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[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group] Country girl majorly transformed to a popular girl

She wantedto get over with her vacant and country girl look. It was hard for her to get even a part-time job due to her sick-looking face even though she was in her bright 20s.Wonjin’s Diagnosislooks like she has nochin because of her protruded mouth Diagnosis after all the medical examination, bimaxillary protrusion, relatively made her look like she has no chin. When the front chin is too weak, this can cause bad on her looks, too.Wonjin’s point of know-howImprovement of bimaxillary protrusion and no chin with Two Jaw surgery Wonjin performed Two Jaw Surgery, 3D Cheekbone Reduction, and face contouring around full face.Correction on jaw with Two Jaw surgery, the shape of mouth was turned, and end chin was naturally shown.Her changeCountry girl changed to Trendy girl Cheekbone reduction with refining Jaw, made her face line slim and smooth. Refining looking made her attractive to others.

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Were you looking for non incision method?, We will tell you about the non incision method for double eyelid surgery

Non incision eyelid method is not just pinching the double eyelids.
 It seems that all non incision eyelids surgeries are the same but they are not.

There are so many non incision eyelid surgical methods based on how the stitches are attached to eyelid muscles and the stitches are tied up.
According to the surgical method, the surgery result will be different.
Before Non-incision eyelid surgery After Double non incision eyelid surgery Double non incision eyelid method makes double eyelid lines and then stitches up twice to strengthen the fixation.
This method is not just stitching up twice, it makes the double eyelid muscles to adhere naturally by stitching up inside and outside both.
In case the eyelid skin is not thick, normally double non-incision eyelid method are performed on women from 20's to 30's.  We would like to give you some information for people who concern about the stitches might be invisible.

Even though, non-melting thread is used for double non incision eyel…

Eyelid surgery is for getting the double eyelid? It is a surgery for making eyes look more clearer.

Did you only think that double eyelid surgery is the only surgery for the eyes? It is not true. There are several types of eye surgery.

The left picture is showing the patient who only had the double eyelid surgery. The right picture is showing the patient who had natural adhesive method for the eyes. As you can see by the pictures, one of the characteristics of this method is that, it’s not just having the double eyelid surgery, but making the eye size bigger and clearer. The existing eyelid surgical method makes the double eyelid by suturing with the thread. The natural adhesive method is used of the principle of natural double eyelid, therefore it lets the tissues between the muscles that help to open our eyes properly, attached. Therefore we can do the eyelid surgery more natural way. This is the real patient’s eye surgery photo. This patient has a double eyelid, and big eyes, but because it is not clear, it makes the eyes look sleepy. Having the natural adhesive method, Like the abo…

Ptosis correction VS Double eyelid surgery, What kind of eye surgery do you want to have?

Looking strong or sleepy...Eyes are the most important parts that determine a person's image.
Therefore, Ptosis correction or Double eyelid surgery
are not just surgeries that make eyelid lines. Of course, in the past, people just wanted to get long lasting surgery result with deep and clear eyelid lines.
However, the trend of the 21st century is natural eyelid lines that are suitable for individuals.
Here is Natural Adhesive method. This method is popular because we can do Ptosis correction and Double eyelid surgery at the same time. Here is Natural Adhesive method. This method is popular because we can do Ptosis correction and Double eyelid surgery at the same time. It is rare that young people do incisional eye surgery to correct their eyes. So try to find a proper procedure that is proper for individuals and make the eyes natural. One more thing! Natural adhesive method can enlarge the eye itself without correcting the double eyelid line. We can finely make a double eyelid line…

Humpy nose plasty?, We will introduce the place where they do humpy nose plasty the best !

The nose that is curved from top to bottom is called the “Humpy Nose”. We call that when the nose bridge is curved, not straight. The nose the witch has from the snow white, makes person’s appearance very strong and aggressive. This patient also had been through very hard time, because of the witch humpy nose that made her look very strong. Because of her humpy nose, her appearance was very strong, that it seemed like nothing could could make her bleed. her hobby was to take pictures. Her age is 22, and she always had to cover her jaw line, and her humpy nose when taking the photo as well. To improve her humpy nose, lateral osteotomy and hump plasty was done for her at the same time. Ideal degree for woman’s nose is 135 degrees ~ 140 degrees, for men it is about 146 degrees which will be the most natural nose. Please reference this

I want to get rid of my piggy nose !

Her pain Her piggy nose gave her low self-esteem
Showing her nostrils looking at her in front.People teased her by saying do you get rain water with your nose because of her short upturned nose. Can she get out of her countrified rough looking image?
Wonjin’s diagnosis Large frame, blunt short upturned nose Through complete medical examination, her nose is short and her nose wings which is covering her nostrils were short also. Her face frame is large like a man so we couldn’t find
anything girly in her.

Wonjin’s core technologyStep1. Extend short tissues flexibly
Her nose tip cartilage and nose wing were both short so we had to extend her skin and soft tissue.After making her short upturned nose cartilage soft, we used her cartilage of nasal septum to make her nose and her nose wings longer.
Especially, extending nose wing is a very complicated surgery which needs overall technology to reduce the damage of skin, cartilage, mucous membrane, and tissue.Step2. Even if time passes sharp elast…