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Best place to visit during the spring in Korea

It feels like that the spiring is coming and the winter is going away. We will introduce the best 5 places to visit in Korea during spring.

1. Goryeosan Mountain, Ganghwa Island Korean rosebay is the flower which represents the spring. The Korean rosebay covers all over the Goryeosan Mountain in Ganghwa Island. That mountain is not too high so they can climb up to the top of the mountain within two hours so you can enjoy the view of flower while you are climbing the mountain. The festival of Korean rosebay starts from 12th of April to 23rd of April and the entrance fee is for free. Tel 032-930-3515 / Address: Ganghwa-gun, Ganghwa-eup, Incheon
Tel 032-930-3515 / 주소 : 인천 강화군 강화읍

2. Seosan, Gaesimsa You can easily see cherry blossom everywhere during the spring but you can only see blue cherry blossom in Gaesimsa only. Gasimsa is the temple which is located in the middle of mountain and you can enjoy the blue cherry blossom…

Desserts and nibbles you must try out while you’re in Korea!

Previously, there was an introduction on food you must try in Korea. But, today, we will introduce five desserts and nibbles you must go for during you’re stay in Korea!

1. Tteokbokki: 떡볶이 (Hot and spicy rice cake) Tteokbokki is one of Korea’s favourite snack dishes. It’s usually known for the hot and spiciness and Koreans love to have spicy food for relieving stress. But, for some who aren’t good with spicy food, the level of spiciness may come as pain. So lately, there are many additions to tteokbokki such as, gungjung(palace) tteokbokki, cheese tteokbokki and other non-spicy flavours. These new additions in flavour have been released in public and people love it, especially a lot of foreigners enjoy it very much.

2. Bingsu: 빙수(Shaved ice) Shaved ice used to be thick and big, but now, ice is shaved into much fine state and is named as snowflakes. It is known for the sweet milk flavour, also soybean powder sprinkled on top is favoured by the public for its health benefits.


Misunderstanding and truth of fat cell!

Fat cell is a cell which stores the fat in adipose tissue. There are white fat cell and brown fat cell. The fat cell that we usually talk about is which fat cell. There is a lot of information in online mentioning that the fat cell has direct-relationship with obesity but some of it is not true. So we will talk about the misunderstanding and the truth of fat cell.

1. Fat cell is just fat chunk? - Fat cell is not just chunk of fat, it is alive fat cell. Fat cell is formed with fat-forming element, cytoplasm and mitochondria which makes energy of the cell. It stores the fat and also helps with physiological activity and hormone. Also it makes leptin to keep the fat with right amount, protect from gaining weight and balancing the body.

2. Obesity people has many fat cell - Yes. People who had high weight since young have more fat-cell than usual people. Usually the number of fat cell increase during youth age and adolescence then it is settled during adulthood. Obesity people have…

Lots of concerns about philtrum reduction?

First impressions matter a lot when people encounter one another for the first time. And therefore, Philtrum, which is located in the middle of the face, can greatly affect one’s image depending on its length and position. It can even be a factor of an old-looking image.
Philtrum surgery can change one’s impression for a youthful

Many people want the surgery, but they tend to worry a lot about scars. The incisions for philtrum surgery are generally classified into under-nose incision and lip-line incision. But since the appropriate surgery method has to be applied depending on one’s philtrum shape and lip shape, it is very important to get the right diagnosis after a thorough consultation. The most ideal ratio from lower lip and lower chin is 1/2.

Lip line incision This incision method is the resolution for both long philtrum and thin upper lips. Wing-shaped incision is made on the upper lip in order to correct the droopiness of the lip corners and enlarge the lip size at the sa…

DIY Hair pack made from fridge googling

How do you manage your hair? There are a lot of people who are stressed to the scalp and skin sensitive, but there is no effect of the used hair pack and the hair clinic is too expensive? Then, you can find the good natural products in your refrigerator and feed your scalp!

Beer, please do not drink and yield to the hair!
It is an effective way to make soft, glazed hair, but it may be a little inconvenient because of the smell of liquor using beer. If you try this way, you may have to wash your hair at least 2 more times.

Ingredients: Beer 16onz, raw egg yolk 1-2
How to: Add a little beer to a raw egg yolk and mix well. After 30 to 45 minutes after applying evenly on your hair, you can clean your hair with lukewarm water.

Hair damaged by ultraviolet light? Mayonnaise!
Are you concerned about skin and hair protections from the strong ultraviolet rays? When I went to the hair salon, I felt a little sore, and in a few months, the sun began to threaten my hair. Mayonnaise restores an…

Confidently prepare upcoming summer with laser hair removal!

There are so many things that women should prepare as summer gets nearer, and two of them are diet and hair removal. Many of you might think that it’s still too early for it, but for cases like laser hair removal, since you need repetitive procedures up to 5~6 times for its effect, it is never too early for it.

Self-hair removal by shaving or using the waxing cream can be done, but this can’t completely remove the follicles, causing unwanted pigmentations and skin problems like folliculitis. Laser hair removal is a procedure wherein the emitted energy is selectively absorbed into black melanin pigments and converted to heat energy during the process, and thus destroys the hair root and the follicles. It can be done on various areas of the body including arms, legs, armpits, bikini lines, hairlines and beards etc.

The time of procedure differs depending on the area, but it usually takes about 10 minutes. For best results, it’s important to pick the right specialist with a lot of …