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Thursday, March 5, 2015

How do we have surgery for long protruding chin?

 How do we have surgery for long protruding chin?
Protruding chin is the positional relationship of the mandible and/or maxilla to the skeletal base where either of the jaws protrudes beyond a predetermined imaginary line in the coronal plane of the skull. In general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics, this is assessed clinically or radiographically. The word "prognathism" derives from Greek pro (forward) and gnathos (jaw). One or more types of prognathism may result in the common condition of malocclusion, in which an individual's top teeth and lower teeth do not align properly. 

Surgical method for protruding chin surgery

You can get functional improvements from general hospitals. However, you can get not only the functional improvements but also beautiful changes from WONJIN at the same time.WONJIN manages a total medical treatment system by collaborating the 6 medical departments- Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontic, Plastic Surgery, Narcotic Pain Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, and Dermatology.

Typesof protruding chin

  • Have a grumpy face from a protruding mouth
  • Have a revealing gum when smiling due to protruding gum
  • Have a mouth that can’t be completely shut and mouth remains open
  • Have knots on the edge of the jaw when mouth is clenched

     1 Surgical method for chin

    Performed in case of normal occlusion and protruding Genio
  • Teeth correction is not required and fracturing genio can give you the effect of whole facial structure correction .
  • Low risk in nerve damage and safe.

    2. Surgical method for lower jaw
    We do IVRO and SSRO to make the jaw line more slim.


    A method of Two Jaw surgery, IVRO vertically fractures the back part of the jaw mandible. It avoids using plate or wire fixation to enable natural functioning of the jaw after the procedure, minimizing inconvenience of the patient. Also, by controlling the incision-line on the lower jaw it brings out effect of slimming facial contour.


    A method of Two Jaw surgery, SSRO in which the lower jaw mandible is fractured near the molar; fracture into two plates and then fixate. This method is known for its short recovery period, because wide contact surface of the bone helps the bones to heal together faster, and postoperative mouth-fixation period is rather short.

    3. Surgical method for Two Jaw  surgery

    Usually someone with an advanced jaw line has their cheekbone protrude as well. In this case, normal square jaw or cheekbone reduction surgery alone is not enough to provide slimming effects. WONJIN’s total maxillofacial or face contour surgery not only deals with slimming the face contouring but creates slender jaw line reduction and a youthful appearance.

    4. Surgeries that are good together

    Spin Shaving face contouring surgery (Square Jaw reduction +  Genio Reduction)

    This procedure is carried out when both the jaw and the lower chin are wide. Wide front chin is fractured in T-shape, remove the middle piece and gather the remaining pieces into one to form a slim face.

    Protruding chin orthodontic treatment

    If the protruding chin isnt severe, you can fix it by just orthodontic treatment.
    Corrective orthodontics are required to maintain the correct aesthetic and functional benefits of surgery. WONJIN orthodontics after surgery are absolutely required for safe healing and satisfactory results.

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