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The Foods That Will Make Your Body Glamorous

The Foods That Will Make Your Body Glamorous Let’s find out what kind of foods add volumes to your body! 01.Beans. All beans have vegetable estrogen and it helps enlarge your breast size! (tofu, soy milke etc)

MINT LIFTING FROM WONJIN: How effective is it?

MINT LIFTING FROM WONJIN: How effective is it? Mint lifting, the most current plastic surgery trend for younger looking face! It is natural for our skin to sag and age as we get older.However, it is also possible to prevent these problems with the advancement of medical and cosmetic surgery technology. Despite the age, the most important thing on our face is skin. As the skin became an important factor, many of people are into skin care procedures. But because of aging, it is difficult to reverse the saggy and droopy skin. The most effective way to solve all these problems is getting the professional treatment from the hospital.Therefore, Mint lifting is being well known for anti-wrinkles, skin regeneration and elasticity. Different from widely known thread lifting, mint lifting is very effective for deep wrinkles, skin elasticity, and improves skin’s regeneration.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has received approval from MFDS and US FDA for mint lifting for the first time in Korea. Mint lift…

[Opening ceremony] Wonjin Beauty Medical Group opened in Thailand

[Opening ceremony] Wonjin Beauty Medical Group opened in Thailand Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has officially opened the hospital in late August in Thailand. Thailand Wonjin hospital is located in Thailand Centrall Embassy, operating a plastic surgery consultation center and Medinent (permanent make-up) center.

In the event, many entertainment industry officials including MC, models, and celebrities have participated in the opening ceremony of Thailand Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Also, there were many Medias and reporters to cover the events. With mass of guests in the event, we were able to feel the great interest and awareness of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and cosmetic surgery in Korea.

In addition, plastic surgery design performance was done by Dr. Park Wonjin, who is the representative director of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Also, one of our participant who is living a new life after undergoing plastic surgery attended the event to prove the advanced technology of plastic surgery …


WONJIN CELLCERA RETURN CREAM WONJIN CELLCERA RETURN CREAM The Screat of Yellow Cream will be Revealed in Early October We made the Magical Yellow Cream, that can heal the scars more fast, to improve the skin tone, and to regenerate the scars quickly. This Yellow Cream did not have a name but It became popular and popular. "Can I buy this separately?" "I want to introduce it to my friends!" Now, here comes the mysterious yellow cream that only WONJIN staffs and patients knew and not time to reveal to the world, with better gredients for a better results! Thank you and feel free to comment and share! E-mail : Phone: +82.70.4700.7281 Mobile: +82 10 4918 3309  

Question to WONJIN! What Should I Do For My Protruded Mouth!?!?!

Question to WONJIN!

What Should I Do For My Protruded Mouth!?!?!

When someone has protruding mouth more than nose tip or front chin tip, we call it as a Bimaxillary protrusion. There are several types of Bimaxillary protrusion such as only teeth protrusion, gum protrusion, and a complex protrusion where both teeth and gum are protruded. When you have a Bimaxillary protrusion, gum are overly exposed during a conversation, so it doesn’t look sophisticated and aethetically not beautiful.
This is why more and more people are considering Bimaxillary protrusion correction by Two Jaw surgery or Orthodontics for their good facial impression.

WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic revealed that “Many people who suffer from Bimaxillary protrusion not only want to improve functional purpose but also wish to achieve aesthetic enhancement. Thus, people are really interested in a Two Jaw surgery since it requires comparatively short time to achieve functional and aesthetic improvement.”
It is recommended to cho…

Wonjin Bio-Health Care 'Cellcera Return Cream'

Wonjin Bio-Health Care 'Cellcera Return Cream': Regenerating and Moisturizing the Skin at the Same Time

[By HyunSoo Kang from Global Economics] Adolescents as well as adults, many people who suffer from acne, which relates to growing interest in acne skin care. In particular, there are many of those who are worrying about red marks and scars left, which the acne was not properly managed. Acne scars and red marks are often treated through laser treatments in dermatology. This can cause side effects, holding a lot of money and time, causing some people reluctant to visit. Among the people who use cosmetics such as regenerative cream to get rid of red marks and acne scars, a very convenient and easy to use cream called, ‘Cellcera Return Cream’ from Wonjin Bio Health is being recommended. Wonjin Bio Healthcare have mentioned, "Cellcera Return Cream is a skin repair product which has a same structure and ingredients, such as skin lipids. It can treat the damaged skin and restore …