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Friday, February 24, 2017

Breasts cosmetic surgery, Only breasts augmentation? No, there is breasts reduction as well!

We had a look about breasts lifting in previous post.
Now you must know that implant is not the only way to enlarge your breasts if you viewed last post.

However, still a lot of people have no idea about other breasts plastic surgeries along with breasts lifting. That is breasts reduction surgery! (It might sound weird for people who are thinking about breasts enlargement.)

It is true that number of women are concerned about their huge breasts.

Having large breasts is always good?
Excessive large breasts can cause a lot of problems!

Some people feel shoulders or waist pain due to heavy breasts. You might be questioning like how heavy is it its just breasts. But big breasts can cause pain in shoulders or waist. If large breasts that you have a great envy give adverse effect on your body then it would become less pretty from your view.

Second case is saggy breasts due to excessive large size. Breast skin and tissue can be saggy at the same time in the case of having large breasts, then this will give unpleasant appearance of breast. Large and big breasts are not always good!

Well, then how is breast reduction surgery performed?
Breast reduction surgery has few different incision methods depending on the severity. Incision methods can be classified into 3 ways; areola incision, vertical incision, and complex incision. Please refer to below photos for details.

At WONJIN, we have our exclusive breasts surgery center operated by our representative surgeon Dr.Wonjin Park and other two specialized surgeons providing pre-consultation, medical check-ups, surgery and post-operative care to our patients.

If you hesitate to pursue breasts surgery, then why don’t you come and visit WONJIN to find out the most suitable breast surgical methods?

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