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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Foods That Will Make Your Body Glamorous

The Foods That Will Make
Your Body Glamorous
Let’s find out what kind of foods add volumes to your body!
01.  Beans. All beans have vegetable estrogen and it helps enlarge your breast size!
(tofu, soy milke etc)
02.  Pomegranate. Pomegranates also have large amount of vegetable estrogen
so when eaten for a long time, it helps your breasts elasticity and volume.
03.  Milk. Milk induces female hormones and the studies show that
milk fats have some effect for breast tissues.
04.  Nuts. Nuts are full of proteins and these nutrients induce mammary gland
and lead to glamorous breasts.
05.  Carrots. Carrots prevent breast sagging and add volume.
06.  Banana. Great for a diet and body nutrients as well as breast volume.
07.  Plum. It has a large amount of female hormones.
It is very good food for women and induces breast tissue development.
08.  Clam. The ingredients in clam help breast fat tissues to absorb nutrients.
(Original article is from WONJIN Clinic Korean Website)

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