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Attractive breasts with teardrop breast augmentation at Wonjin

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic :: Teardrop breast augmenation
Increase volume and definition for more attractive breasts and figure

1. What is breast augmentation?
Wonjin Plastic Surgery uses teardrop breast implants from POLYTECH to create smooth, naturally appearing breasts with volume.

Why teardrop breast implants?
The most attractive breasts are those in proportion to your body. Breast surgery (teardrop breast augmentation) uses breast implants shaped like teardrops with the goal being the most natural shaped breasts with volume. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, only after thorough analysis of the individual body type, a customized breast implant is chosen to best accentuate the individual's natural breasts.

Teardrop breast implant features
1) Natural shape and movement
2) Reduced chance of capsular contracture
3) Variety of shapes and sizes available
4) Effective for revision surgery
5) Reduced chance of structural change and displacement
6) Customizable according to individual body type

"Real teardrop breasts are noticeable by the shape."

Breasts that have been augmented with teardrop breast implants are noticeable just by the shape of the breasts. 
sexy breasts, attractive body shape, breast augmentation surgery in korea

2. Breast augmentation (Teardrop breast augmentation at Wonjin)

 Only official POLYTECH teardrop implants are used
POLYTECH has been recognized for over 40 years for their quality of breast implants and materials.

 Variety of sizes and shapes available
Breast augmentation at Wonjin only uses the most appropriate breast implant for the individual.

 Natural shape and movement
Teardrop breast implants adhere closely to the surrounding breast tissue and so the breasts can move freely and naturally.

 Effective for revision surgeries
Dissatisfaction with previous breast surgeries, cases of capsular contracture, and droopy breasts can be alleviated with teardrop breast implants for higher satisfaction and safer results.

 No massage required postop
Unlike round breast implants which require diligent and continuous massaging, teardrop breast implants require no massage and you can still get optimal results.

3. Breast augmentation - Round implants VS Teardrop implants

01  Round implants
sexy breasts, attractive body shape, breast augmentation surgery in korea

- Shape : The most commonly used implant with a round base and full volume in the center.
- Postoperative change : The area above and below the nipple gains volume for bigger breast size

02  Teardrop implants
sexy breasts, attractive body shape, breast augmentation surgery in korea

- Shape : Implant in which the upper part is flatter while the lower part has volume, recommended for those wanting more natural appearing surgery results.
- Postoperative change : The most anatomical breast shape and even when laying down, the breast looks natural.

Breast implants are determined by the individual and desired breast size.
sexy breasts, attractive body shape, breast augmentation surgery in korea

Breast augmentation safety
sexy breasts, attractive body shape, breast augmentation surgery in korea

01  Ultrasound examination program
For successful surgery results, accurate pre surgery diagnosis is just as important as the surgery itself. At Wonjin's breast surgery center, ultrasound equipment is used to carefully analyze and the patient can see firsthand the current status of their breasts before surgery.

A) Pre surgery fat and muscle composition, breast tissue thickness can be accurately measured.
B) In case of revision surgery, the status of the existing implant can be checked.
C) Also used after surgery to inspect the condition of the breast implant.

02  Implant & safety test

A) Shell test
The implant is pulled up to 300% for 3 minutes to see whether the shape will revert to its original form. Then, the implant is checked to see whether the degree of structural change is less then 10%

B) Gel test
The cohesive gel within the implant is given a thorough background check - the history and quality of gel used is carefully checked.

C) Fatigue test
- A test is performed simulating a person with breast implants jogging for 6 hours
- 2 plates are used to squeeze and determine the durability of breast implants

Teardrop breast augmentation (like any other elective cosmetic surgery) is a big decision. The surgery should be performed at a reputable clinic by a skilled surgeon. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has over 19 years of experience as well as surgeons specialized by department.

For treatment times, reservations, and enquiries come check out our website

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