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April spring festival

Spring seaon in Korea usually starts in April.
Spring is the season that is warm and gorgeous with cherry blossom so spring flower festivals take place in many places.
Then what kind of spring festivals are held in 2017?
Here are some spring festivals in Korea this year for you.

1. Yeouido Spring Flower Festival
The Yeouido cherry blossom festival will run from 4th to the 10th of April in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.
When spring arrives, spring flowers such as azalea, forsythia, royal azalea, bridal wreath, and deutzia bloom along the road running parallel to the Hangang River.
A wide variety of events are scheduled to take place during the festival.
There will be a singing contest, street performances by VIAF, an horse drawn carts of flowers, performances by regional arts troupes, a writing contest and much more.

2. Everland Tulip Festival
Everland hosts the Tulip Festival from March 6th to April 23rd this year.
Tulips have been planted in the Four Season Garden since last November, w…

Why Motiva Implant' for breast augmentation?

Untitled Document

Breast Augmentation is one of the plastic surgeries that bring high level of patients’ satisfaction.

Number of women who decide to undergo breast augmentation is increasing as many as eyes or nose, and the breast implants have been developed in response to such demands.
Silicone implants have been evolved to improve the problems of the first breast implant that had been used with saline solution, such as capsular contracture or infection, and then cohesive gel breast implant has been produced recently.
This cohesive gel breast implant has specific advantages, one of the benefits is that the implant is not absorbed into the body if they rupture or are ripped.

Recently, an infant drank milk tainted with breast implant filler.
Cohesive gel implant has mitigated side effects that were raised from silicone implants used in the past.
Also, the shape of breast implants have been continuously developed, which has resulted in a variety breast implants from round brea…

Protecting skin from springime dust

Protecting skin from springime dust Spring is coming in Korea. It is a nice season of pink cherry blossoms and warm weather.
However, skin is hurting and damaging due to the fine dust and yellow sand.
As environmental pollution problem, fine dust levels are keep increasing.

You can often see people with a mask in recent days.
How can we protect our skin from such fine dusts?

1. Manage before going out:
Make a skin barrier with proper basic skin care! Wearing mask would protects not only protects skin but also respiratory protection. >br? Sunscren is essential!! Apply sunscreen all the time! If you do not apply sunscreen, your skin may be damaged and aged.

2. After going out care:
Please be careful not to rub your skin too hard, as it may cause skin troubles.

3. Skin moisture
Using moisture products that are appropriate for your skin type.
Drinking water also effective for skin moisturize.

4. Exfoliate
One or two times a week of exfoliate would help your skin improvement.

5. A…

Minimum incision lifting that is effective for saggy skin and fine wrinkle improvement

Minimum incision lifting that is effective for saggy skin and fine wrinkle improvement
Aging is a natural process that everyone must undergo as the passage of time.
Skin is aging as we get older especially in your 40s~50s, so people attempt to use functional cosmetic products or try various diet therapy to protect aging. However, these are only ways to prevent aging but not really working to reduce wrinkles.
Because saggy and loose skin or wrinkles are not easily returned back to original skin condition once it is firmed.
That's why recently middle aged people have been started to focusing on lifting treatment that has effect of improving face line and skin elasticity using simple tools.

According to specialist, there are few types of lifting treatment for saggy skin; thread lifting, face lifting, and mini lifting.
Thread lifting can thighten wrinkles and restore skin elasticity but it does not last long enough.
On the contrary, face lifting is meant to be a treatment fo…

good Food and Treatment for Dark Circles Prevention

Good Food and Treatment for Dark Circles Prevention

Dark Circles are not precise medical terms, but terms that look dark around the eyes. Therefore, dark circles have a variety of different causes. According to the reasons, the treatment and prevention measure of dark circles are different. There is no scientific evidence that any goods are good for dark circles.

First, if you have an atopic dermatitis or rhinitis for a long time,
the pigment around your eyes may increase. Dermatitis may cause pigmentation or the habit of rubbing eyes may be the cause for the dark circles as well. Sometimes, it causes pigmentation due to an unknown cause.

If you have dermatitis, then you need to treat dermatitis first. Also, in this case, you can’t have message. You should have treatments to improve your skin condition and get a whitening treatment to improve dark circles. Also, we suggest eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, green tea an…

Bad foods to eat at dinner

Bad foods to eat at dinner A good night sleep is important for our health and well-being.
It is time to heal from today's fatigue and restores energy for tomorrow. It also helps you raise your immunity.

If you do not take a good sleep,you will feel more tiredness and highly strung caused by hormone imbalances. Do you know that sleep is related to the dinner menu?
There are several good foods to help you better sleep. However, today, we will look worst dinner menu which is interrupted your good night sleep.

Bad foods to eat at dinner - 1.Beef
Beef is one of the riches sources of dietay protein. Even choosing lean cuts,still contains high proportion of fats which makes digest more longer than others.
If you have a beef steak for dinner, your body is busy with digesting and it may interrupt your sleep.

Bad foods to eat at dinner -2. Spicy food
Spicy food helps to speed up your metabolism and it is kown as good for dieting.
However,spicy foods makes your body temperature higher and …