped implants, You can have natural result with beautiful line and volume. There are 2 merits about Wonjin's Dual Chamber tear drop shaped implant. Shape is also great but it is soft to the touch. It feels like it's your own As women's interest…

How do we have surgery for long protruding chin?

How do we have surgery for long protruding chin? Protruding chin is the positional relationship of the mandible and/or maxilla to the skeletal base where either of the jaws protrudes beyond a predetermined imaginary line in the coronal plane of the skull. In general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics, this is assessed clinically or radiographically. The word "prognathism" derives from Greek pro (forward) and gnathos (jaw). One or more types of prognathism may result in the common condition of malocclusion, in which an individual's top teeth and lower teeth do not align properly. 

Surgical method for protruding chin surgery

You can get functional improvements from general hospitals. However, you can get not only the functional improvements but also beautiful changes from WONJIN at the same time.WONJIN manages a total medical treatment system by collaborating the 6 medical departments- Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontic, Plastic Surger…

[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group] Appropriate breast implant types at Wonjin?

Appropriate breast implant types

Here are the features of the types of breast implants available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
1. Cohesive gel
Cohesive gel breast implants are widely used not only in Korea but also worldwide. They have been FDA approved since 2006 and received KFDA approval in July 2007 making it a safe implant to use. Previous silicone bags had a chance of leakage after surgery, but cohesive gel implants being made of a gelatin type will stay together and not leak even after being cut in half. 
Cohesive gel implants have been widely used not only for their safety, but also for their requiring less management after surgery. Cohesive gel implants are superior in many aspects compared to other implant types.

2. Breast implant types / features

01 Smooth Type
The most common type of implant made up of translucent silicone. Smooth implants can move freely around the breast pocket which results in natural movements and bounce of breasts.

02 Textured Type

Similar to a SMOOTH TYPE, …

Do i need protruding chin surgery?

Do i need protruding chin surgery? Protruding mouth is divided into bialveolar protrusion for which only the teeth are protruding out and skeletal protrusion for which the maxillae is protruding out in accordance with the causes of appearance of protrusion of the mouth, and precise surgical plan must be made according to the causes.

 1. What is protruding chin ?

Protruding mouth refers to the protrusion of mouth in relations to the tip of the nose or chin due to protrusion of teeth or maxillae.
In medical terms, it is referred to as bimaxillary protrusion and is the situation in which the occlusion of the molar is normal but the frontal teeth or maxillae is protruded forward. If the mouth is protruded out, it gives unrefined feeling.
2. protruding chin surgery is recommended for those who?

Have a grumpy face from a protruding mouthHave a revealing gum when smiling due to protruding gumHave a mouth that can’t be completely shut and mouth remains openHave knots on the edge of the jaw when…

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's surgical method for long face

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's surgical method for long face
Long face makes the whole face unbalanced overall.  Length does not match with width.
When the width of face is narrow, length is too long, and chin is receded, the mouth might not be closed fully even though upper lips are not short. This might happen when the person is not even talking. Front teeth might be shown too much.

1.What is Long Face Surgery?

Simply by reducing your genio, you can rectify your facial structure.Close to a zero risk of damaging your nerves.Prompt recovery after a quick one hour procedure.

Genio reduction is recommended for those who Have a long face and reveals gum when you smile Have a long face with protruding chinHave a long face with big lower jawHave long genio
2. Types of long faces

1. Have a long face and reveals gum when you smile - Need Two Jaw surgery
2. Have a long face with protruding chin- It can be improved by Two Jaw surgery
3. Have long genio-  Need Genio Reduction surgery, but if t…