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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gluten free? The truth of flour

Gluten is a type of protein that is included in foods like flour, and this component can cause various problems to people who have allergies.

Recently, campaign of having gluten-free foods started from USA and EUROPE.
Gluten-free diets became popular across many people after famous celebrities joined this campaign.

Famous model Miranda Kerr, said “I never eat white colored food (flour) because that is poison”.

Kim Kardashian, who is admired by many women for her perfect body shape, said “Gluten-free diet is the best”. Then, is gluten really bad for our body?

Gluten is a type of insoluble protein which presents in wheat, barley, rye and so on.

Its molecule structure contains sugar and lipids, and it has effect of expanding leaven which could be used to maintain shape of bread and cookies while thickens and seasons foods.

There are various foods contain gluten, including bread, pasta, cake, biscuit, assorted snacks, soup, syrup, salad dressing, sausage, beer and gum.

It could also be used as seasonings in form of glutamic acid or salt, and can even be used as adhesive or fodder.

Is gluten dangerous?

In fact, gluten-free foods are not healthy as much as we think.

This is because gluten-free foods contain less folic acid which is known as effective prevention of stroke for hypertension patients, and contains less iron as well.

Also, gluten-free foods tend to contain more sugar and fat.

Additionally, some research results have proved that continuous gluten-free diet can lead to gaining more weight.

Many celebrities have stated that they are on gluten-free diet, but their perfect body shape cannot be simply considered as the result of gluten free diet because these people also do exercise and other methods to maintain their body shape.

If you have no problem with digestion after consuming foods that contains grains including flour, you don’t have to have gluten-free foods.

There is no basis that proves gluten and flour are bad for our health.

This is common misconceptions based on most of foods made with flour contains a lot of sugar and high calories, which is obesity related.

Ultimately, it is not gluten that leads us to obesity, but our daily life habit of overeating and exercising less leads us to obesity.

Let’s form a habit of eating moderately and exercising healthily!

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