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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eyelid surgery is for getting the double eyelid? It is a surgery for making eyes look more clearer.

Did you only think that double eyelid surgery is the only surgery for the eyes?
It is not true. There are several types of eye surgery.

The left picture is showing the patient who only had the double eyelid surgery.
The right picture is showing the patient who had natural adhesive method for the eyes.
 As you can see by the pictures, one of the characteristics of this method is that, it’s not just having the double eyelid surgery, but making the eye size bigger and clearer.
The existing eyelid surgical method makes the double eyelid by suturing with the thread.
The natural adhesive method is used of the principle of natural double eyelid, therefore it lets the tissues between the muscles that help to open our eyes properly, attached.
Therefore we can do the eyelid surgery more natural way.
This is the real patient’s eye surgery photo. This patient has a double eyelid, and big eyes, but because it is not clear, it makes the eyes look sleepy.
Having the natural adhesive method,
Like the above picture you can become with the big eyes after the surgery.
Additionally, we will give you the precaution list that you will need to follow after the eye surgery.
  1.     Until stitch removal, please do not sleep on your stomach nor on your side. You must sleep on your back.
(If you do talk in your sleep or sleepwalk while you are asleep, you should be really careful!)

2.      Apply an ice pack on surgical areas for about 3 days will be helpful.
     (3 days after an ice pack, applying a warm pack helps bruises to face away.)

3.    You can put simple eye make-up 1 week after the surgery.
     (Because of this reason, you can see people wearing sunglasses after eye surgery.)

4.     You may be able to wear contact lenses 3 weeks after the surgery.
     (We recommend you to wear glasses instead of contact lenses after eye surgery.)

5.     Please avoid sauna for a month after the surgery.

6.     During the recover, please do not rub the operated site nor close the eyes too strong.

7.     For the last, drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed for one month.

The instructions above are the basically common post-operative instructions after eye surgery.

Even though each patient have the same type eye surgery, swelling, infection, bleeding and so on are different due to the patient’s conditions.

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