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Friday, December 30, 2016

The biggest cause of older impression, nasolabial fold (smile line)

What do you think is the criteria for measuring someone’s age by face?

There could be various factors, however nasolabial fold, ‘smile line’ plays an important role with someone’s impression.

Of course nasolabial fold becomes significant when someone, even a baby is speaking, smiling or yawning due to the muscle movement.

However if you have significant nasolabial fold when you are not making any face?
That is the biggest cause of older looking impression.

If the nasolabial fold is severely significant, you may even look grumpy which would make your first impression worse.

The causes of nasolabial fold is varied such as genetic reason, aging of skin, sudden weight loss, giving a birth or other physical changes.

To prevent this, your daily life habit is very important.

It is ideal to sleep in straight position without facing down or lying on side way.

Also you have to have adequate amount of water as well balanced moisture and oil level prevents aging, which can prevent nasolabial fold and other wrinkles on your face.

However, these preventions can only stop you from getting more wrinkles, and cannot improve on wrinkles that are already formed.

So from now on, we will have a look at some procedures that we can improve on our nasolabial fold that is already formed.

1. Filler

The most common procedure that improves on nasolabial fold is filler injection.

Filler gets injected on the skin layer of area where the wrinkle is which lead to instant improvement and there are fewer side effects as substances of filler are safe and absorb to our body.

The cost of filler is varied according to their lasting period.

It is ideal to have filler injection with short term lasting filler if it’s your first experience because it is recommended to see the effect of filler first before getting long lasting filler injection.

2. Fat grafting

This is safer method to improve on nasolabial fold as this procedure uses the patient’s own fat.

This procedure can also add more volume on the patient’s face, as well as improving on the nasolabial fold with natural looking result.

3. Lifting

Lifting procedures are performed when the nasolabial fold became significant due to sagging cheek.

If your nasolabial fold became severe due to aging, lifting performed with filler injection or fat grafting would be more effective solution

4. Paranasal Augmentation (Pyriform Surgery)

Paranasal Augmentation is popular between patients who would like to have semi-permanent improvement on their nasolabial fold which inserts implant under the area of nasolabial fold formation.

It creates baby face without any visible scar because its incision is made inside of the mouth.

It is ideal for you to decide on the method of procedure after having consultation with specialists as the cause of nasolabial fold formation is different according to person.

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