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Current trend of plastic surgery is refined nose tip surgery!!

Nose is at the center of the face so little changes can make big differences of personal image. To have natural image, it is important to make an attractive shape of nose according to personal balance and angles of face rather than just make same nose as other pretty nose.

Long time ago, in physiognomic theory, they considered bulbous nose as lucky nose which makes lots of luck in their life but current trend is improving nose tip to make smoother and refined image. It is because overall facial balance and image can be differ depends on nose tip. Everyone has different shape of nose but especially if you have bulbous nose which makes bad image, you can improve it with nose tip surgery.

Nose tip surgery is core of nose surgery which requires high-skills. Natural and prettier nose can be made when the overall rate of personal face shape, eye and forehead is considered, not just focusing on nose. It is better to have surgery with experienced surgeon because it needs to reduce the …

Healthy breakfast menu just in 10 minutes

1. Porridge
Porridge is a good breakfast menu made by boiling oatmeal (grain) in milk or water. It can add more nutritional value if chia seed is added, which has great nutrients such as, fiber, protein, omega3.

2. Eggs for breakfast
Eggs can be fried or scrambled with little bit of butter or even a delicious spinach omelet with sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes on the side can be a great healthy eating in the morning.

3. Low fat yogurt
Yogurts that are low in fat are good, and greek yogurt is full of protein. Berries and seasonal fruits can be added in the yogurt. Also, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds will increase nutritional value to your breakfast.

4. Morning smoothie
To make the smoothie, greek or coconut yogurt can be used as the base. Add 1 tablespoon of nuts, chia seeds, and butter. Then, add two greens such as, spinach, celery, or kale. Lastly, add one seasonal fruit to make a delicious breakfast. A scoop of protein powder can be added to increase protein intakes.

5. Sourdough …

Traditional Markets in Seoul, Korea

Many foreigners visiting Korea would like to experience the Korean traditional culture. There are Hanok villages, Hanbok, Korean traditional cloth, or others to enjoy in Korea but there are nothing better to experience Korean culture than traditional markets where the modern and the past coexist. There are still lots of traditional market but I would like to recommend you the most famous markets in Seoul.

1. Namdaemoon Market

Namdaemoon Market is the biggest market in Korea. There are 10,000 of stores and wagons. You can not only buy many things at Namdaemoon Market, but you can also taste a variety of Korean traditional foods.

You can taste real Korean foods in traditional market because it has been passed down from before. Each alley is characterized by its own unique streets.

2. Tongin Market ▶

Tongin Market is composed of 70-80 stores. It is small- and medium-sized traditional market. Yo…

How to maintain weight after successful weight loss! A diet method without yo-yo effect?

Most people say that they’ve experienced yo-yo effect after going on a diet. Gaining weight back again after diet is quite common, and there are cases where one gains even more weight than before due to excessive diet. Let’s find out how we can maintain shape after weight loss.

1. Never skip breakfast:
It has been proved that eating healthy breakfast is very effective in weight maintenance as it helps to strengthen our immune system.

2. Exercise everyday:
You can prevent obesity by exercising and taking a walk as much as the calories ingested everyday. But if busy schedule hinders you from exercising everyday, then you may do it on a daily interval basis.

3. Nuts for snack! :
When you have the munchies before or after meal time, eating nuts or fruits as snacks can prevent you from binging. Pistachios are especially abundant in antioxidants, which are very helpful in removing fat cells and generating muscle development.

4. Protein-based diet:
Protein, which is a vital element in…

Key tips on winter weight control.

Winter is a season of gaining weight as we tend to act sluggish and sleepy but yet gain appetite and eat heavily. It is true that it’s so much easier to gain twice the weight during winter as it lessens our physical activities, but the cold weather actually makes it perfect to lose weight since it stimulates energy consumption for body temperature maintenance. So I’ll introduce some superb tips to stay fit during winter. Let’s lose weight in healthy and beautiful manners J

‘Skipping meals’ is the first thing that comes into our minds when we think of losing weight. But strictly speaking, diet is about controlling meals and not starving or extremely reducing the amount of meals. Exercise alone without the assistance of diet will be quite ineffective, and therefore, maintaining proper diet is important in keeping our muscle quantity while losing fats for a healthy weight loss. When you’re going through short-term diets especially, you should be aware of the right methods to see some rema…

Lower Blepharoplasty, improving dark circles and achieving appearance of youth

The skin around eyes is thin and sensitive so it can speed up the aging process. With aging process, the orbital septum which is covering the fats under eyes is getting weaker. So the fats under orbital septum are got bulge. This bulging fat can make shadow under eyes along the band next to your nose and it can cause the dark circles to have pigmentation under eyes.

Dark circles and fat deposits under eyes can give you an older and fatigued appearance. Therefore you might need to have “Lower Blepharoplasty” or “Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Reposition” to improve under eyes. 

Lower Blepharoplasty is the surgery to remove the excessive skin and reposition the fats to smooth out the under eyes. By this surgery, the fats under eyes can be removed as well. Also, fat reposition or fat removal can help to achieve appearance of youth and have younger and brighter eyes.

Incisions for Fat removal or Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty are made in the eyebags on the conjunctiv…