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Alar reduction surgery VS Alar reduction injection

I believe that many people are interested in having nose surgery (rhinoplasty), thus I am posting about alar reduction surgery today.
Our nose is the center of our face, thus our face can appear flat and wide if our alar (nostrils) is too wide and visible.
Thus I would like to recommend alar reduction surgery or alar reduction injection for people who have wide base of the nose.

Usually, one’s nose alar can appear wide because of thick skin or excessive soft tissue, and there are many people who misunderstand that they have big nostrils when they only have thick skin.
Alar reduction surgery has to be designed according to each individual’s face, and the ideal width of the nose alar is the distance between the eyes.

The usual surgery duration for alar reduction surgery itself is around 1 hour and the stitches can be removed after 7 days.
There is an alar reduction injection called ‘alar sculpting injection’ which can melt the excessive soft tissue and fat on the nose alar and botox injection…

Clean and bright smile, teeth whitening

Many people are seeking for white teeth as there is a quote saying that ‘the completion of smile is aligned white teeth’. However, our teeth become discolored due to congenital or acquired factors.
Then how can we make our teeth white?

Most of dentists in USA explain that most of teeth whitening tooth paste is just like painting over the teeth without changing the actual color of teeth. Thus these tooth pastes just act like a type of scour which wipes the teeth stained from coffee or cigarette.

Dentists stated peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the key component of teeth whitening.
These two components bleach the stains on enamel and dentine layer of teeth which makes the teeth brighter and white.
There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures.
Both of these procedures are done at dental clinic, and the medications used during these procedures must only be used under specialist’s instruction.
One of these methods is done with teeth whitening medication and whitening laser, and the o…

Breasts cosmetic surgery, Only breasts augmentation? No, there is breasts reduction as well!

We had a look about breasts lifting in previous post. Now you must know that implant is not the only way to enlarge your breasts if you viewed last post.

However, still a lot of people have no idea about other breasts plastic surgeries along with breasts lifting. That is breasts reduction surgery! (It might sound weird for people who are thinking about breasts enlargement.)
It is true that number of women are concerned about their huge breasts.
Having large breasts is always good? Excessive large breasts can cause a lot of problems!

Some people feel shoulders or waist pain due to heavy breasts. You might be questioning like how heavy is it its just breasts. But big breasts can cause pain in shoulders or waist. If large breasts that you have a great envy give adverse effect on your body then it would become less pretty from your view.

Second case is saggy breasts due to excessive large size. Breast skin and tissue can be saggy at the same time in the case of having large breasts, then this w…

Breast cosmetic surgery, Is there any other way to reshape your breasts other than breast implants?

Eyes and nose job surgery craze is still booming but perfect body shape has become another important thing in life.

Therefore, more and more people consider body contouring plastic surgery like liposuction to have prettier and ideal body shape. But to be honest, slim and thin women are concerned about their small breasts.

Not only slim women have small and empty breasts but also average women who have moderate amount of body fat and muscle could have flat breasts and contemplate breasts surgery in order to have prettier body shape.
Have you just made up your mind to have breast augmentation surgery? But do you think breast augmentation is only done by implant insertion?

Young women who have just small breasts might be able to achieve beautiful breasts line after implant augmentation. However, not every woman would have this result.
There are some women who have small and saggy breasts due to childbirth or poor skin elasticity. If breasts are dropped slightly, implant can improve both siz…

Reaction of male and female for their first experience of touching breast implants

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What are good Korean cosmetic products? Korean cosmetic products recommendation

Do you think about plastic surgery and beauty cosmetics when you hear the word Korea?
In Korea, you can easily access various Korean cosmetic brands such as The face shop, Innisfree, Skin food, Etude house, Aritaum, Tonymoly, Misha, Nature republic and so on.
So today, I will introduce you some products that are well known in Korea and will also recommend you some products that I love.

1. The face shop: Real Brand Calming Cleansing Oil / Avocado Body lotion

The face shop’s cosmetic products are made with natural ingredients and very popular between customers in their 20~30s.

I have been continuously using real brand calming cleansing oil and avocado body lotion, and real brand calming cleansing oil is an oil cleanser that contains 3 typed oil blends including olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil, and herbal components including chamomile and real lavender flower.

I have also used an oil cleanser from shu uemura which is quite expensive and extremely popular, but I personally prefer the oi…