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Key tips on winter weight control.

Winter is a season of gaining weight as we tend to act sluggish and sleepy but yet gain appetite and eat heavily. It is true that it’s so much easier to gain twice the weight during winter as it lessens our physical activities, but the cold weather actually makes it perfect to lose weight since it stimulates energy consumption for body temperature maintenance. So I’ll introduce some superb tips to stay fit during winter. Let’s lose weight in healthy and beautiful manners J

‘Skipping meals’ is the first thing that comes into our minds when we think of losing weight. But strictly speaking, diet is about controlling meals and not starving or extremely reducing the amount of meals. Exercise alone without the assistance of diet will be quite ineffective, and therefore, maintaining proper diet is important in keeping our muscle quantity while losing fats for a healthy weight loss. When you’re going through short-term diets especially, you should be aware of the right methods to see some remarkable effects. Below are 5 key tips to apply for a healthy weight control!

1.     Have your dinner before 6pm, or at least before 7pm!
The reason why mealtime is important is because of our activity rate during evening time. Unlike morning and afternoon, our brain rotation and physical activities tend to fall out. Winter makes us so much drowsier than any other seasons, and heavy meal will make us pass out. This is why it is recommended to have an early dinner before 6pm.
Let’s stick to a habit of leaving 1 last spoon of food!
Please keep in mind that it is more important to lessen the amount of meal than to increase the intensity of exercise. 

2.     Aerobic exercises are a MUST! But don’t forget muscular exercises as well!
Aerobic exercise which emits heat and sweat is the easiest way to burn fats! Both aerobic exercise like jogging, bicycling etc, and muscular exercise for at least 1 body part are required as the basic step for weight loss. Considering factors such as one’s body weight, body fats and target weight, it’s good to proceed with both exercises on a certain ratio, an ideal ratio as 2:1.

3.     Water is the best fat-burning item!
Water that flows inside our body is the best factor that burns fats most effectively. That’s why it is very important to drink water during exercise. However, drinking too much amount all of a sudden could get you sick so try sipping a little amount to wet your throat. 


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