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Natural Fat Grafting

Natural Fat Grafting for Different Areas of the Body 
Q: I have an average shaped forehead, but the bone on my eyebrows stick out which makes my forehead look a bit sunken. I'm interested in receiving natural looking fat grafting that won't make me look like an alien. Will there be a lot of swelling and when can I start meeting people? 

A: Fat grafting is recommended for people with a sunken or uneven forehead and for those who wish to have volume and also look younger. The fat is usually extracted from the thighs or abdomen because those areas have the most fat, and it is placed on the desired area of the face. 

Fat grafting is non-invasive, which means that there will be no scarring, except for needle marks which will disappear in a couple days. You have to come in for a check up 1-2 times and you can return to your daily activities after 1-2 weeks. The fat grafted area will last 3-5 years depending on the person, and you must be careful not to stimulate or rub the area. 

Areas …

Wonjin's Makeover Show

Makeover show "Tell Me Your Wish" with Korean & Chinese medical staff

Cao Yan 
This is Cao Yan, the patient that participated in our program because of her old looks. She said that she had always been depressed about her appearances and that she was never confident around people. However, she was brave enough to submit an application and participate in our program. Let's take a closer look!  

Cao Yan was teased for her unattractive looks since she was a young girl. Her boyfriend recently broke up with her and it has been hard for her to open her heart to someone due to the pain she has received her entire life. Will she be able to regain her confidence? 

She does not look old anymore, but instead like a college student! 

Surgeries that Cao Yan received:
- fat graft 
- non incision double eyelid
- fat reassignment under the eyes 
- cheekbone reduction 
- square jaw reduction 
- nose surgery 
- protruding chin reduction

"I want to show everybody my cute and bubbly side" s…

From non incision to incision~

Real Story: Revision Double Eyelid Surgery with Incision

I had double eyelids but there were non-incision so they started becoming loose after some time. I would look old in pictures and it wouldn't come out nicely as before, so I decided to get consultation. Then I decided to get surgery at last.

At first, my eyes were swollen so the double eyelid lines weren't very distinct. But 3 weeks later, I am so satisfied!

The doctor removed a little bit of fat on my eyelids so my double eyelid lines look very clear and much nicer. I'm happy I went ahead with the revision surgery.

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Actor Lee Sang Woo Visits Wonjin

Actor Lee Sang Woo visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group recently.

Lee stars in the Korean weekend drama series "A Good Day" and he plays the role of Seo Jae Woo, who is a sweet and lovable character.

Thanks for dropping by and good luck with everything!

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Hair Implants

Adding hair implants is definitely not just a simple surgery. It involves selecting the hair with the right thickness, direction, curl, and most importantly, considering the shape of the hairline of the patient.

How exactly are the hair pieces inserted into the scalp?

Basically, the hair on the back of your head is transplanted onto the desired area, usually at the top. The hair at the back of the scalp is not affected by the male hormones, thus still healthy and not balding. This hair can also be used for beards, eyebrows, burnt areas with scars, pubic hair, and wide foreheads. 

What are the types of hair transplant? 

It is divided into two major categories: incision and non-incision.
The non-incision method is called "direct hair transplant." There are more than one incision methods, such as mega session transplant, mini hair transplant, scalp reduction, follicular unit, tissue augmentation, etc. The type of transplant should be chosen based on the patient.

How many hair follicl…

Harvest Jet for Uneven Breasts

Question  I have naturally small breasts, but my right breast is smaller than my left one. So I heard that asymmetrical breasts can be corrected with surgery, but I feel uncomfortable getting implants because it might look a bit unnatural. 
Is there a way to put my own fat into my breasts? What is the cost? 
Answer Yes, there is a method where you can use your own fat. This method is called "harvest jet" breast surgery, and it is recommended for those who:
- have small breasts  - are afraid of or feel uncomfortable with implants  - want a minor augmentation very naturally - have asymmetrical breasts  - would like breast reconstruction after removing existing breast implants 

Your own fat might not be easily attached as implants do, but by using the harvest jet, the fiber tissue and fat oil and other waste will be separated to decrease the side effects and increase the attachment of the fat. 

The best thing to do is, visiting a clinic nearby and selecting the right type of surgery/impla…

Nose Revision Surgery

Real Story: Nose Revision Surgery

This is my second surgery. I got my nose bridge and tip done 3 years ago, but my nostrils show way too much and my bridge isn't straight. My friend told me that she also had a bent nose and had to get revision surgery, and after she received the surgery, I made up my mind. I wanted to get revision surgery here too so I called the hospital and made a reservation that moment.

This is me after the surgery.
I looked kind of childish and immature but now I look all feminine. It was a long journey from my hometown, Busan, back and forth to Seoul, but I have no regrets. I'm just glad people tell me I look so much more beautiful now.

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