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The biggest cause of older impression, nasolabial fold (smile line)

What do you think is the criteria for measuring someone’s age by face?
There could be various factors, however nasolabial fold, ‘smile line’ plays an important role with someone’s impression.
Of course nasolabial fold becomes significant when someone, even a baby is speaking, smiling or yawning due to the muscle movement.
However if you have significant nasolabial fold when you are not making any face? That is the biggest cause of older looking impression.
If the nasolabial fold is severely significant, you may even look grumpy which would make your first impression worse.

The causes of nasolabial fold is varied such as genetic reason, aging of skin, sudden weight loss, giving a birth or other physical changes.
To prevent this, your daily life habit is very important.
It is ideal to sleep in straight position without facing down or lying on side way.
Also you have to have adequate amount of water as well balanced moisture and oil level prevents aging, which can prevent nasolabial fold and o…

Things that you have to be aware of while eating healthy protein!

Many people try to have ‘high-protein diet’ when they are interested in healthy life or losing weight.
Especially, people who play sports must have protein even by having protein supplies.

Then how much do you know about protein?
Many people are thinking that protein is a type of nutrients they need while putting on muscles.
However, that is only a small part of protein’s effect.

1. Healthy diet, Protein! What does it do in our body?
Protein controls our body’s metabolism.
It maintains our blood sugar in stable level, while stabilizing our nerve system. There are many other roles that protein plays on our body.
Protein is an intercellular bridge of various types of amino acid. Lack of amino acid can lead to problems such as pain on muscle, bone and joints, change in blood sugar level, slower recovery ability, weakened immunity, and so on. So you are clear that you require adequate protein intake now, right?

2. Is it better to have more protein since protein is good for our body?
Excessive consumpt…

Breast Augmentation Experience at WONJIN

This is a video of our breast augmentation patients!

True Breast Augmentation should heal everything
from stress from insecurities to scar from surgery!
At WONJIN's Breast Surgery Special Center,  we plan on customized surgery method based on every individual patient's condition and body shape through comprehensive medical examination with 50 items.
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Motiva Ergonomix Breast Implant

Introducing breast implant that moves naturally according to gravity. It spreads just like your own breast when you are laying down, and it becomes beautiful tear drop shape when you are standing up! This is one of the best breast implant that has great texture and safety. This premium breast implant is only available at limited clinics that fulfills Motiva's rigorous criterion. 

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Health management in winter

It is easier for our body to become unbalanced during winter as we tend to exercise less due to cold weather as well as eat more and drink more.
This year’s cold is predicted to be colder than last year and your body condition may become worse if you just stay inside all day.
So today, we are going to have a look at some health management method that will maintain us healthy during this winter.

Ventilate the air every 1-2 hours.

It is easy to get diseases on respiratory system such as cold because we tend to focus on indoor activities where assorted dusts, viruses and wastes flow around. Thus it is ideal to fill indoor with fresh air by ventilating at least every 1-2 hours.

Drink adequate amount of water, at least 1.5L a day.
It becomes really dry indoor when heaters are on which can make it easier for our body to get respiratory diseases as the mucous membrane on our nose and bronchial tubes, the first barrier of our body that protect us from waste and viruses, get dried as well. Thus it is…

Let’s prevent female cancer with sea mustard!

Hello everyone? We are nearly at the end of this year and there are things coming next year that make us excited or worried. Don’t you greet other people by saying ‘stay healthy’ often?
So today, I will introduce a health management method as the year-end’s greeting in advance.
The most afraid thing is not a terrorist nor ghosts, but your body because we can always get diseases that threat our lives, especially cancer.
So here comes our cancer killer ‘sea mustard’!!

The effects of sea mustard are still in the process of proving scientifically and the key component of sea mustard is ‘Fucoidan’.
Fucoidan has recently proven to have great anticancer effect which even made this component called ‘natural anticancer medication’, as well as strengthening our immune system while improving on blood circulation and inflammation in our body.
Strong immunity can overcome all types of cancers, including cervical cancer.

Secondly, Fucoidan leads to suicide of cervical cancer cell.
Fucoidan proceed on apop…