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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Protecting skin from springime dust

Protecting skin from springime dust

Spring is coming in Korea.
It is a nice season of pink cherry blossoms and warm weather.
However, skin is hurting and damaging due to the fine dust and yellow sand.
As environmental pollution problem, fine dust levels are keep increasing.

You can often see people with a mask in recent days.
How can we protect our skin from such fine dusts?

1. Manage before going out:
Make a skin barrier with proper basic skin care! Wearing mask would protects not only protects skin but also respiratory protection. >br? Sunscren is essential!! Apply sunscreen all the time! If you do not apply sunscreen, your skin may be damaged and aged.

2. After going out care:
Please be careful not to rub your skin too hard, as it may cause skin troubles.

3. Skin moisture
Using moisture products that are appropriate for your skin type.
Drinking water also effective for skin moisturize.

4. Exfoliate
One or two times a week of exfoliate would help your skin improvement.

5. After skin damage:
Apply moisture/ soothe mask pack to relieve irritated skin!
Especially the sun suddenly gets hot in the spring, it is important to keep skin moisturized and maintain good skin till the summer.

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