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Two jaw surgery before and after

More information on two jaw surgery: +82.70.4700.7281 +82 10 4918 3309

Male plastic surgery interview

Introducing Wongyun Lee, who had his surgeries at WONJIN!
Surgery information
Two jaw surgery
Eye surgery

He gained so much more confidence and he is also very satisfied with his result.

 +82.70.4700.7281 +82 10 4918 3309

Happy Lunar New Year! What do we eat during Seol (lunar New Year)?

Have you seen any notice of closure of businesses in Korea?
This is to celebrate our national holiday, Seol (Lunar New Year)!
We will definitely fail on our new year’s diet plan during Seol because there would be variety of foods as whole family gathers together, right?
Then we will have a look into the types of Seol food that people will be looking forward!
Number one!
Jeon (Koreanpancake)
During Seol, we often have memorial service to wish peaceful new year. There is one thing that cannot be missed on memorial service table, which is assorted Jeon! I remember myself waking up early because of the Jeon smell. There is a Korean style meat ball that children love, and Pollack Jeon, pumpkin Jeon, meat Jeon and even Jeon skewers sometime.
Then you might be thinking, ‘Don’t you need so many ingredients to make Jeon, then?’ I will tell you what we need to make Jeon. It’s very simple! You need egg, pan frying powder (Korean pancake mix), meat ball ingredients, pumpkin, Pollack, and so on. How is i…

Adjusting indoor humidity with air purification plants!

People tend to do more indoor activities than outdoor activities during dry and cold winter.
Our skin and eyes get dried as we use heaters more often.
We can also get various diseases like skin disease and respiratory disease because the humidity level decreases.
Thus the most important factor during winter is humidity.

You may find it difficult to clean humidifier every day when you try to use it to control indoor humidity.
Thus I would like to recommend you to make good use of humidity control plants, our natural humidifier.
Even though it is hard to expect short term result of humidifying indoor atmosphere with plants, they are really good for having continuous and regular humidifying effect.
They control indoor humidity by exhaling moisture through their leaves as a part of respiratory progress.
I will introduce some plants that can control indoor humidity.

Firstly, there is a plant called clusia which is one of representative indoor humidity adjusting plants.
As clusia is weak to cold envi…

Dry skin during winter! Right way to moisture and peel!

We are in the middle of winter now. The temperature usually goes below 0℃ and piercing wind is blowing. Due to cold and dry air during winter, our skin becomes dry and sensitive which can also lead to various skin diseases such as fine wrinkles or psoriasis. Many people especially suffer from stiff feeling on their skin due to severe dryness with flake formation. Contrastively, some people experience oily skin due to excessive sebum excretion.

There are many people who feel itchy and stiff on their face due to dry and cold weather and people usually think that these will get better if they apply moisturizing cream. However, this is only temporary solution which doesn’t improve on our inner skin when we apply moisturizer on areas where flakes are formed.
Thus we have to peel our skin regularly to prevent waste collection and flake formation on our skin. However, peeling is not a solution that could calm our skin down. The most important thing is to moisturize our skin after peeling to moisture…

Anti-aging surgery that is suitable for me

All women want to get aged beautifully as they are getting older.

Most of patients who are in 20 to 30s prefer to have plastic surgery that can change their own features, and most of patients who are over 40s choose to have surgery that can make them look younger.
Our bone, muscle, fat and skin get aged as time passes. They lose their elasticity, and become saggy due to the force of gravity.
Then, how can we stop our skin from aging while maintaining its good condition?

“Lift up the saggy skin, and fill in the sunken area.”
We can lift up our skin in opposite direction to gravity by using thread or incision according to the patient’s condition.
Due to recent development of lifting threads, it is possible to lift up our tissue more effectively which lasts longer than before, while the thread encourages the surrounding tissue to form collagen.
This type of thread lifting is mostly performed on patients between 40s and 50s, and this procedure is more suitable for patients who don’t have thick …

Gluten free? The truth of flour

Gluten is a type of protein that is included in foods like flour, and this component can cause various problems to people who have allergies.
Recently, campaign of having gluten-free foods started from USA and EUROPE. Gluten-free diets became popular across many people after famous celebrities joined this campaign.

Famous model Miranda Kerr, said “I never eat white colored food (flour) because that is poison”.
Kim Kardashian, who is admired by many women for her perfect body shape, said “Gluten-free diet is the best”. Then, is gluten really bad for our body?
Gluten is a type of insoluble protein which presents in wheat, barley, rye and so on.
Its molecule structure contains sugar and lipids, and it has effect of expanding leaven which could be used to maintain shape of bread and cookies while thickens and seasons foods.
There are various foods contain gluten, including bread, pasta, cake, biscuit, assorted snacks, soup, syrup, salad dressing, sausage, beer and gum.
It could also be used as …